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    Topamax thoughts?

    Thanks for all the advice. After everything I have read, I think I am going to decline the Topamax. It sounds very scary. I have used verapamil in the past, only for it to leave me on the bathroom floor in a ball because it brought my bp down so low. He gave me 25 mg. tablets only taking two a day, but I am scared now. I took one last night and had four episodes through the night, I am sure not related, but that is it for me. Thanks everyone. This, as we all know, is hell!
  2. dehabel

    Topamax thoughts?

    Thanks, I read about the dumb thing. That worries me because I am a high school teacher, I need to have my wits about me...lol I will give it a try, I have not had a spell in eight years and here I am in the middle of one. Thanks again.
  3. dehabel

    Topamax thoughts?

    Went to doctor today. Put me on Topamax as a preventative - any experience with this?
  4. Hi all, I am new to forum and have a question. I am a long time sufferer of cluster headaches, since I was a young teenager and I am 51 now. Moved to SC from Florida in 2011 and was in the middle of a cluster, it ended in October of 2011. Was in SC for eight years and never had a spell. We recently moved back to Florida, in June 2019, and here I am with a spell of clusters that started quite mildly about three weeks ago. Does anyone have any insight to this? I thought I was done...