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  1. Thanks for the advice guys! I'll try to increase my dosage of D3, does the brand of D3 supplement matter? I was taking sports research's vitamin d3 (50000 IU), but just to be safe I have ordered the bio-tech 50000 IU as it is cheaper per dosage anyway. I wasn't even taking any Turmeric before, but I'll add that to my list of supplements now. I was also taking 22 mg of Solgar's Zinc glycinate, should I continue with that or change to zinc picolinate as you mentioned? Lastly, as Jon mentioned my trigger may not be the cold winds, but the rapid change in pressure. I suppose it's possible, I
  2. It's been two years since my last post. I started having headaches again. Same symptoms, pain on the right side of my head mostly centered behind the eye along with redness and tearing of the eye. The headaches started in February and weren't as bad initially, I would say they were about a 5 on a pain scale. It's been a month since then and the pain has ramped up to a 7. I decided to pay attention to my triggers and can guarantee that in my case, cold winds are the trigger. I had no attacks last year because I almost never left the house thanks to CoVid 19. I've kept up with the D3 Regimen thi
  3. It's been almost a year since I last posted. I guess it's true that you tend to take your health for granted. Fortunately, I've had the luxury to do so this year. I'm glad to report that ever since I started the D3 regimen I've been completely pain free. No more headaches, and not just CH. I don't recall having any kind of headache in almost a year. I've been thanking God and the fine people of this site that directed me to this regimen whenever I can. To those of you still undecided, please give the D3 regimen a chance and stick to the guidelines. And to the people on this forum that helped
  4. Hi Batch, I used to have 2-3 attacks per week and they lasted from around 30 minutes to 2 hours. Shadows were around 5 days a week and lasted up to 5 hours. Now I have one mild attack every two weeks and shadows are gone completely. I did miss the pills twice on two separate occasions, but it hasn't seemed to effect me in any way . I plan on completing the survey after exactly two months on the regimen, so I can provide more accurate statistics.
  5. It's been a month since I started the regimen and I've only had 3 very mild attacks. Shadows are gone completely and I honestly don't feel like the condition is even there anymore.
  6. A week into the D3 Regimen and I woke up to a minor attack. This was the weakest Ch attack I've had. Pain was at a 5 and lasted about 10 minutes. I went back to sleep afterwards.
  7. Hi Batch Thanks again for all the work you and others have put into this regimen, I'll definitely start the survey after a month of this regimen.
  8. I decided to create this thread specifically for new CH members who just got diagnosed and might not want to take any psychedelics for temporary relief and would instead opt for a more permanent solution. I started the D3 regimen as advised by senior members, here is a link to the regimen https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1308-d3-regimen/. On my fifth day of the pills and I've been CH free. So far so good, I'll update this thread from time to time in case anyone might find this useful. Thanks to CH father, Batch and everyone else that helped me find this regimen.
  9. Hi Batch, Thanks for posting this here. I'm actually aware of the D3 Regimen, CH father posted a link to your pdf file on this thread a while back. I've been vitamin D deficient for a long time, because I never go out in the sun and I've been having joint pain for years. I did do a few vitamin D test and some came back showing my vitamin D levels at normal. However, after reading that pdf file, I understood something and correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that our blood stream does have enough vitamin D concentration but it's not getting absorbed? Also, I just started h
  10. Hi, I really appreciate your input, it's kind of encouraging to know that there are other people out there who understand your pain. Last night I had such terrible pain that I couldn't do anything for hours. As a student, that really made me angry because I had just wasted three hours wailing in pain. I could have spent those three hours on my studies, on some R&R, or even a nap. I did the typical thing of asking why me? Why am I being subjected to this suffering? Then I regained my composure and I realized that I'm not alone and that really helps. I'm going to try the D3 Regimen soon
  11. Thank you CH father, this D3 Regimen, seems like what I need right now. I've been struggling with vitamin and calcium deficiency for years anyway. I'm partially lactose intolerant and I never ever go out in the sun so I don't get enough Vitamin D through normal means. I've been avoiding supplements because I didn't want my body to get used to them, but now I have more of a reason to start taking them again. This post is really helpful. Thank you!
  12. Well, in my case it's not that I didn't experience the shadow or didn't notice it was there. I was able to "tune it out" because the excitement I was getting from the game was more than the misery I was getting from the pain, if that makes sense.
  13. Also, I forgot to mention this, but none of my attacks have been predictable so far. I only start to notice them when the pain starts building up.
  14. Unfortunately not, because the very first time I had a Ch attack ( 2 months ago) and a few ones after that, I was playing video games before the attack started and I noticed the buildup of pain. Eventually it came to a point where I had to put my controller down and hold my head. If anything, concentrating on the game during the attack probably made it more painful because my most painful attacks happened when i was sitting in front of a screen (either doing my homework or playing video games). Gaming only helps you ignore shadows I guess.
  15. I see, that clears things up a lot. I have a full on CH attack at least twice a week but shadows are around for at least 5 days every week and they last up to 8 hours. But the good thing about that is that their manageable, I can't really concentrate on my studies with the shadows around but I can play video games and I stop feeling them after I get immersed in the game. Also, can somebody explain the significance of energy drinks to me? How can Redbull or Monster help with a CH attack?
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