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  1. I suffered from migraines in high school and college and I would trade to have those back in a heart beat. I only get them now when the weather is bad (stormy) I live in FL, so the summer time is bad for me.
  2. kat_92

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    It was a deposit of $150 and $78 for every new tank I get. They provided a regulator and a mask but I bought my own. The delivery is great. They will come the next day
  3. kat_92

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    @spiny I have an M tank. They are all $78 no matter what size
  4. kat_92

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    @signals61 hey! I too had similar frustrations with the oxygen. My doctor even warned me ahead of time that he would gladly write the script, but that doesn’t mean I would easily get the O2. When I called to get the oxygen they said I needed a blood test to confirm that I needed the O2 in order to live. When I explained it’s for cluster headaches she cut me off and told me they don’t cover oxygen for “headaches” because it’s not life threatening LOL. I told her it’s not life’s threatening but cluster headaches will make you wish you were dead. And I hung up on her. Long story short, I didn’t go through my insurance and I pay $78 per tank out of pocket. Kat
  5. kat_92

    Indomethacin is doing something

    I attempted to take indomethacin for a few days but the side effects were so bad I didn’t even notice any change (good or bad) with the headaches. I was so dizzy (almost felt super drunk), throwing up constantly, it was so bad. But I’m thinking of asking my new neuro to prescribe it and come up with a different plan for me because I’d like to try it again. I’m glad it’s working for you!
  6. kat_92

    Sumatriptan where has this been all my life

    @20yearslater welcome! This is my first time with Ch as well (started in July). I had very dull headaches for 3 months at a time and then they went away for 3 years! And then BAM. Back again. So I am thinking they are getting worse over time. I would start the d3 regimen! It’s a lot to type out but search for the info in the bar and you’ll find all the info you need. Many people have success with that. I have avoided sumatriptans because I’ve heard they can make cycles longer and more intense. That might be why your headaches are coming more frequently....or the cycle is just ramping up. It’s hard to say. Typically people with O2 use that as a first line of defense and the sumatriptans are used when O2 is not available ( in your case bring them to work!) I hope you find the forum helpful. I’ve gotten more help here than from most doctors I’ve seen (5 neurologists at this point...scary how ignorant they all were) good luck! Kat
  7. kat_92

    Stomach pain while on d3 regimen

    @Luis have you also tried taking melatonin at night? I take 6 mg every night to help regulate my sleep pattern. I also doubled up on the fish oil, @Batch suggested it to help fight my depression
  8. kat_92

    Stomach pain while on d3 regimen

    @CJW that’s awesome that you found success in MM! I’m going to start busting soon as well. I’ve been on the regimen for about 6 months now. At first I was having terrible stomach pains and diarrhea (sorry if that’s too much info) but @Batch advised me to up the magnesium to help combat that, split the vitamins up and must take with meals. Just some info if you wanted to give it a second try. It’s relitively cheap and easy to keep up with. Hope you continue remission! Kat
  9. kat_92


    @Brain on fire I guess I am trying to just push through the shaddows as best I can without anything? There is no reason for it really. I’ve been trying to use it 3 or 4 times before I go to work during the week to avoid anything while I am working
  10. kat_92


    @spiny only strong shaddow pain today. I’m trying to avoid the O2. I’m doing alright so far. I did drink a ton of water today, much more than I did yesterday. Could possibly be a contributing factor.
  11. kat_92


    @Brain on fire ive had 2 v-8 today and my stomach felt fine. It’s energy in the form of black tea and green tea so I didnt get that jittery feeling that I get from Red Bull. I can’t speak to it helping with the shaddows because I still have them most of the day today. I had to hit the O2 tank at about 7:30 yesterday so we’ll see how tonight goes :/
  12. kat_92


    @Brain on fire @spiny haha I just bought a pack! I got the pomegranate blueberry flavor...YUM! I’m hoping it works better for me. I was sick all day today from the Red Bull:(
  13. kat_92


    @spiny thanks! I may need to try the v8 because Red Bull’s have been making me sick
  14. kat_92


    Hoping everyone is having a pain free weekend thus far. I’ve been using Red Bull before I hit the O2 tank and taking some to work with me to help with shaddows. Sugar free Red Bull is the only drink I can take that doesn’t make me overly shakey. My question is, has anyone on the forum tried using just a taurine supplement? Is it the taurine in energy drinks that helps with CH aborts? Any side effects from the supplement etc? Thanks kat
  15. kat_92

    New to the forum - in cluster season right now

    @Banjer Taylor welcome to the forum! I too just recently joined in july. I was very fortunate to obtain oxygen pretty early on. It was very challenging. Not so much to get the script, but to find a place that actually provides the tanks. I got the proper mask from cluster02kit and it works very well. I’m still learning the proper breathing techniques and everything. I got on the D3 regimen a month after I started feeling terrible. I still get a lot of shaddow pain and I’m sure the D3 has helped tons. I take extra fish oil to help with the depression. My next step is to try busting with mm. I would read up on that if I were you. I would absolutely put all your focus on getting that oxygen. It’s imperative to abort the attacks. You’ll hear back from more experienced members soon. @Batch has all the answers for the D3 regimen. take care Kat