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  1. Has anyone else experienced the start of a new cycle after getting over the flu or covid? My last cycle was Christmas of last year and started almost immediately after having covid. Now I just got over a seasonal flu and have had 2 nights of clusters. Just wondering if there is a correlation
  2. I am currently looking at the D3 Regime. My concern is that I already have "slightly higher" Vitiman D levels and I am worried that taking the D3 Regime will run the risk of Vitamin D toxicity.
  3. Just got back from my Neurologist and upped my initial low dose of Verapamil from 120mg to 160mg along with being prescribed Prednisone for 3 weeks tapered down. So hopefully Verapamil/Prednisone combination works well as preventative as I'm currently not seeing any success at 120mg alone. Also switching from Sumatriptan 100mg oral to the Sumatriptan injections as an Abortive. Last but not least running insurance to see if approved for Emgality which would be once a month injection to fight CH. I feel pretty optimistic having a new neurologist that actually seems to understand and have experience with CH, and yes please before everyone jumps on the O2 being the best. I live in the US and that's just not happening at this current time I've gone down that road with 2 regular doctors and 3 Neurologist and 1 Headache specialist. It's currently not in the cards for me as an option. But I will keep updated on the progress of Emgality if approved along with the others. If anyone has experience with Emgality please let me know.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm still trying to figure out this beast. January was pretty much 1 hit a day at nighttime and now as we have progressed into February it's moved to an afternoon hit and nighttime. So I feel it's ramping up to a climax. Hopefully at least.
  5. I have no experience with that med, but I am interested to hear if lowering the dose really worked like it seems. I would personally like a little longer timeline before I am sure as I have gone a few days here and there CH free only to be hit out of nowhere.
  6. So if I have shadowing it will eliminate that and then it also helps when I get hit??
  7. Interesting on the Ginger Ale thing I might have to try that. Yesterday was a good day I didn't have anything in the afternoon and no shadowing, I thought I would take my Verapamil in the evening before bed to help me sleep through the night. But around 10:55pm I felt the start of a headache, so I resorted to my Sumatriptan to knock it out before it got bad. Rather upsetting as I was thinking the Verapamil would do something.
  8. Is Verapamil that bad for your heart? I'm 5'8" 175 and relatively fit.
  9. Thank you! I will look at taking it later in the day. Also will look to increase dose, I just don't want any Heart issues
  10. After seeing my Nero I originally got Topomax. That had little effect so I was proscribed Verapamil through my family doctor who is aware of my CH. However he only prescribed me 120mg once a day.
  11. Correct. My attacks have almost always been middle of the night. But have recently turned to middle of the day as well. It says to take one 120mg per day by mouth. I guess I could take it whenever I wanted but I was just told first thing in the morning is good.
  12. Really? It's been about a week off of it and switched to Verapamil. Maybe that's something to do with it. Was it temporary?
  13. Yea my Verapamil is definitely ER 120mg once a day. Supposed to be taking place of my Topomax as a preventative. It's hard to say if it's doing anything as right around the time I started my CH also switched up the timing and duration.
  14. So this probably isn't a sign of a cycle coming to an end?
  15. When they switch do they usually continue at the original time as well or switch from one time to the other?
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