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  1. @Luis sorry you need to be back, but we’re glad you have a place to come and vent to people about what you’re going through. Re up on the vitamin d regimen. Hopefully that makes the cycle more bearable. Have you tried MM? Verapamil? Hugs kat
  2. Not to take over the thread but I think everyone has their own fears regarding CH. mine is that it will get so bad I’ll be out of work and have to go on disability, or having children and being pregnant having to stop MM. anyone else have similar fears? Kat
  3. I wouldn’t be discouraged just yet! If the Mm don’t stop the headaches completely they might make them at least be tolerable. Try and see if you can find some more. We have all been here, that feeling of discouragement. I am chronic and I have had many depressing days just accepting this into my life. Just try to do what makes you happy any time you are pain free. This is a life long condition. There is no cure. Accept it and enjoy ANY pain free time you get. Kat
  4. @SoCalCH hey! Sorry you are having such a rough time. We can all sympathize. What was your busting regimen? Did you follow the 5 day rule and completely free of meds? Maybe that’s why you haven’t had much success with it. It took me 6 attempts to get some pain free days! Kat
  5. The great part about the regimen is that you can do it WHILE on MM. so you get the best of both worlds. I stick to 50,000 IU per day for an extra one or two weeks when my cycles are particularly bad
  6. @Gilad102 hey! I get severe shadows during the summer months and along with busting and the vitamin d method they improve a lot. I did need to do quite a few busts to get a pain free status though. I think 5-6 every 5 days. It was tough. Results were worth it though. From what I understand clusters always change up on you once they’re under control kat
  7. @maskedmarvel the “what if’s” are always the worst. I have come to the realization, if I am in pain and something has helped I’m the past, I will use what I know works best. Many people do a bust once a month or 60 days to prevent future cycles. I haven’t read anyone saying that they triggered a new cycle. I am chronic so I can get about 3 weeks to one month pain free with MM.
  8. Hey @maskedmarvel ! I’ve never heard of shrooms triggering an attack if your are using them as a matinence dose? Or you only took some MM when you were feeling some headaches coming? You might have been experiencing some slap backs
  9. Hey you’ve come to the right place. Many people on the forum report that their significant others are great about helping them deal with clusters. I have yet to have a bad attack (knock on wood), I have been attacking them head on. I found that alternative methods have helped a lot with the anxiety and dread of this disease. You need to also realize that even though this is so unfair, it’s hard for someone to fully understand a level of pain if they themselves are not going through it. This is a life long affliction and significant others should be prepared to help their loved ones in any way
  10. Hey all, I was doing some more research on Ch just because now that it is officially part of my life I want to stay informed. I’m getting more comfortable telling people this is what I have. I no longer say migraines, stress headache etc. I am curious how many people in this group have noticed changes in their ch over time. Specifically, going from chronic to episodic, and visa versa. Intensity of ch over time? This is merely out of my own curiosity. I cannot find much about it through reading. I am trying to get first world experiences. Thanks! Kat
  11. Mine are year round with medication. MM, vitamin d etc. they get very bad from May-August
  12. Such valuable information! Thank you for all you do Batch. I’m so lucky I found this group kat
  13. kat_92


    I should clarify I ate about 10 of them in one day hahaha
  14. kat_92


    Hey everyone! I just bought these at Trader Joe’s the other day and they really helped my shadows yesterday along with some ginger tea. I had coffee against my better judgement and had a very strong shadow for about 6-8 hours! This helped a lot kat
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