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  1. Freud

    Traveling with CH

    Anything to tame the beast!
  2. Freud

    Traveling with CH

    What’s the flow rate on the concentrator?
  3. Freud

    gammaCore device query

    Have you tried busting with seeds?
  4. Freud

    gammaCore device query

    From what I gather both from reading and my experience as a chronic. CCH is a bit more stubborn/ persistent than ECH. Just the luck of the draw I guess.
  5. Freud

    gammaCore device query

    They must be thinking gamma knife or something. Sorry you’re having trouble. My doc was one of the investigators and I got a free month. It didn’t help my chronic CH.
  6. Freud

    gammaCore device query

    It costs $500 a month unless you can sign up for a free trial. My insurance won’t cover it.
  7. FYI if you get in with Grosberg the closest hotel is right there but $300 a night I stay 10 min away for a third of the price.
  8. FYI his office is dimly light through out and is very soothing. I thought they were closed the first time I went in. There are many hotels close to his office. I sleep over the night before as I live 3 hrs away in NJ.
  9. I see dr Brian Grosberg in West Hartford CT. He used to be in NYC. He is extremely empathetic and sensitive to your needs. He knows about cluster busters and can get you enrolled in a mushroom study if you’re interested. I think he may be taking on new Pts but you have to check ‭(860) 696-2925‬.
  10. I’m chronic and I dose once a month and that usually does it for me.
  11. Sounds good. Keep in mind Its about a 3-4 month process. Check out my post on the subject, the grow bag method is what I usually suggest for a first timer. Check out my post on "Alternative grow methods for MM". I tried to paste the link here but I get a 403 forbidden message. Have fun traveling!
  12. I think I can help simplify things for you for your first grow. It’s mainly a game of patience. Growing with bulk substrate in a mono tub yields a lot depending on genitics. If the research moves you in that direction feel free to contact me. Cheers brian
  13. I think it’s still on going. My doc offered to enroll me 6 months ago.
  14. Freud

    Help Needed

    If you had a scan when you were younger and had the same exact symptoms. A new scan isn’t really warranted. That extra bit of info changes my opinion.