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  1. kat_92

    Another sleepless night

    I don’t take any I normally take the d3-50 water soluble once per week. This is throughout the year. But right now, I started the loading dose again and it’s giving me so much relief, but I can’t take that every day. I have an appointment with my general care doc to get bloodwork and such in a few weeks Kat
  2. kat_92

    Another sleepless night

    @spiny thanks for the encouraging words. So experiment time, I did NOT take the d3-50 today and boom. I’ve had heavy HEAVY shadows all day...now my only concern is that health wise, you cannot be on that many mg of d3 every single day. So I am not sure what to do. Seems I only get relief if I take one of them every day. Also I met with my neurologist today and he gave me 2 samples of emgality. I think I will steer clear of them for now. I have not read promising reviews from cluster heads. It’s great it works so well for migraines though. Ugh wish me luck today stinks
  3. kat_92

    Meds, Dosing, and Schedule?

    Nice aborts set up. I find that drinking that much water actually helps me lessen intensity of the pain. I can’t really answer the other questions. Try to take the verapamil at the same time every day. Also, it needs to be taken 8 hours apart from the d3 multivitamin. There is calcium in that. They will block each other
  4. kat_92

    Another sleepless night

    @Rod H hey thanks for the words of encouragement. Confirming a chronic diagnosis has been a depressing pill to swallow. My next step is immediate release verapamil, if not I’ll bust with MM. I have a schedule all set up. I actually began the loading dose 3 days ago of the d3 regimen because I figured what the heck. Maybe something got out of wack. And low and behold, I’ve had only one mild attack last night and only shaddows today
  5. kat_92

    First post here, and a more resilient cycle

    I can’t answer your questions on the d3 regime, Batch might be able to answer some questions you have in that regard. Was the tank possibly near empty? A few veterans on here have mentioned that if the tank is running low the effectiveness isn’t as strong? That’s all I have for now :/ just wanted to welcome you to the forum! Kat
  6. kat_92

    Nurtec medication?

    @Phantom99 im so hesitant when they say “it helps with migraines and possibly clusters too”. Clusters behave so differently and I’m always scared any disturbance from an unknown medication will make it worse. I don’t know. I would pass on it kat
  7. kat_92

    Another sleepless night

    @dehabel steroids are only a temporary fix for me. I have heard mixed things about emgality for clusters. More negative actually so I wouldn’t want to try it. Also, it doesn’t get covered by my insurance. I don’t want to pay a lot of money for something that might make it worse. My next step is busting with MM. thanks for reaching out Kat
  8. kat_92

    Another sleepless night

    I’m sad to report that I had episodes from 4 pm yesterday til about 3 am. All lasting about 1-2 hours each. I am at my wits end. I feel like nothing is working. I am desperate. I feel like I should be successful with the D3 regimen I’ve been on it non stop for 1 year. I’ve even added Benadryl to the mix due to seasonal allergies. I have an appointment with my neurologist on Wednesday but I don’t even know what I’m gonna ask him for. Immediate release verapamil I guess :/ I am still too scared to bust. I have depression and I am just scared it will go poorly. Almost because I feel like MM is my last option, if it doesn’t work I will feel so helpless. Just wanting to vent a bit. Stay safe today Kat
  9. Good afternoon! with my headaches ramping up, I have been using my O2 tank more often. I have the cluster o2 mask , and a regulator that goes up to 25 lpm. I want to maximize my o2 flow, now only for getting rid of the pain, but I pay $78 out of pocket per tank; so I need to conserve as best I can. Does anyone find breathing it through the nose more affective than through the mouth? What about deep long breaths vs short fast breaths. I do it sitting up at the end of my couch. I appreciate any advice. I guess the summer months are my time for hell :/ pain free wishes Kat
  10. @AndiD i am curious are you on verapamil immediate release or verapamil ER? I am on verapamil ER 320 mg a day and my headaches are ramping up. I called for an emergency appointment with my neurologist on the 8th to see if they can switch me to immediate release. I’ve heard it works better. I’ve been on it for a month already so it should be working well;/ Kat
  11. kat_92

    Ramp up. Need help

    @spiny wow that’s quite the history? Even with daily d3 regimen your hits are that strong and frequent during a cycle? That stinks. Yes I had my d levels tested a year ago and I am due for another blood test in 2 months. My d levels were quite low. I don’t remember the numbers. My doc gave me the green light for the regimen.
  12. kat_92

    My ginger shot recipe!

    I wanted to pass along my ginger shot recipe that may help people with any shaddows. I’ve been taking one every day to help with over all health during this time anyway. 2 tablespoons grated ginger 1 teaspoon honey or agave 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 3 table spoons of water blend it up! It should burn but it’s a goooood burn. I love ginger lol Kat
  13. kat_92

    Ramp up. Need help

    @spiny from what you have said you started out chronic and eventually went episodic? We’re there big differences in your headaches? I have been on the d3 for a year now and I don’t think it’s making a difference. I see so many people get success from it I hope I can too :/
  14. kat_92

    Ramp up. Need help

    @spiny so I skipped the melatonin last night and just did Benadryl and skipped my 6 am headache. I woke up with one a few days and not today! Maybe the melatonin was making it worse? I will continue experimenting and let you know. Do you have success with melatonin? Kat
  15. kat_92

    Please help with verapamil quetions

    I think one of the side effects is dizziness. I’ve heard verapamilcan be very helpful if you give it a chance and let it work a bit. If you can get past the side effects I’m sure it’s a great drug for clusters