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  1. @Jusnobody happy to know it led you to find us!! I expect to see a bunch of newcomers as more folks get to see it! DD
  2. Welcome to the community!! Dallas Denny
  3. Anyone else catch this last nite? Seems that the nat geo film crew made a visit to the clusterbusters conference this past year and included that video footage in this documentary titled "LSD.. the psychedelic revolution"...season 1 episode 3......many familiar faces including our fearless leader Bob W!! DD
  4. So happy to see you're going to attend this inaugural event @Shaun brearley!! I'll never forget my first patient conference in Portland in 2010! Be sure and give my good friend and our vice president of clusterbusters.org, Lady Ainslie, a big hug from me! And BTW, I second the jeebsters notion of your sharing your story if they have openings for speakers dude!! If you'd be up for it I can definitely put Ainslie in touch with ya bud! DD
  5. I'll chime in with a ditto on the need for a neurologist (preferably one who's also a headache specialist) and an MRI!! The thing that stood out to me in your last comment is the length of your 3.5 hour attack last night!! Ima go out on a limb here and assume that you're not using high flow O2 to abort your attacks??? I've experienced those long assed hits before I found out about O2 so I would urge you to push for a script when you get in to see a neuro doc!! Dallas Denny
  6. Congratulations, Bob Wold! There was never a more deserving recipient of the National Headache Foundation Advocate award.
  7. Hey ya'll!! Been a minute since I've posted!! It's been a hectic few months since my Dad's passing but things are finally starting to slow down so hope to have a little more time for the forum!! Had hoped to be in Chi Town today, (hung over from last nites presidents reception and shenanigans that inevitably follow), but couldn't get the stars to align so just want to wish everyone safe travels and a great conference experience!! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT participate in the chip challenge if invited!! Lmao!! DD
  8. @CHfather Regrettably, it's gonna be a no for me this year...just too many scheduling conflicts with the business of settling my Dad's estate.....hopefully next year!! DD
  9. Thought this might interest those of ya that incorporate energy shots with O2 to abort.....a good clusterhead buddy came for a visit this weekend and told me about these.....called Pure Kick and available here in okieland at Dollar General, 6 pkts for a buck!!! Charles just mixes one in a bathroom sized Dixie cup and keeps it in the fridge....tosses it, hits the O2, aborts, and mixes another shot before he goes back to bed and sez they work just as well as the 99 cent shots that DG carries! DD
  10. They just need to add a feature that let's them record what your minds eye is seeing.....hell, I want a recording of my open eye visuals as well!!! Be cool to be able to watch in VR on occulus without the bodyload of an actual journey!!
  11. Nice to see you here and thanks for posting @CraigStewart.......well done my friend! Dallas Denny
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