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  1. A neurologist in Bradenton, FL" has recommended the following formulary for me as a CHead. All the literature and the head of information at the company said there were no trials for CH Does anyone have any information on this. I don't want to take another thing. EBM MEDICAL Formulary for: EB-H4 EB-H4 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: • Riboflavin…400mg (Active B2) • Coenzyme Q10…100mg (CoQ10) • L-methylfolate Ca…400mcg (Active Folate) • Magnesium Bisglycinate…350mg EBM Medical Contact Information EBMmedical.com Phone: 636-614-3152 Email: support@EBMmedical.com @BostonHeadacheDoc @Pebblesthecorgi @Brain on fire @spiny @CHfather
  2. Into Light

    exercise and sex

    i don't try to abort with strength training, but i will go work out up through kip5. the pain goes away nearly immediately. and returns when i exit the gym. all the same, all different il
  3. Into Light

    Prednisone weigh your benefits vs risks

    i had to do five days at 100mg a day and then cold turkey for 9 days when i was on chemo. i have a bottleof 5s around the house somewhere. blech. but if it helps some, then hallelujah.
  4. Into Light

    where/how i get oxygen - FLORIDA

    I'm in Sarasota and have been well-treated. Apria is the company and least they take a self-pay amount that I find very reasonable. The delivery guys are your friends. Be good to them and life is good.
  5. Into Light

    Kings of pain

    is that the funny oblong ball?
  6. Into Light

    Kings of pain

    agree. but then i watch no television at all. noxious tool of the devil.
  7. Into Light

    introducing my friend who just registered for the board

    information: tranceplants.net will not ship to florida.
  8. Into Light

    Females and O2

    according to my neurologist, who tried to prescribe the vials. and they are no l longer available. i get zembrace which is 3 mg subcutaneous. haven't used it.
  9. Into Light

    introducing my friend who just registered for the board

    karen, i'll be back wednesday. oral sumatriptan is worthless. takes an hour to kick in. the sbucu injectors are the best emergency relief. if there hasn't been an abort via o2 which is the best. after he gets the o2 script i already sent a link to the correct o2 mask for us. get two. he will, hopefully sooner than later, have Mtank(s) at home and he can do what many of us do and keep an Etank on the car. 5-hour energy drinks are reputed to work much better than espresso. hang in there. this is an amazing support group. one of a kind. with cluster knowledge in aggregate that far surpasses the information that almost any other doctor or neurologist has. into light
  10. Into Light

    introducing my friend who just registered for the board

    my neuro is at sloan-kettering memorial cancer center. luckily for me he has followed my lead, as i have learned here what i need to communicate to him. i stick there because i am covered by the WTC Health Fund, so pay nothing to go there. which is good, but lymphomas are not. i believe there is a cb approved neuro in venice, which is very close to us. i have sent my very dear friend the exact wording for the script.
  11. Into Light

    introducing my friend who just registered for the board

    regarding oxygen, i'm near @spikeinthehead. i self pay apria. it's not expensive. @CHfather.the trick is that the script must max at 15 lpm and then use one's own 25 lpm regulator.
  12. hello all, i want to introduce my dear friend @spikeinthehead. he just registered yesterday; i've sent him the url to the readme banner, ahem, @CHfather. i know he'll develop his own connections, but i want to specifically introduce @Brain on fire, @spiny @Freud @dmlonghorn @ThatHurtsMyHead. Also, @Batch, perhaps you could pm him with the link to the D-3 regimen. thank you all! lux
  13. Into Light

    Let's get together

    Besides @ThatHurtsMyHead, are there any other CB folks around Sarasota, St Pete, Tampa area?
  14. Into Light

    Nausea with D3 Regimen & Cofactors

  15. Into Light

    Nausea with D3 Regimen & Cofactors

    love my memory!