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  1. https://psychedelicreview.com/magic-mushroom-microdosing-nasal-spray-announced/ Silo Wellness, a Springfield, Oregon psychedelics startup, has announced a “magic mushroom” metered dosing spray intended for consumer microdosing. The company claims that the nasal spray will address some of the primary issues with consuming mushrooms including dose reliability, stomach upset and accessibility. Silo Wellness’ says their formulated product addresses an unmet need in the burgeoning field of psychedelics. “…we need to be able to give patients predictable dosing so they can self-titrate into the desired levels of sub-psychedelic or psychedelic treatment,” said Silo Wellness CEO, Mike Arnold, in a press release posted on the Silo Wellness website. “We solved the age-old problem with plant- and fungus-based medicine: How do you know how much is a dose? How do you avoid taking too much, like the cannabis edibles dilemma? We also managed to solve one of the common complaints of some mushroom users: taste and upset stomach.” Silo Wellness’ website indicates that their nasal spray is a “full-spectrum” formulated product, potentially preserving the “entourage effect” of the host of molecules present in psilocybin mushrooms. In contrast, others have recently incorrectly referred to purified or synthetic psilocybin as “magic mushrooms” or conflated the effects of mushrooms with psilocybin, ignoring the host of other active (and potentially active) compounds present in the fungi. While Silo Wellness has not revealed the precise contents of their psychedelic nasal spray, formulated products can also offer the consistency and control necessary for consumer products and which natural mushrooms lack. While decriminalization of psilocybin-containing “magic” mushrooms is spreading across American cities, mushrooms remain illegal in most of the United States. Silo Wellness says they took to Jamaica to develop the product and have tested the product on themselves and others. In the press release, Silo Wellness co-inventor and pharmaceutical product developer, Michael Hartman spoke to the company’s progress on the product. “This isn’t a ‘plan’ to develop a product or a ‘plan’ to open a facility,” Hartman stated. “We have real proof of concept and continued research and development underway—not just an idea.” Silo Wellness is clear that their product is intended for microdosing, colloquially meaning (in regards to psychedelics) sub-perceptual dosing. However, details about the composition of the formulation, including which compounds, the ratios between them, and the dose size have not been revealed. Other details yet to be revealed include how variability of chemical composition across different batches of mushrooms will be addressed. Silo Wellness claims to have filed a provisional patent application in July, “to cover metered dosing formulations of plant and fungal compounds for oral, nasal, sublingual, and topical use.” They also intend to develop products around other psychedelic plants, such as peyote and ayahuasca. Like many new entrants into the psychedelic space, the Silo Wellness team brings experience from their work in cannabis. CEO Arnold was an attorney representing players in the cannabis industry, while Hartman invented cannabis inhaler “Mystabis”. The translation of their work in cannabis to psychedelics further highlights the similarities and synergies between the two arenas. “National media didn’t care about psychedelics until Denver passed their decriminalization ballot measure,” Arnold is quoted as saying in a press release posted by Silo Wellness. “Before that, everyone thought I was crazy when I told them that we were entering the medicinal psychedelics space in advance of Oregon legalizing in 2020.” Mainstream media coverage of psychedelics (particularly psilocybin) has increased precipitously in the past several years, spurred on by the so-called “psychedelic renaissance”. While Denver’s decriminalization vote is a part of the broader societal picture, a stark increase in scientific research (particularly around the mental health benefits of psychedelics) in the space preceded the Denver ballot initiative and is widely credited as igniting the myriad of activity and growth currently underway. https://psychedelicreview.com/magic-mushroom-microdosing-nasal-spray-announced/
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    Melatonin studies

    Point Being Is This: If you are using Vitamin D, Please try using Melatonin, as the metabolites or something get broken down into molecules that interact with the serotonin receptors
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    Melatonin studies

    Funny enough a shaman told me about Melatonin I also remember reading a post on reddit https://www.youtube.com/embed/xI4N-gz4Zzw?wmode=opaque Serum melatonin levels are reduced in patients with cluster headache, particularly during a cluster period. This loss of melatonin may be the inciting event necessary to at least produce nocturnal cluster attacks. Providing back melatonin via an oral supplementation route theoretically could act as a cluster preventive. The efficacy of 10mg of oral melatonin was evaluated in a double-blind, placebocontrolled trial.20 Cluster headache remission within three to five days occurred in five of 10 patients who received melatonin compared with zero of 10 patients who received placebo. Melatonin only appeared to work in episodic cluster patients. Recently,melatonin has also been shown to be an effective preventive in chronic cluster headache.21 A negative study was published utilizing melatonin for cluster prevention but the dosing was lower than the other studies and a sustained preparation was given.22 The author believes that melatonin should be initiated in all cluster patients as a first-line preventive sometimes even before verapamil. It has minimal side effects and in a number of patients it can turn off nocturnal clusters within 24 hours. Melatonin also appears to prevent daytime attacks. In addition, even when melatonin does not completely resolve all of the attacks it appears to lower the dose necessary of the other addon preventives. The typical dose of melatonin used is 9mg at bedtime (three 3mg tablets) but higher dosages may be necessary. If one brand of commercial melatonin does not work another should be tried because the true amount of melatonin in various OTC brands varies widely.
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    Ketamine test on Dr.John Lilly

    It would be nice to see the pain split and have CH terminated.
  5. sn0wh0p

    Ketamine test on Dr.John Lilly

    Joseph Rael: Being and Vibration (excerpt) -- A Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd27yLVUFTA Insanity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFggDnI7paE
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    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Well this guy talks a lot about Ayahacua https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI4N-gz4Zzw
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    Ketamine test on Dr.John Lilly

    I posted about John c Lilly in hope that you will follow Psychedelic teachings, John himself did not have a CH. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI4N-gz4Zzw
  8. John C. Lilly, M.D., was a consciousness pioneer, mind and brain researcher, author, trained psychoanalyst, neuroscientist, inventor, cetaceans and dolphin researcher. He worked extensively in biophysics,computer theory, and electronics. He invented the isolation tank to understand how the brain works in sensory deprivation. He explores inner consciousness and psychoactive substances, and inspired the film Altered States. He considered his book, Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer, his most original work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6gLydCxJeA https://archive.org/details/john-c-lilly-researchpapers In the early 70's, John Lilly was introduced to the drug Ketamine by Dr. Craig Enright in the hopes of alleviating the pain associated with Lilly's chronic migraine headaches, which he had been suffering like clockwork — every 18 hours — for most of his often-adventurous life. As Lilly floated in the isolation tank fluid, Enright injected him with 35 milligrams of Ketamine (K). Within a few minutes, Lilly could actually visualize the migraine pain moving out of his skull, to a point levitated there in apperceived space, Lilly felt no pain whatsoever for some twenty minutes, until it once again reentered his head. When Lilly began moaning and groaning in his water-filled sanctum of pain, Enright injected him with another 70 milligrams. This time Lilly felt the pain moving farther away, twelve feet this time. Thirty minutes later the migraine lightning bolt of pain came rushing back, lodging itself once again into Dr. Lilly's head. Enright reloaded his syringe and shot the good doctor up with 150 milligrams. This time when the pain vacated Lilly's head it kept on going and didn't come back; clear over the horizon, never to be seen again. An hour later, after the K wore off, Lilly climbed out of the tank, a new man. A month later, when the regularly occurring migraine failed to rear its aching head, Lilly was amazed.
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    Seduction by K By John C. Lilly From The Scientist, 1978 The year in which John was investigating the effects of K on himself, he had one overriding belief system or, more properly, metabelief system, which controlled his entry and exit to and from other belief systems. He called this overriding belief a "metabelief operator" (MBO). The MBO was: "In my development as a scientist I must approach the inner realities as well as the outer realities. I must investigate the properties of the observer/ operator and his dependence upon the presence of changed molecular configurations within his own brain. K introduces certain specific changes in the molecular configuration and computation of that biocomputer. Some of these changes are visible to outside observers, some are visible only to the inside observer/operator. "The scientific observer/operator exists within two sets of realities, those of the human consensus reality, the external reality (e.r.), and the internal reality (i.r.). The e.r. and the i.r. exist simultaneously. The observer/operator exists in the i.r. sometimes interlocked with the e.r. and sometimes in isolation, not so interlocked. At high levels of concentration of K in the blood, the observer/operator is cut off from his interlock with the e.r., including the human consensus reality. The only physically safe and socially safe location to investigate this cutoff is floating in the isolation tank in a controlled environment, isolated from the necessity of interactions and transactions within the human con-sensus reality. One of the dangers in this exploration is allowing this cutoff of interlock to occur outside the isolation facility. If in his exploration the observer/operator loses this perspective, he will inevitably be testing the limits of acceptance by the current human consensus reality, as an individual in the grips of a belief system counter to the current accepted belief systems." During the first part of this year, John did experiments with single doses of K and arrived at a quantitative relation between the dose given and tire resulting states of being induced in himself. Later he took multiple doses more frequently and found new effects not accountable simply by the induced phenomena of single doses at widely spaced intervals. At the beginning of the year he did not realize the long-term effects of repeated doses. During that year he found that he. entered into the overvaluation domain induced by repetitive doses of K. Toni called this "being seduced by K." The first few months were taken up with the determination of the effects of single doses separated by several days. John worked in collaboration with Craig and several other young researchers. No one yet knew of the long-term repeated-use trap. After the first dozen or so experiments designed to find the various thresholds for phenomena, John began to think in the following terms: "The time course of the effects of K after the time of the injection into the muscles; There is a very rapid movement through the various phenomena for the first few minutes. The effects then level off for a period of approximately ten minutes and then gradually subside on a much slower time course. These effects seem to be related to the changes in concentration of K within the bloodstream. If we think in terms of a timeconcentration-in-the-blood curve (Figure iK), we may be able to account for the results and the changes in the observer/ operator and his belief systems during the half" hour to forty-five minutes of each experiment. "After the time of the injection, there is a period of about three minutes when no effects are felt. Rather abruptly, the effects begin and move rapidly through a series of phenomena too fast to be grasped. After this rapid rise of effects, there is a stabilized plateau where one experiences phenomena which are dependent on how imich K one has injected. This phase lasts from ten to thirty minutes. By controlling the initial dose one can control the period of time over which changes in the self and in the i.r. arc experienced. One can also vary the phenomena experienced on this plateau by the amount of K injected. "As the amount of K in the blood decreases because of its destruction by the body, one can then see and analyze the phenomena that occur over a period of twenty minutes to forty minutes. "There are apparently no aftereffects that are detectable by the inside observer after the falling phase of K concentration in the blood." (Later John was to find that there was a small residual effect that lasted several hours. The falling curve did not go completely to zero. The overvaluation trap would be found much later to be caused by this small residual effect unnoticed in the first set of experiments.) John did a series of experiments relating the amount injected to the phenomena experienced on the plateau. He tried 10 milligrams at one injection. The effects were almost undetectable. There was a slight change in body sensations but no detectable change in himself. He then tried 20 milligrams and found an enhanced body energy and tingling in the skin. There was no change in the visual field or in his perception of himself. He tried 30 milligrams. After the initial rise of sensation, he began to sense changes in his perception (on the plateau). If he closed his eyes he could induce visual images: at first flat, two-dimensional, uncolored; and, a few minutes later, three-dimensional, colored, and moving. In this phase he became enthusiastic about the images, but not as enthusiastic as he had been under psychedelic agents. He decided to test the difference between the various doses and the effects inside versus outside the tank. He started the tank work with a dose of 30 milligrams. Freed from the effects of gravity, light, and sound in the tank, he was able to study the visual images in a more relaxed state. In the tank he saw continuous motion-picturelike sequences, highly colored, three dimensional, and consisting of, at first, inanimate scenes which later became populated with various strange and unusual creatures as well as human beings. He found that he could change the content of these internal movies by the self-metaprogramming methods he had learned in the tank and, in 1964, had used in the tank under LSD. At this point he realized that if he stayed in the external reality outside the tank, these images became interlocked with that reality. They were modulated and modified by what was happening in the external world, whereas they were not in the tank because the e.r. was missing. There was some spontaneous source of these images in the tank as well as the modifications introduced by him as the observer/operator in the system. Early in the series he conceived of these spontaneous sources, i.e., something within his own brain which was generating the images in addition to his intentions for those images. At the beginning of this series of experiments, he assumed the existence of a contained mind, with the observer contained within that mind within the brain. Later he was to believe otherwise—that the source of the images was coming from somewhere else, not his own brain, by means which he did not yet understand. He then went on and experimented with higher doses. He called the 3o-milligramdose threshold for visual projections the internal reality threshold, best seen in the isolation tank. The next amount injected was 75 milligrams. In the tank he found the plateau involved whole sets of phenomena which he had not seen at the lower doses. For the first time he began to sense changes in himself other than the changes in perception of visual images. His relationship to his physical body became weakened and attenuated. He found that he began to participate in the scenes which were previously merely visual images, as if out there, outside of his body. His observer/operator was becoming disconnected from the physical body. Information from his bodily processes was becoming so weakened that there were times when he was not aware of his body at all. On this plateau he began to experience interaction with the strange presences, strange beings, and began to communicate with them. "I have left my body floating in a tank on the planet Earth. This is a very strange and alien environment. It must be extraterrestrial, I have not been here before. I must be on some other planet in some civilization other than the one in which I was evolved. I am in a peculiar state of high indifference. I am not involved in either fear or love. I am a highly neutral being, watching and waiting. "This is very strange. This planet is similar to Earth but the colors are different. There is vegetation but it's a peculiar purple color. There is a sun but it has a violet hue to it, not the familiar orange of Earth's sun. I am in a beautiful meadow with distant, extremely high mountains. Across the meadow I see creatures approaching. They stand on their hind legs as if human. They are a brilliant white and seem to be emitting light. Two of them come near. I cannot make out their features. They are too brilliant for my present vision. They seem to be transmitting thoughts and ideas directly to me. There is no sound. Automatically, what they think is translated into words that I can understand." First Being: "We welcome you once again in a form which you have created. Your choice to come here, we applaud." Second Being: "You have come alone. Why are you alone?" I answer: "I do not know. There seems to be something strange about this; the others are reluctant to join me here." First Being: "What is it that you want from us?" I say: "I want to know if you are real or merely a product of my own wishes." Second Being: "We are what you wish us to be, it is true. You construct our form and the place in which we meet. These constructions are the result of your present limitations. As to our substance, whether 'real' in the accepted sense upon your planet or 'illusion' in the accepted sense on your planet, is for you to find out. You have written a book on human simulations of reality and of God.1 Your problem here is whether or not you are traveling in one of your own simulations or whether you have contacted real Beings existing in other dimensions." The scene begins to fade. John moves out of this extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.), resumes his consciousness of his body, and sees the old familiar movies of Earthside scenes and his own memories. Slowly these projected images fade and John is floating in the tank, remembering them in full detail. He climbs out of the tank and dictates the experience into a tape recorder. Thus did he find another threshold under the influence of K. He began to call this the extraterrestrial reality threshold on which his observer/operator became involved as a participant. The critical value of K at a single dose for exploring this realm was 75 milligrams. The next threshold was found at 150 milligrams of K. In order to see this threshold clearly, he found that he also had to be in the isolation tank free of the interlock with the external world. "I rapidly pass the i.r. threshold and the e.t.r. threshold, and suddenly T as an individual disappears. "We are creating all that which happens everywhere. We have become bored with the void. We know we have been eternally, are eternally, and will be eternally. We have created several universes, have dissolved them, and have created new ones. Each universe we have created has become more complex, more amusing to us. Our control of the current universe is on the upswing; it is becoming more complex as we regulate its regulation of itself. As we experience each universe, our awareness of ourselves increases. Each universe is a teaching machine for our awareness. To create a universe we first create light. We contain the light within the universe, within the space that we create to contain the light. We curve the space to contain the light. "In the early universes we watched the light contained traveling through its empty spaces, bouncing off the periphery in the curvatures of the space. We played with the size of those universes, expanding and contracting them, and watched the light. Large universes finally bored us, the light merely traveled around and around. "One universe that we created, we decreased in size until the light was chasing its own tail. We found a new phenomenon, a new effect. When we decreased the universe sufficiently, the light, in chasing its own tail at very small sizes, became stabilized. The universe became a single particle of incredibly small dimensions. The light, in chasing its own tail, had generated this particle which had mass, inertia. "In the universe after that one, we created many small particles encapsulating light chasing its own tail in the small dimensions. We found that some of these particles attracted one another, forming larger assemblages. We played with these assemblages. We found that light within these particles, rotating in certain directions, caused the attraction of other particles in which light was rotating in the opposite sense. "In a later universe we allowed the creation of huge numbers of these encapsulated light particles. We controlled their creation at one point and packed that small region with more and more particles. We found that there was a critical point at which they exploded outward. "In a later universe we re-created the exploding point, and as the particles spread outward we arranged for them to condense on new centers. These new centers continued outward until we closed that universe and its space. "In a later universe we began to reassemble particles in various parts of that universe, set up creative centers within the space of that universe. We set up points at which new particles were created and other points at which they were destroyed, reconverted into light. "In a still later universe we allowed certain areas to become imbued with portions of our consciousness. We watched their evolution and found that each of these areas as it evolved became conscious of itself. "In the current universe we have many assemblages of particles which have selfawareness. Some of them are huge, some of them are very small, a few have begun to question their own origins; a very, very few are becoming conscious of us. We are beginning games with these very, very few, manipulating their awareness. Most of these seem to be developing a sense of humor similar to ours. This universe is more amusing than the past ones." John's consciousness and self-awareness condensed back into a single individual. He began to experience himself as a self, separate. He came back through the e.t.r., into the i.r., and finally intohis body in the e.r., which was the tank. He labeled the domain of losing self and becoming "We" the Network of Creation (N). He then tried the 3OO-milligram-threshold dose. He found that this plateau was beyond anything he could describe. It was as if he had entered a void, had become the void beyond any human specification. In returning from the void, he went through the creative network, the extraterrestrial reality, the internal reality, back into his body in the tank. He realized that, as a human being, he would be unable to use these largerdose regions. He would be unable to describe what happened, so he labeled this highdose threshold U, the Unknown. At this point he abandoned study of the higher doses leading to the Unknown (U). He now began to see the dimensions of the exploration and the parameters he had to explore. He divided the experiments into those to be done in the tank and those to be done in the human consensus reality, with single other individuals and with unprotected situations, not in his home. New dangers were to appear, one of which would terminate this exploration and render him incapacitated in a bed at home for a period of twelve weeks. REFERENCE 1. Simulations of God: The Science of Belief
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    John C. Lilly - Levels of Samadhi.pdf
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    Because of the purity of your seeking, many incredibly high beings are present, and with them comes the spiritual substance out of which all form derives. You can imagine that substance as a golden mist that fills the air. With every breath, don’t just breathe in air; imagine you are pulling into yourself this golden substance. Fill with it; let it pour through your entire body. Breathe in the energy of the universe, the shakti of the universe. Breathe in the breath of God. Let it fill your whole body. Each time you breathe out, breathe out all of the things in you that keep you from knowing your true Self; breathe out all the separateness, all the feelings of unworthiness, all the self-pity, all the attachment to your pain, whether it’s physical or psychological. Breathe out anger and doubt and greed and lust and confusion. Breathe in God’s breath, and breathe out all the impediments that keep you from knowing God. Let the breath be the transformation. Now let the golden mist that has poured into your being focus in the middle of your chest; let it take form as a tiny being, the size of a thumb, sitting on a lotus flower right in the middle of your chest. Notice its equanimity, the radiance that comes from within. Use your imagination. As you look upon this being, see that it is radiating light. See the light pouring out. As you meditate upon it, experience the deep peace that is emanating from this being. Feel, as you look upon this being, that it is a being of great wisdom. It’s sitting quietly, silently, perfectly poised in your heart. Feel its compassion and its love. Let yourself be filled with its love. Now, slowly let that tiny being grow in size until it fills your body, so its head fills the space of your head, its torso, your torso, its arms, your arms, its legs, your legs. So now in the skin of your body sits this being—a being of infinite wisdom, a being of the deepest compassion, a being that is bathed in bliss, a being that is self-effulgent: a being of perfect tranquility. Let this being begin to grow in size. Experience yourself growing until everything in the room around you is within your body. All of the sounds, all the sensory experiences are coming from inside you. Continue to grow. Feel your vastness, your peace, your equanimity. Your head extends into the sky. Expand until your town, your environment, and all those beings within them are contained within you. Experience the human condition; see the loneliness, joy, caring, violence, paranoia, a mother’s love for her child, sickness, fear of death—see it all. It is all within you. See it with compassion and with caring and, at the same moment, with equanimity. Feel the light pour through your being. Let yourself grow still larger. Feel your vastness increase until you are sitting in the middle of this galaxy, the earth deep within your belly. All humankind is within you. Feel the turmoil and the longing. Feel the beauty. Sit in this universe, silent, peaceful, compassionate, loving. All of the creations of human beings’ minds are within you; look upon them with compassion. Continue to grow until not only this galaxy but every galaxy is within you, until everything you can conceive of is within you. All of it is inside you. You are the only One. Feel your aloneness, your silence, your peace. There are no other beings here; all planes of consciousness are within you, and all beings are within you. You are the Ancient One. Everything that ever was, is, or will be is part of the dance of your being. You are the universe, so you have infinite wisdom; you feel all of the feelings of the universe, so you have infinite compassion. Let the boundaries of your being dissolve, and merge yourself into that which is beyond form. Sit for a moment in the formless, beyond compassion, beyond love, beyond God. Let it all be in its perfection. Very gently, very slowly, let the boundaries of your vast being, the One, reestablish themselves. Vast, silent, all is within you. Come back from beyond the One and slowly come down in size. Come down through the universes into this universe, until your head is once again among the planets and the earth is within you. Come down again until your head is once again in the heavens and the cities are within you. Come down in size until your head is at the top of your room. Stop here for a moment. From this place, look down into the room and find the being who you thought you were when you began this meditation. Look at that being, bringing to bear all of your love and compassion. See the journey of that being as it is living out this incarnation; see its fears, its doubts, its connections. See all the thoughts and objects it clings to that keep it from being free. See how close it is to knowing who it is. Look within that being and see the purity of its soul. Reach down and, with your mind, very gently place your hand on the head of this being and bestow upon it your blessing that in this very life it may fully know itself. Experience simultaneously that which blesses and that which is being blessed. Now come back down into the body you thought you were when you began. You are still flesh surrounding a being of radiance and wisdom, a being of compassion that comes from attunement with the truth, with love for all that comes from being that vast One. That love and peace are pouring out of you to all beings everywhere, like a beacon for all those who suffer. Remember those people toward whom you have felt less than loving. Look to their souls and surround them with light, with the love and peace of this moment. Let go of the anger and the judgment. Send the light of love and peace out to people who are ill, who are lonely, who are afraid, who have lost their way. Share your blessings, because only when you give can you continue to receive. As you journey on this spiritual path, accept the responsibility for sharing what you receive. That is part of God’s harmony, of becoming an instrument for the will of God. Let the radiant, perfect being within you again assume its diminutive form, the size of a thumb. See it again sitting on a lotus flower in your spiritual heart, in the middle of your chest, radiant with light, peaceful, immensely compassionate. This being is love. This being is wisdom. This is the inner guru. This is the being within you who always knows. This is the being you meet through your deeper intuition when you go beyond your mind. This is the tiny form of the entire universe that exists within you. At any time, you need only sit and quiet your mind, and you will hear this being guiding you home. When you finish this journey, you will have disappeared into this being, surrendered, merged, and then you will know the truth that Ramana Maharshi, a great realized being from India, meant when he said that God, guru, and Self are one.
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    5-Methoxytryptamine 5-Methoxytryptamine (5-MT), also known as mexamine, is a tryptamine derivative closely related to the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. 5-MT has been shown to occur naturally in the body in low levels.[1] It is biosynthesized via the deacetylation of melatonin in the pineal gland.[1] 5-MT acts as a full agonist at the 5-HT1, 5-HT2, 5-HT4, 5-HT6, and 5-HT7 receptors.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] It has no affinity for the 5-HT3 receptor and is affinity for the 5-HT1E receptor is very weak in comparison to the other 5-HT1 receptors.[5][9] Its affinity for the 5-HT5A receptor is unknown. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5-Methoxytryptamine
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    I see lots of people trying Vitamin D3, while that is helpful,I hope more proper medicines would be used Melatonin is part of the tryptamine family. Tryptamine is the common functional group in a set of compounds termed collectively substituted tryptamines. This set includes many biologically active compounds, including neurotransmitters and psychedelic drugs. Serum melatonin levels are reduced in patients with cluster headache, particularly during a cluster period. This loss of melatonin may be the inciting event necessary to at least produce nocturnal cluster attacks. Providing back melatonin via an oral supplementation route theoretically could act as a cluster preventive. The efficacy of 10mg of oral melatonin was evaluated in a double-blind, placebocontrolled trial.20 Cluster headache remission within three to five days occurred in five of 10 patients who received melatonin compared with zero of 10 patients who received placebo. Melatonin only appeared to work in episodic cluster patients. Recently,melatonin has also been shown to be an effective preventive in chronic cluster headache.21 A negative study was published utilizing melatonin for cluster prevention but the dosing was lower than the other studies and a sustained preparation was given.22 The author believes that melatonin should be initiated in all cluster patients as a first-line preventive sometimes even before verapamil. It has minimal side effects and in a number of patients it can turn off nocturnal clusters within 24 hours. Melatonin also appears to prevent daytime attacks. In addition, even when melatonin does not completely resolve all of the attacks it appears to lower the dose necessary of the other addon preventives. The typical dose of melatonin used is 9mg at bedtime (three 3mg tablets) but higher dosages may be necessary. If one brand of commercial melatonin does not work another should be tried because the true amount of melatonin in various OTC brands varies widely.
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    Nothing is working headaches getting worse

    This guy taught me prayer and Ayahasua https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI4N-gz4Zzw
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    K Cure for Cluster headache?

    John Lilly: From Here to Alternity (excerpt) youtube.com/watch?v=x6gLydCxJeA Please watch the video!!!