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  1. Dana129

    From 75 kilograms to 88

    Well, I’m pretty shattered after weighing myself tonight. My CH period started jan 25 this year, and at that time I was 75 kilos, I’ve gained 13 kilos in less then 5 months, my cycle is done, ended feb 8th, but I’ve been dealing with shadows since then. When u finish having a cycle, and take a step back and look at how it’s affected you. It’s very confronting, I haven’t been this heavy since 2015, I had my first major weight loss before my first ever cycle back in 2016, 2017, I had my first ch, weight was probably one of the least of my concerns, I was able to maintain weight, but this cycle has really fucked my motivation to keep fit, now I’ve lost so much confidence in myself. All the insecurities I had when I was overweight which was a distant memory are now in the space of 5 months is back. 13 months of weight loss, dieting and intense exercise all undone in just 5 months...CH really has stolen my motivation to take care of myself physically
  2. Dana129

    Shadows back from pizza

    No, I’ve heard good things about it though with clusters, been doing research into it
  3. Dana129

    Shadows back from pizza

    Well, after 5 days of no shadows, I treated myself to the love of my life, pizza....shadows are back again...knew that was gonna happen
  4. Dana129

    Australians beware

    Thanks for the heads up freud, I didn’t even know that
  5. Dana129

    Australians beware

    Hurray for me
  6. Dana129

    Interesting info on legalization

    You wouldn’t by chance know if the US is accepting migrants from Australia do you?
  7. Dana129

    Interesting info on legalization

    Ms McCann told the Washington Post: "At this point, I don't think it's a good idea. We're still figuring out marijuana, and even though things are going well so far, we're still measuring the impacts on the people of Denver." From the article...It’s ironic how people like McCann are so reluctant to take psychedelics into consideration for beneficial purposes because we know little about them aside from anecdotal evidence, and yet people like her are the ones preventing such things to be researched
  8. Dana129

    Interesting info on legalization

  9. Dana129

    Interesting info on legalization

    I wish they mentioned cluster headaches in the article, It would be nice to have a bit more recognition in terms of what that means for cluster headache survivors in Denver, in any case, this is a big victory, this is long overdue
  10. Dana129

    Becoming unmanagable

    That’s great news mate
  11. Dana129

    Be a Zombie or a Clusterhead?

    As long as the abandoned pharmacies have batch’s Vitamins we’re g
  12. Dana129

    Be a Zombie or a Clusterhead?

    Well, look on the bright side, in a zombie apocalypse, atleast you won’t have to worry about legislators stopping you from growing shrooms
  13. Dana129

    Nebula from avengers

    So, I watched avengers end game, did anyone else who watched it think of cluster headaches whenever They saw Nebula? Think about it, whenever her left eye projects an image, she holds her left side of her face in agony, when her left eye is in heaps of pain from electricity or whatever, and her left side of her face has markings where cluster pain usually is located, such as around the eye, the temple, and the left forehead...totally random thing to say, but I watched it tonight and I instantly thought of cluster headaches when I saw her in the movie
  14. Dana129

    Yet another clinical failure

    https://xconomy.com/new-york/2019/04/23/tevas-approved-migraine-drug-fails-again-to-blunt-rarer-headache/ These Pharmaceutical companies are seriously taking the piss out of us. For the love of God, no surprise that the trial was a failure, considering the drug is made for fucking migraines and not clusters. When are we going to get a drug made for actual cluster headaches!? this is fucking bullshit
  15. Dana129

    Question for batch

    The below is a screenshot a gentleman had taken of his list of supplements for the d3 regimen, now I’ve already ordered my original list of supplements, but I think I’m going to go with this list of supplements next time around. My question is, are there anymore supplements that I need to add here, my original list of supplements had 9 different products whereas this only has 5, is there anything missing from this picture (sorry if this question is tedious, just trying to leave no stone unturned)