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  1. Dallas Denny

    2019 Patient Conference

    @jherbertartist Travel scholarship application info is usually posted around Mar/Apr DD
  2. Dallas Denny

    Following conference remotely?

    @Jherbert Unfortunately, privacy concerns prevent streaming and/or recording of conference activities. Dallas Denny
  3. Dallas Denny

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the community Rory but sorry you have the need to join us! Unfortunately, boost doesn't have enuf O2 to abort even 1 hit for most folks. Many of us ditch the doc and O2 suppliers and put our own welding oxygen rig together.....cost is around $400 for a large (48" tall x 9" diameter) cylinder, a weld ox regulator from harbor freight......and the Clustero2kit from our sister site.......refills (exchange) runs me $21. Dallas Denny
  4. Dallas Denny

    Brain freeze or ice cold neti pot?

    Hey brain on fire! What part of the world are you in? Although welding oxygen is a breeze in the US, that's not always the case in some countries in my experience! Duh! Glanced at your profile and see you are indeed in the US!! So, I think what your friend is referring to is the need to have the cylinder properly secured so it can't tip over, break the regulator off, and become a missile!! Like Batch, I've been using welding oxygen to abort hits for many years! I'm my case, my supplier doesn't lease tanks so I had to purchase.....approximately 48" tall x 9" dia cylinder cost me $300......regulators from harbor freight are running around $70 now....ClusterO2kit for $25 from our sister site.......and tank refills are $21 Dallas Denny
  5. Dallas Denny

    Pounding Head, Broken Heart

    So sorry for your loss Moxie!! Sending positive thoughts and painfree wishes from this side of the pond my friend! DD
  6. Dallas Denny

    Boston Area Oxygen Supplier?

    These are the recommendations so far ZS Enos Home Oxygen in New Bedford Reliable Respiratory....they're in Norwood, MA but deliver over a wide area and they were highly reccomended I haven't heard back from bostonheadachedoc as yet and I'm sure I'll have some more responses to relay to you tomorrow Edited to add: ...if you're on Facebook, search [ Clusterheads; Northeastern U S and Eastern Canada ].....a longtime clusterhead friend is one of the group admins so shoot me a PM with your name so I can tell Lee to be watching for your "join group" request.....they have a couple meet n greets each year....nothing like getting together for some cluster bud love with a bunch of other folks just like you who "get it"!! Likewise, if you haven't secured a good local doc since moving to Boston, I can definitely hook you up with doc Brian (bostonheadachedoc)! DD
  7. Dallas Denny

    Boston Area Oxygen Supplier?

    Hi ZS! Not aware of any regulars here from the Boston area but I have several Facebook clusterhead friends that reside in and around that area and we also have a member here who is a neurologist/headache specialist and professor in Boston! Let me give a shout out to those folks and see if they can help! Dallas Denny
  8. Dallas Denny

    Searching for CH doctor in Massachusetts

    Hi concerned mom@ I do indeed know doc B very well and have had his personal contact info since we met at the clusterbusters conference in Portland on 2010!! You could never hope to find a finer neuro than Brian if you're a clusterhead!! Let me shoot him a PM on fb messenger and ask him to drop by....usually doesn't take long for him to respond! DD
  9. Dallas Denny

    Newbie with 02, increase in attacks, any advice/help?

    Hey Dan Let me shoot a message to our friend dinmerced and ask him to stop by....he is the demand valve procurement guru.....comes across some great deals pretty regularly Dallas Denny
  10. Dallas Denny

    D3 regimen/ Talking to your doctor

    Hi Stev! Welcome to the nut house...err, uh...community I mean! I've enlightened several docs over the past 9 years of busting.....one lady doc didn't even want to hear it once I got to mushrooms.....a couple listened but weren't on board....and 3 were very receptive to the idea and 2 of those 3 actually asked for the website! The best was an eye doc a couple years back.....I had listed clusters on my new patient paper work.... they called me and as we were walking back to the testing room he asked me if I was in cycle or remission?? Knowing that he had at least some knowledge of CH, I talked for a good 20 minutes about busting, clusterbusters, and how it had changed my life.....dude never tried to cut me off or hurry me up and was genuinely interested even asking for the cb website!! When I went back in to pick up my specs a few days later, he did the fitting and told me that he had perused the site and that he would be mentioning it to his other clusterhead patients!! And to top it all off, he was an old jarhead chopper jockey in Nam about the same time I was in country with the 1st Marine Air Wing!! Dallas Denny
  11. Dallas Denny

    Newbie help UK

    Hi clusterhubby! Chf is spot on with his statement on OUCH-UK....contact them for assistance with the H.O.O.F form for home oxygen....ya'lls NHS recognizes oxygen as a front line treatment for clusters so regardless of any docs reluctance to prescribe it, you are entitled to it by your health care system!! Dallas Denny
  12. Dallas Denny

    Newbie looking for any advice on obtaining O2

    Wonderful news Vanessa!! Oxygen will totally change your life with ch!!! Before I started busting, I could abort a hit in 8 to 15 min......now, after 9 years of busting, I typically abort in 5 minutes or less....lifesaving stuff! Congrats!! DD
  13. Dallas Denny

    Newbie looking for any advice on obtaining O2

    Here's the deal Vanessa, welding gas suppliers are in business to sell oxygen and acetylene.....they really don't give a red rats ass what you're going to do with it, they just want your $ (as long as you don't tell them you plan on breathing it)....... I've used 2 different suppliers and neither has ask me any questions....just walked in and said " I need a large tank of welding oxygen.....but....I had a story ready just in case......if asked, I would tell them that a friend was loaning me his cutting torch rig but he loaned out his O2 cylinder and it was never returned ( this eliminates their asking why I dont need acetylene)......I would use the "cutting torch" vernacular simply because if you're cutting up scrap metal, it won't seem unusual if you're getting refills often.....some folks say they're taking up glass blowing as well DD
  14. Dallas Denny

    Newbie looking for any advice on obtaining O2

    Hi Vanessa! Two words.....WELDING OXYGEN!!! You can ditch the hassle of getting a doc to write the script (correctly) and then dealing with the A holes at the oxygen suppliers by going the weld ox route as many of us here have been doing for years!! Medical O2 comes out of the same faucet as weld ox....the difference is that med tanks are vacuumed prior to being refilled while on welding cylinders they just crack the valve and give it a sniff test in the event that it's been contaminated with acetylene. Some welding gas suppliers will lease you a large tank for a small monthly fee (I paid $6/mo) with a deposit ranging from $100 to $150 and refills from $18 to $23. Some suppliers, like my current one, won't lease.....in my case, I had to buy a cylinder for $300 and refills are $20.....drawback is that the tank is large, very heavy, and hard to schlep around, and, you can only exchange it for a full tank at the supplier where you purchased it....oh, and you NEVER want to let them know you're getting it with the intention of breathing it!!! The other associated up front costs are for a welding oxygen regulator fro Harbor freight for around $70 and a good non rebreather mask....I highly recommend the ClusterO2kit from our Sister site clusterheadaches.com for around $25. Dallas Denny
  15. Dallas Denny

    coming off high dose Topiramate advice needed

    Welcome to the community Dan! I don't have an answer for you off the top of my head....however, I do have access to one of the best neurologist and headache specialist a clusterhead could ever hope for.....Doc B is also a longtime member here under the handle of bostonheadachedoc.....I'll shoot Brian a message on Facebook and ask him to come address your question! Good luck with busting! Dallas Denny Edited to add: I was able to get a response from Doc B .....he was boarding for a flight but said he would drop by later Dan...