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  1. Milelli, below is a link to a post I made regarding alternative methods to grow mm that are a lot easier. If memory serves me correctly you don’t live in the states. The suppliers I have listed are all in the states. If you live in Europe there are several reputable sites out of the NL that sell smallish tubs that are already colonized and growing is extra simple. Let me know if you want more info on that. Mad for growing I think the methods explained by WillyMyco in his videos are a bit less cumbersome and have better yields than the videos you previously watch (the PF Tek, aka BRF cakes). It’s just my opinion others here have great results using that method. I buy all my supplies ready to go (sterile or pasteurized depending on the product) so I eliminate a huge source of error and contamination. So everywhere where Willy refers to making ryeberries or bulk substrate don’t stress it you can just buy it. Let me know if you have further questions, start a new thread in the theory and implementation section. Here is the link to my post: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5874-alternative-grow-methods-for-mm/?tab=comments#comment-58716
  2. Freud

    Teetering on the Edge with Verapamil

    There was another user that reported great success with verapamil. I asked a broad question about verapamil help/didn’t help. Got few responses but most people here are here as a last resort. And have exhausted most options.
  3. Freud

    Teetering on the Edge with Verapamil

    Sorry my mistake, I talked about the CH getting worse if I weaned. I know the verapamil wasn’t stopping my daily 3 CH and my CH got worse the further I got from my last bust. Now I’m getting woken up 2-3 times a night plus my daily attacks. I was on 800mg and I’m confident I can’t tolerate more and it wasn’t helping. Instead I’ve decided to detox off my depakote (another blocker 5 day detox) then bust with L or M. I’m also waiting for an injectable I was on to wear off bc it’s a blocker too. But I’m trying a month early out of desperstion.
  4. I wish mine were related to eating but I have found no such correlation. I get hit the same 3 times a day and it’s usually before meals. Plus random ones in the middle of the night. Keep us posted.
  5. Have you tried psychedelics? You can prevent a cycle by using psychedelics.
  6. Freud

    Teetering on the Edge with Verapamil

    I was on 800mg a day up until I emailed my doc that I wanted to stop it. The only side effect I get is blurry vision but it’s bad. I’m still getting hit hard despite it so I see no need to take it. If I was able to go up on my dose I would keep trying it but I can’t tolerate the blurry vision. I didn’t feel any of the side effects you describe. I didn’t even get constipation which amazed the cardiologist in addition to that the cardio is shocked 800mg a day didn’t effect my blood pressure.
  7. Freud

    Cluster rules

    Mit, I think your rule can apply to a lot of cluster heads but not everyone. There are plenty of people that also have great results with psychadellics. It’s rare some one says triptans stop working. They aren’t my answer, I save them for true emergencies instead of going to the ER or when I have something important to do. For many O2 works without fail. For others their clusters change and seeds don’t work any more but mm or L does. I do agree it can be hard to figure out and stay on top of.
  8. I pace like a mad man too. When on the O2 I rock. In the middle of the night I call it the cluster shuffle mixed with the pp dance (often when I wake up I’ve gotta head to the O2 but the bathroom is calling.
  9. Freud


    Based on this article I’d say it can be done but unlikely to be tested for in normal circumstances. Hair samples go back as long as your hair. Most places only go back 6 Mo. Click this link for article
  10. This may sound a lil dumb...does the term "busting" mean to "thwart" or "interrupt" or "stop" or "abort" a headache? I did as you suggested in one of your other posts and typed busting in the search bar but it didn't come up  with an exact definition.  I even got specific with search criteria ....I'm usually pretty decent with research stuff...and deriving meaning from meaning from context...but this "jargon-specific", so I'm lil lost...

    1. Freud


      Yes you are right. I’ll see if I can send you a direct link

    2. Joseph


      Thank you... Besides the topirimate for prevention...i guess you could say busting IS what i do.. I chew four Excedrin (yuck af!!!) then apply heavy pressure to very specific pressure points which further reduce severity and length of the headache.. The trick is to beat the " ramp up" time... 

  11. Freud


    Each method can work well. Just depends on what works for you. There have been people report that things no longer worked for them including O2. I’d say these people are the exception not the rule. Some long timers could chime in just what I’ve seen since I’ve been a member.
  12. Freud

    CH, Marijuana and Me

    That’s so funny boss. Smoking bothers my throat but has no effect on my ch posative or negative. So interesting.
  13. Freud


    Type busting in the search bar. Or if one of the mods can move the thread we can discuss it further.
  14. Freud


    It’s a nasty drug and 3rd line treatment. I have a medical background and my doc won’t even recommend the stuff. Side effects are nasty. The sad thing is we will try almost anything to get the headaches to stop. I myself rely on psychedelics. Have you considered busting? It’s less dangerous than any of the pharma
  15. Freud

    Sumatripton help

    Valid points made by all. I forgot who it was but one of the regular posters was talking about the initial trials of imatrex and heart attacks. Hopefully some one will chime in. The other problem is most insurance companies will pay for 16-20 injections a month I have min of 60-90 CH a month. Sadly my insurance only covers them at 50% making them unaffordable. But when I got my 2 month break from busting. I stockpiled 40 injections. I save them for important days/ family or friend functions when I don’t want to be toughing it out.