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  1. Dallas Denny

    Cluster headaches and crying

    Hi clusternana! Prior to finding out about oxygen in 2007 and busting in 2009, when my hits were still in that 45 to 90 minute range, the more agitated I got included crying the worse the attack got.....since combining O2 and busting, I've experienced just 3 or 4 crying, snot slinging Kip 10's......the vast majority of hits over the past 10 years never got above 3-4 and were easily aborted with O2 and hot coffee or tea in 5 to 7 minutes and oftentimes less than 5 minutes.......still the same on agitation though as far as exacerbating the intensity of a hit! Dallas Denny
  2. Dallas Denny

    Cluster rules

    Just when ya think you've figured the Beast out, he's gonna morph.....the one consistent thing about ch! And I agree with all of your other rules as well MG! DD
  3. Welcome to the community Fiona! We've seen several migraineurs over the years for whom busting has been effective....wishing you the best of luck!! I've been busting for going on 10 years and it has been a game changer for me!! Where are you located in the PNW? I've 3 longtime clusterhead friends in the Portland, Corvallis, Eugene area. Dallas Denny
  4. Dallas Denny

    Beast is Back

    G'mornin Teach! If you haven't already done so, I would suggest that you send Batch a PM and see if he has any "tweaks" for you that might help! I've seen him help many folks over the years by adjusting the regimen!! And I second my friend Pebbles comment on honing your mycology skills......best move I've ever made in my 37+ year history with clusters! And btw Pebbles, so nice to see your comments here old friend....I've missed ya dude!! DD
  5. Dallas Denny

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    Lmao! BOF, I just looked back to find the thread "10 years of preventative success"......actually posted 7 years ago yesterday by jammin who is one of the original busters!! He told us about Bomba's shack and his special shakes.....and warned us that if your girlfriend goes with you and Bomba asks her to sit on his lap that she shouldn't do that! And yeah, coming back to the world to be spit on and ridiculed sucked.....but it wasn't long before the cold hard truth slapped me in the face and I became an active member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and dropped out, tuned in, and turned on!! DD
  6. Dallas Denny

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    To be perfectly honest Batch, I've had no use for politics or gub'mint since they sent 50,000 young men like you and I both were at the time to fight and die in a war under false pretenses.....just to put another dime in their feckin pockets!! And it's the same damn thing here.....big pharma, tobacco, insurance, ect own all of them! IMHO, only 2 scenarios can bring about any meaningful change to the quagmire we're in......term limits, ain't no way Congress is passing that......and armed insurrection, and we both know that things are gonna get real ugly with that option before it gets better....if it does in fact get better!! IDK, there's been several times in the past couple years that I wish I'd made the choice to go to Canada instead of Nam! Hell, I've taken to turning the news on when I know it's just about time for the weather so I dont have to hear about all the bullshit that's goin on!! DD
  7. Dallas Denny

    Sorry about the last one

    Have you been in direct contact with Batch and what is your 25 (OH) D reading? The sweet spot for most folks is around 85 ng/ml.....if your blood tests have reached that threshold then I would suggest that you send Batch a PM here and see if he has some tweaks to the regimen for you!
  8. Dallas Denny

    Sorry about the last one

    Hi S.E. Damn! What a terrible situation! I've been a part of the board since it went live in Oct of 2009 and can't recall any posts regarding lyme disease along with cch! Nice to see that yet another clusterhead benefitted from our own Hipshot's participation in the NG documentary! My good friend Hollywood Dan has saved many lives in doing that video and is an absolute hero to the clusterhead community!! If you're not already using the anti inflammatory vitamin D3 regimen, I'd recommend trying that as it works very well for many folks! Wishing you the best of luck! Dallas Denny
  9. Dallas Denny

    Portland Oregon sufferers?

    Hi Monica! I have several longtime clusterhead friends in the Portland area.....just chatted with one on Facebook messenger who's just south of you in Corvallis.....she told me I could share her contact information with you if you'd like to shoot me a PM Dallas Denny
  10. Dallas Denny

    2019 Patient Conference

    Hi Into light! I know I recieve a registration email every year and I'm fairly certain that all members here do as well! DD
  11. Dallas Denny

    Suna syndrome or cluster headaches?

    Welcome to the forum Katrina I have to agree with Freud here.....you might research one of the other TAC headaches called SUNCT........15 individual cluster attacks in 24 hours is the most frequent I've ever heard of! DD
  12. Dallas Denny

    Anyone with clusters that wake us get sleep?

    95% of my hits are nocturnal.....typically 3 to 4 hits nightly for the duration of my 16 to 20 week cycle. Before clusterbusters, sleep deprivation was a real issue.....while still in the working world it results in my having to go on short term disability a couple times......but, that was before oxygen and before busting! After 10 years of busting, if a cycle breaks thru I still get 3 or 4 hits a nite.....the difference is that I'm rarely awake over 10 minutes ( my abort times are 5 min and less)then go right back to sleep for 90 minutes and repeat til I say feck this and stay up.......still sux but it's been several years now since sleep deprivation has been an issue! DD
  13. Dallas Denny

    Help Needed

    Welcome to the community oxy man The only thing constant about the Beast is his ability to morph! My first few cycles had predominantly evening hits around bedtime, but then they became primarily nocturnal with a few scattered in during the day time. Good deal that know about and have O2 at your disposal.....odd that your doc hasn't ordered an MRI though as that is pretty standard to rule out other nasty crap that mimics ch Dallas Denny
  14. Dallas Denny

    My 1st Post, Re: Dancing w/ the Devil

    Welcome to the community doc...sorry for your need to join us! I like your plan of attack but you didn't mention oxygen which is a game changer for clusterheads! Good luck with the D3 regimen and happy busting! Dallas Denny
  15. Dallas Denny

    PLEASE HELP - Bangkok, Thailand

    There's a place called Bomba's Shack on the island of Tortola in the BVI that sells shroom tea! DD