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  1. I'm kinda with Cpt.Crispy on that. In the middle, I'll be doing 4 - 5 a day, then about a month and a half later, it will go to just 2 a day, then I'll find that Ive slept through entire night with absolutely nothing, and they're gone. It's usually about 1.5 months for me. But I did notice that if I drink a lot of Ginger Ale, it seems to help keep the attacks at a lower number. And I've also noticed that staying away from tap water helps too! Ya never know what might be in that water that can cause an attack!
  2. Im just curious: Has anyone suffering from CH's ever been able to go on SSI Disability for the condition. I'm an episodic, but I can't imagine how a chronic could function through daily life and hold down a career at the same time. If anyone should be on it, I'd say the poor chronics out there!
  3. Suicide Headache is the one! I'm always begging to be put out of my misery when I hit #10 of a CH. Feels like the brink of death, but then you live through it! Unbelievable what the human body can endure!
  4. Capt.Crispy:. I have not tried the O2 yet, but will be getting a tank of it soon from the doc. 30 minutes is way too long to wait for relief. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thank you very much CHFather. I had no idea Rizatriptan was NOT for CH's. Appreciate the reply. I figured if I keep using the Rizatriptan, it will lead to being desensitized to it and cause other issues. I was dosing with schrooms, but they haven't had any effects for me or relief from the CH. I'm thinking that maybe the Rizatriptan is somehow blocking the schroomies from being effective! Think it's time to go back to the doctor! Thanks again.
  6. I was recently prescribed Rizatriptan 6 months ago. A 10mg pill will abort a CH attack about a half hour after onset. Has anyone else used this medication, and if so, can you share some ideas and experiences with me please.
  7. I've had since I was 17 yrs old. Finally got diagnosed when I was 27. I suffered immensely through those years and aquired ulcers from all the aspirin I took for the CH's.
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