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  1. Dana129

    This helped me- hopefully will help others

    I’m glad ur doing well, but be vigilant, the truth is it is not a cure, just a preventative. Not even shrooms are a cure, clusters can change at any given time for whatever reason and break through whatever treatment you are using...now that you have your clusters under control, definitely would be worth while doing the d3 regimen along with preventiative busting (if busting is something u are prepared to do, probably worth it IMO)
  2. Dana129

    Simple Technique to Abort Headaches Right at Onset!

    Good method...but I lowkey just got clickbaitec
  3. Dana129

    Gingavitas update

    Well, I just had my deep clean, was scared shitless of triggering an out of cycle hit. Thankfully it didn’t wake the beast
  4. https://headaches.org/2018/04/26/bob-wold/ damn this article really hit me hard, especially the start. Thinking about how I was so driven to build a future and make something of myself, to preparing for a life of extreme suffering. Even though I’ve recently started to take control of my life again, losing weight I had recently gained, regaining my focus on studies, and overall enjoying life again for the most part, sometimes things like this article, pull me back into that dark place temporarily. I’ve pretty much had to give up my aspirations of joining the military after university, that’s something I’m very bitter about to tell you the truth. Clusters have really robbed me of 2017 and 18. Within 2 days of my first ever cluster headache, I was already certain what I had was clusters, googling my symptoms, I wasn’t alarmed at all when I read cluster headaches...then, I clicked the article, Suicide Headaches, my heart sank when I read those words, once I had read that article, I knew my life was about to take a turn for the worst. I was so enraged that I pretty much destroyed bed room, punched holes I’m the wall, broke my computer, I had never been so angry in my life...after that I just sat on the bed sobbing quietly thinking about how this is going to destroy my life. I had graduated high school just only a year prior to my first ch...my life as an adult was over before it even started. My January cycle of this year pushed me over the edge big time. Timing could not have been worse, Family troubles, Studies, everything just crashing down on me. Thank God I found this website, I’d never kill myself, but I will say this place saved my life. For now I am back on the horse and doing my best to keep up the momentum, and this website has helped me do that so much
  5. Doing my daily research on clusterheadsches, a video of a woman having a TN attack popped up, she wasn’t really pacing or screaming, (I’m pretty sure that would intensify the pain) but she looked like she was reaching the heights of her pain, and probably would’ve been screaming and pacing if that wasn’t a worsening effect on TN, I read that attacks like migraines can last up to several hours, sufferers can barely move, smile, blink, eat, blink, or touch their face or pretty much make any movements at the risk of making the pain worse, my CHs like most of you would relate to is like my brain is litterrly on Fire, usually last around 30 minutes each, I just can’t imagine experiencing that pain with the additional symptoms of TN. What are your opinions?
  6. Dana129

    Completely new cycle

    Well best of luck with busting, I can only imagine how bad the slapbacks might be, as a younger sufferer it is encouraging to hear people get such long periods of pain free living with that kind of medicine, out of curiosity are you on the d3 regimen?
  7. Dana129

    Completely new cycle

    Hey Cathb357, I just want to clarify, u managed to go headache free for around 7 to 8 years after your first bout at 19? Would you attribute to tripping throughout those years?
  8. Dana129

    New need info

    It really depends on the person, me personally, my worst period is the mid point of the cycle, it gradually lowers in pain intensity and frequency once I’m passed the mid point, everybody is different, though I have heard the worst headaches are at the end for a lot of people. I can imagine you’re having a very tough time right now, so i think you should look into the D3 Regimen. It’s a list of non prescribed vitamins taken daily, it’s highly effective with an 80% success rate of either complete pain free living or reduction, I suggest you research into this, it is cheap, safe and by far the best preventative for clusters, much better then verapamil or any other med a doc will give you, if you look on the new users tab, you’ll find some VERY helpful info to help you break the cycle, busting is also very effective, but I don’t have much knowledge on that personally, the d3 regimen is probably the best thing to ever happen to me, i started it 3 or so weeks ago and it has pretty much changed my life, I haven’t felt so great since before my first ever cycle, even my remmision periods were nothing like this
  9. So, I did a bit of research into emgality for episodics, Since my second cycle I’ve always been convinced I could likely go chronic somewhere in my late 20s or 30s since my post cycle shadow periods were getting progressively longer and worse each cycle, to be honest, I think my shadow period would’ve taken me all the way to my next cycle if I hadn’t of started the d3 regiment. But, my full blown attacks are still only coming in episodic cycles. I’m really not sure if emgality is for people who get shadows all year round
  10. Dana129

    Treatment For my gingivitis

    Would it help if i took some 5 hr energy before going in?
  11. Dana129

    Treatment For my gingivitis

    thanks DD, I heard gingavitas can also obstruct treatments like D3, so I guess this is something I’ll have to get done regardless
  12. Dana129

    Treatment For my gingivitis

    So, I’ll be going to the dentist in 3 weeks to treat my gingivitis (called the dentist today) now gingivitis isn’t too serious, the treatment isn’t too extensive, just a deep clean of the gums to remove inflammation and post treatment things I have to do, but, is there ANYTHING that induce a CH in gingivitis treatment?
  13. Dana129

    Is ch linked to dental work?

    I currently have gingivitis, could that effect my CH? I’m embarrassed to admit this but in my third cycle which was January last year, I started to let myself go a bit, stopped brushing my teeth and eating bad food which I attribute to developing gingivitis, I pulled myself together and started brushing regularly again in August when I was scheduled to see a dentist that month, but I still have gingavitas
  14. Dana129

    WORRIED sick.

    I was recently diagnosed...and I’ll be honest, the treatment we get prescribed is not impressive, as your wife would probably know, the fact of the matter is, doctors and the health system are not on our side for the most part, we are on our own, your wife’s best chance of pain free living is cluster busters, the treatment I have found on here overlaps prescribed medication or surgery several times over in effiecncy, affordability, and practicality. Since this is on the general board, I won’t go into mm, or vitamin L, but I will say it is ALSO a very effective treatment, and is compatible with the d3 regimen, 2 birds with one stone...or in this case, 1 bird with 2 stones, I’d go to the theory and implementation board and ask about vitamin L and MM, that’s the place where we talk about it
  15. Dana129

    WORRIED sick.

    D3 Regimen https://vitamindwiki.com/Cluster+headaches+substantially+reduced+by+10,000+IU+of+Vitamin+D+in+80+percent+of+people This is a list of supplements taken in accordance to the regimen, clusterheads are likely to be vitamin d deficient (as batch has said who is the creator of the regimen) this is a VERY effective treatment, the success rate is high, above 80% success I believe, the regimen will reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of attacks or eliminate headaches completely, whilst not a cure, it is by far the best preventitve, it’s legal, no prescription, safe and a lot more effective and safe then prescribed medication for clusters, batch I believe is a chronic clusterhead, but has been pain free since 2010 or 09, I suspect he will chime in pretty soon