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  1. @KmanTexas Harbor freight has one for around $80 https://www.harborfreight.com/oxygen-regulator-63788.html
  2. @KmanTexas So, I've been using weld ox since 2009....the guys on ch dot com who schooled me had been using it for several years at that time.....I personally know several clusterheads that have been using it for years and I know of no one who's had any issues. Welding requires "pure" O2 for good welds....med ox and weld ox come out of the same faucet.....med ox tanks are vacuumed prior to refilling while they just do a "sniff test" on welding tanks in case there's been an acetylene crossbleed contamination due to a faulty regulator. And yes, they just exchange empties. The biggest hurdle with weld ox is that the cylinders are big and heavy so ease of mobility is a problem but crossfill adapters are readily available on ebay and you can pick up used E and D tanks on ebay and Craigslist fairly reasonable. As to O2 concentrators....they only grab around 95% O2....we see reports of success from a relatively small number of folks....they're of value only to the supplier as another avenue to bilk you and the insurance companies outta more bucks!! Dallas Denny
  3. @KmanTexas Wow!! I do believe ass rape is putting it mildly!! Old Dallasite here by the way....43 years between Cow Town and big D...we escaped the Metromess a little over 10 years ago!! So, I wrapped up a 20 week cycle in early May.....I started with a 1/4 full M sized tank, refilled it twice and still have a little over 1/2 a tankfull.......at $22/refill which is the same price I paid in 2015 evidently their cost hasn't increased due to covid!!! I said screw those idiot medical O2 suppliers many years ago and opted for welding oxygen so granted, I did have an up front investment of $300 for the cylinder and around $75 for a welding oxygen regulator. Now that's here in far south central Oklahoma.....when I was still in big D I was able to lease a large M sized tank for a $150 deposit and $6/mo with refills (actually exchanges) costing me $18 at Seagoville Welding Supply on 175. You just can't let em know you're going to breathe it!! Neither them or my current supplier ever asked me any questions...I walked in, ask for a large tank of weld ox and he wrote it up and took my dollar's.....they're in biz to sell welding gas so they don't care what you're gonna do with it (as long as you don't tell em the truth..lol).....if they should ask, tell em you've got a bunch of heavy scrap metal to cut up and a buddy is loaning you his acetylene rig but he doesn't have an o2 cylinder.....by telling them you're gonna be operating a cutting torch they'll automatically expect that you're gonna need to refill more often. Get rid of them damned money mongers!! Good luck! Dallas Denny
  4. @Jrb3rd Can't offer any advice on these particular demand valves other than 40 lpm should be more than sufficient......I will say however that I know a clusterhead in northern California who snags some really great deals on ebay fairly regularly!! Dallas Denny
  5. @Freud Sorry to see you're goin thru hell Brian!! I know you've tried everything out there so won't offer advice but sending positive thoughts and good vibes brother! DD
  6. @Kimbers I'm going to Reiterate Chf's O2 comment.....he needs to hit it as quick as possible after the first twinge of pain......over the years I've found it works best for me in a standing position.....while the ambu bag is filling exhale forcefully and then do a mini crunch to expell the residual air in the lungs.....then inhale the O2 deeply and hold it while the bags refills.....and repeat until abort. Many of us incorporate either energy drinks or shots that contain taurine and caffeine in conjunction with O2 therspy.....others use hot or cold coffee. Sleep deprivation is a terrible side effect of being in cycle for me.....for nocturnal hits he can try adding melatonin before bedtime and/or sleeping in a recliner helps some folks. DD
  7. @Bejeeber You beat me that time jeebster! Lol!
  8. @Kimbers Very important to do all of the cofactors as they all work together and the K2 is needed to move the calcium from the large amount of D3 to prevent kidney stones.....I know it's a bunch of pills but it works great at controlling clusters.....is he doing the loading dose protocol? The guy that originated the regimen is a longtime member here and can help you adjust the regimen as needed for maximum efficacy! His screen name is xxx and you can message him directly with questions if need be. Next, tell us about hubby's O2 set up......it's often not prescribed as needed for it to be effective....should be administered at 15 lpm minimum via a non rebreather mask. Lastly, no way to know about episodic vs chronic at this stage of the game....we call it "dancin with the Beast"..lmao......chronic is defined now as having no more than 30 pf days in a years time. I know folks that were chronic from the git go and I know some that have gone from episodic to chronic AND vice versa!! The good news is the vast majority of the folks I know are episodic! DD
  9. @Kimbers Welcome to the community and thanks for being an advocate for your hubby!! We love our supporters! While a prednisone taper usually does stop the hits, it's primary use is as a bridging med to allow other Frontline clusterhead meds like verapamil or lithium to build to a therapeutic level in your system....however, it doesn't abort the cycle for most folks so the hits will likely return after the taper unless he's lucky and has a very short cycle. Since he's so new there's no guessing how long his cycle will last and cycles tend to morph over the years anyway for most of us.....mine are pretty consistently around 20 weeks followed by an 18 mo remission. How else are his clusters being treated? Two primary things for ya'll to educate yourselves on and put into place are high flow O2 and the anti inflammatory vitamin D3 regimen......O2 will abort individual hits while the D3 regimen will either decrease the intensity and number of hits or it can completely abort the cycle for many, many folks! You can find files on both in the Clusterbusters Files section. Dallas Denny
  10. @CHfather, I can only think of a couple Swiss members in the Facebook groups....one is actually a doc based in Zurich and I'm not sure where the other guy lives....but to your actual question, from what I've observed, there might be a bit more of an international membership thaN what we have on this forum but it's not a significant difference IMO. DD
  11. @ELRa41 I don't recall seeing any posts on the forum from Swiss clusterheads over the past 10+ years. Dallas Denny
  12. @adhura, I'm sure Batch will be along shortly but in the interim, are you including all of the co factors in the D3 regimen?? I know that the K2 is extremely important and although I'm not certain. I think it has something to do with the calcium levels....I know I've seen comments over the years about the k2 preventing the regimen from causing kidney stones. Dallas Denny
  13. The standard clusterbusters protocol is 1 to 1.5g (cracker dry) every 5 days for a minimum of 3 doses. This applies to psilocybe cubensis....I see you're based in the UK where psilocybe Semilanceata aka liberty caps are common place....they are a much stronger variety and although I'm unsure how much stronger I do know the dose would need to be lower. Dallas Denny
  14. @AlanK, the so called "normal range" on the 25 hydroxy D test is 30 to 120 ng/ml, however, the sweet spot for most seems to be in the 80 to 85 ng/ml range. I'm unaware of the values for the other tests Batch reccomends but I imagine that info is included in the D3 document in our Files section Dallas Denny
  15. G'mornin ya'll! A few years back I had the pleasure of meeting and mentoring a fellow clusterhead from New Zealand on Facebook. Along with embracing busting as a treatment for his headaches, Craig became interested in Batch's D3 regimen....really interested!! So, he has teamed up with Pete and began working on an animated production explaining the regimen....this morning he posted this video on his YouTube channel along with our beloved Batch!!
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