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  1. @BoscoPiko I am chronic and I take 2 ginger capsules per day. They’re high in ginger. Works wonders
  2. @Freud yeah because even if it lessens the intensity a tiny bit, something is better than nothing. That’s how the regimen works for me. I still have headaches every single day, but they’re more like intense shadows rather than attacks
  3. After 4 days with the first shot, I can confirm it DID aggravate my clusters damn. Going through it right now. I’m pretty miserable. Wishing I hadn’t even gotten the vaccine. I had a feeling this was gonna happen. I’ll bust on Sunday. kat
  4. @Freud I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Reading your post made me tear up, and is all too relatable. Have you ever tried the d3 regimen? I noticed you didn’t mention it. It might be worth a try? Please don’t give up. There’s not many of us chronics out there, but those of us that are need to stick together. I’m going through it myself. The covid vaccine made my clusters angry. You have all the support on this website, I can promise you that. Take care, stay strong, keep us posted. all the best Kat
  5. Thanks for the replies! I feel more migraine type headaches than actual clusters. I’m worried the second shot will throw me for a loop. I had pretty bad side affects to the vaccine yesterday. We shall see kat
  6. Hello everyone! this post is a bit of a check in and update:) my headaches have been manageable as of late (knock on wood). I had covid back in May, and it threw my clusters for a loop. I was waiting to get the vaccine until I got my oxygen tank prescription renewed (on sept 8th). I got the first shot today; and I feel a headache coming on wish me luck. Anyone’s clusters affected with the shot? I know there have been multiple posts on this already. also, I am chronic (summer my worst months) All the best kat
  7. Good afternoon all! So I’m sure many of you saw I was having trouble getting my hands on MM, which has been the only relief I had for my chronic CH in the last year. I recently got back into working out heavily, thus having to increase my water intake. I am drinking almost a gallon a day. I haven’t had a single shadow in over a week. I had ONE mild CH last night that went away after about 5 min. I highly recommend everyone upping their water intake significantly if you don’t already drink a lot. I am convinced this helps ease CH. stay hydrated! kat
  8. Hey Shaun. Try purchasing ginger capsules. I have a really good organic brand that I get at a store here in the states. I usually take 2 capsules a day. I’m also on the d3 regimen all year around. I would look into that ASAP
  9. @Dana129 that’s such awesome news!!! What have you been doing as a preventative? kat
  10. @Bejeeber thanks. It’s been over 2 weeks and I haven’t had another occurrence. I’m thinking it was a migraine provoked by the soy sauce. It wasn’t very cluster-ish.
  11. @spiny hey! Haven’t had the occurrence again since that Monday so I think it was a fluke. Unless my CH is in the process of switching sides? But I am staying far away from soy sauce/ high sodium foods for a while. It was quite debilitating. Still can’t get a hold of any MM relying on vitamin D and verapamil until I can get it. Last year my headaches were a breeze because I was on a really strict busting regimen. I’m convinced it’s the only preventative that works...for me at least. kat
  12. Hey! You actually need 2 magnesium’s per day during the loading stage to absorb the vitamin D. Take one in the morning with food and one at night with food. If not you might get diarrhea. kat
  13. I also feel like so much information out there about CH is wrong and leads to a misdiagnosis. It could very well be CH changing sides, but God forbid you mention this to a neurologist because “textsbook CH never change sides”
  14. @Tony Only hey! Yeah it was around 4 hours and I still have a dull pain behind both eyes at the moment. Feels more like a shadow. I’ve never felt a throb like this. And it was coming in waves for 4 hours. I guess I’ll find out if it’s CH if I get it again at 8:30 tonight. I’m hoping it was just the soy sauce that I ate. I’m not sure. I felt dizzy and out of it at the time. Almost like my vision got a little blurry. I also slept until 11:30 today which I never do. I just felt “out of it”. It was odd
  15. Hey everyone, last night I had the weirdest headache I’ve had thus far in this horrid journey. For 2 years now my shadows/ CH have been on my left side. Never on the right. I’ll get a tension headache on the right but never a CH. I went out for sushi last night and at 8:30 I got a throbbing pain that was 8/10 directly behind my right eye and my right temple. It lasted from 8:30 til 1 am when I eventually fell asleep. It would throb for about 30 seconds, go away for 2-5 min, and come back and throb again. It was soooo strange. I don’t think it was a Ch, maybe a horrible migraine? I had no other symptoms with it. What do you guys think?? kat
  16. @Bushcraft39 I also recommend very strong ginger tea, or ginger capsules that you can buy in the vitamin section. If you are confirmed CH the neurologist will probably prescribe you verapamil, which is decently helpful.
  17. @Bushcraft39 welcome to the forum. I would start the D3 regimen immediately. If you search D3 in the search bar you will find all the info you need. This will most likely help lessen the frequency and intensity of the attacks once the vitamins finally kick in. Have you been to a neurologist? Are you able to get oxygen? It’s a life savor. I bust with MM myself and find it to be incredibly helpful. Keep us posted. kat
  18. Schmerbals herbals or tranceplants.com
  19. kat_92


    @Bradhey!! So glad to hear you’re doing better. I HATE seeing posts about people struggling with this keep up the determination
  20. @HeadAgony hey welcome. I am chronic and I need to bust about twice a month when things are bad. And once a month when things are better. If you are episodic chances are you can drink and be merry (do whatever would normally trigger you). Busting DEFINITELY helps. If I don’t bust I need to avoid excessive caffeine etc. when I get a good few busts in, I can drink all the caffeine I want without a problem. Alcohol is one thing I have tried and need to still avoid. It is an instant trigger for me. I haven’t tried flying yet. I’m very nervous for that as well. Best of luck. Busting saved me kat
  21. @MoxieGirlhey!! That really stinks. I’m glad you’re feeling better now. My mom suffered from migraines in her late teens and early 20s and the predrome/post drome is very real. It’s crazy. People who suffer with migraines long enough get predrome warnings that one is coming. It’s like a brain fog before it even hits. Headaches are so crazy
  22. @Paula i got lucky and my primary care doc prescribed an O2 tank. He has since retired and I’m hoping to get my neuro to prescribe it in June when I go for my visit but I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. I am not sure about welding o2. I know there is someone else on the forum based in FL
  23. Hey Paula, I can’t speak for the vaccine because I haven’t received mine yet. But I did get diagnosed with covid last week, and my CH have been unrelenting. I am chronic, and may-sept are particularly bad for me. So it might just be a coincidence? Hope your hubby feels better soon! kat
  24. @jon019im feeling pretty sick, achy, fever etc and don’t think I should bust. Do you think I should? kat
  25. Hey everyone I tested positive for covid yesterday. Since then I am experiencing a headache that is unreal. It feels like a long nagging heavy CH shadow. It is on my typical ch side, I have eye pain, temple pain and pain in my upper teeth. Has anyone else experienced bad ch with a covid diagnosis? I’m sad to say my busting schedule is now on hold kat
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