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Found 3 results

  1. I decided to create this thread specifically for new CH members who just got diagnosed and might not want to take any psychedelics for temporary relief and would instead opt for a more permanent solution. I started the D3 regimen as advised by senior members, here is a link to the regimen https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1308-d3-regimen/. On my fifth day of the pills and I've been CH free. So far so good, I'll update this thread from time to time in case anyone might find this useful. Thanks to CH father, Batch and everyone else that helped me find this regimen.
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm pretty new to the community - started getting clusters last year, early September. And as all of you, thought they were sinus-related or something else so I had an MRI and CT scan, and everything came back normal. Last year my cycle started and ended earlier. This year it came back around September 22nd. So I started off by seeing my PC doctor. I happened to get my 25 (OH) D tested and it was 23.6 ng/ml. After that I went to see a few neurologists, some thought it was a migraine but most thought it was cluster headaches due to the cyclical nature of the headaches, t
  3. My first attempt at D3 without verapamil (tried D3 about 2/3 the way thru my last cycle so don't know if it really helped). Does anyone have any experience with poor D3 absorption. I tested 39 ng/ml, then 44.0 9 days later after taking about 400K IU's. Expected to be up near 80. I've been taking all the co factors and dosing with my largest meal of the day. Nothing else going on health wise save the beast!
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