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  1. Get plugged into healthcare for oxygen and start the vitamin D protocol ASAP. Give more information on dosing past and present. hope to help
  2. Does anyone hear ANYTHING from Brian?

  3. Freud


    Hi all I am alive and well. My PTSD ended up getting triggered in Dallas as I thought it might. Sorry for my long absence. Thanks to all that sent their love. I will be back on the boards and this thread w an update. Short version is I am now having 4-6 kip 7-9CH a day. My D peaked at 277 w no bump in Ca or PTH. (I was about 150ish before I was admitted unfairly by my psych thinking I was manic and not triggered and I knew it was going to happen so I loaded w 1.5 mil units before my admission. My D spiked to 277 w that and my CH were gone for a bit. But as it burned off they came back as expec
  4. Hi all, I have some great news to report! I am on my way to being PF and getting my life back thank to so many of you. The vitamin D protocol is doing most of the heavy lifting so to speak. I’m coming off of my best week in over a year but who’s counting. I live in the moment... I will give a full update ASAP. I am still figuring out the best way to utilize the ketamine. However it is helping a ton as well. I personally have a super high tolerance to most anesthetics. Therefore. My starting concentration although a moderate dose will probably be bumped up a bit after discussing my usage
  5. Um, He couldn’t state enough how he thinks the conference is going to be life changing for me and every CH patient especially CCH. Should attend at least once. He thought I have been dealing w CCH a longer than 2 years and said “Oh man, you’re still new at this.” He stayed several times he would like to spend time with me st the conference and talk more. He said he has several veterans he wants me to meet and would introduce me. He mentioned a few of you guys. He said although the emgality data wasn’t that good for CCH he does have a few patients that have responded. And not just
  6. So folks apparently there is a lot of confusion about the dosage. From the horses mouth: Dr McGeeney said the correct and only dose for CH is 300mg a month every month. He said everything else is only for migraines! He said the correct info is on their site if you look in the right place. My previous doc wrote the wrong script as well and he was a major headache center guru! I never tried to fill it. I have started the process to get it... let y’all know when/ if I try it. I say if cause I’m pretty sure the D is starting to work! I’m not PF but it’s a hell of a lot better yesterday and tod
  7. Now I’m really confused may be the 3 injections wasn’t crazy. I know I read 2 a while back and my doc said 2 then 1 every month after... we shall find out tomorrow.
  8. Bravo @Batch, Its like explaining a cardiopulmonary bypass strategy... enjoyed the physiology. I have a real hard time hyperventilating. And for me when I force myself to do it. Usually an hour after my normal routine of using a regular old non rebreather mask and I’m at the I’ll try anything point. I break out the opti with the mouth piece and do the whole routine. Each method and no response. Well no more than if I go back and just breath the 25LPM gas. Now I know what you’re going to say next. You waited too long. But I have done it as a first line for over a month and I get the same res
  9. And thanks for the emgality update. I’m seeing bostonheadachedoc tomorrow and we’re going to talk about emgality. I’m pretty sure you’re not on the right dose. It’s a double injection first dose and one injection every month there after. My former doc said it can take months to work so don’t give up yet. All this info is based on his edu of me as well as a little reading. But I’ve heard docs writing it all kinds of crazy ways. 3 injections the first month... I’ll get to the bottom of this tomorrow, I’m fairly certain BHD was one of the investigators/ sites but I could be completely wrong. He
  10. Hey buddy PM me your info. I can spare an M tank or two, you got a regulator? I’m a bit south. In Central NJ but I can meet up on Thursday if that works for you. Brian
  11. I’m out of likes for the day =-( but @Dan32 brought up a very good point. There are mixed feelings here about verapamil. Most of the regular contributors here have tried it at some point. I was on 800mg a day until I stopped it months ago. It is important to get an EKG every time they raise your dose as well as check your blood pressure. I tolerated up to 800mg any more gave me blurry vision. I was about to wean it off when my Ch started to get worse I decided not to change anything. But i was fairly sure it wasn’t doing me any good. I now get hit all day and every hour I’m sleeping. But I did
  12. There is a Dr (not in my opinion) that touts surgery like this guy in South Africa. I’d stay far away as pebbles alluded.
  13. @Dallas Denny you doing the shoe box dub tubs? BRF to bulk?
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