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  1. @amardeep, We had a young man from India who attended the clusterbusters conference in Austin, Texas a few years back....although he's a member here, he's not very active. I know I've seen your name in the Facebook group and he is a member there as well. I'll send him a message and ask him to either check in here or reach out to you on Facebook if he can help guide you.. Dallas Denny
  2. Welcome to the community @ERICA! Looks like you've had some good suggestions but I'll reiterate Ch father's advice on Oxygen and the vitamin D3 regimen! Dallas Denny
  3. This study is being conducted by Dr Emmanuelle Schindler who has been a speaker at several clusterbusters conferences and who also is conducting the psilocybin for cluster headaches trials! https://newatlas.com/health-wellbeing/psilocybin-migraine-psychedelic-clinical-trial-promising-results/
  4. @Patheticfern I can't recall any members on the forum from UT, however, I met a fellow at the 2019 clusterbusters conference who lives in SLC so sent a message to him on Facebook messenger for doc recommendations this evening. Dallas Denny
  5. Just read an announcement on the clusterbusters Facebook page for this conference to be held in Milan,Italy in May of 2022!! DD
  6. I'm glad you've found something that helps you @Kenny scott, but I am in total disagreement with your view of the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of clusters!! I know entirely too many clusterheads for who cannabis is a trigger, and I know many more like myself who aren't triggered by its use but who find zero help from it either. Dallas Denny
  7. @Geisha The old timers told me I got here to continue dosing every 5 days until I was completely painfree....that's the protocol I've always adhered to when in a cycle. Dallas Denny
  8. @ClusterHeadTim What area are you located in? I have several longtime michigander clusterhead friends who might be close and able to guide you if you're looking for a "med ox" supplier. As CHf mentioned though, in my experience, you'll find it much easier (and probably cheaper as well) to source your own weld ox rig.....My large M sized equivalent tank cost me $300 and refills are $23......my weld ox regulator came from harbor freight and at the time (10+ years ago) ran about $50.....the one they stock now is in the $80 range which is still much cheaper than a welding supplier will
  9. @Rose W I was able to chat with Colette....please check your inbox for a PM from me! Dallas Denny
  10. @Rose W So sorry to read this! I'm going to copy your post and forward it to the t shirt lady so please don't donate them as I feel sure she'll make it right if its her error Dallas Denny
  11. Just received a message from the t shirt lady.....total of 49 shirts ordered.....$539 raised to be donated to clusterbusters!! DD
  12. The board will be down for a few hours this coming Monday, November 2nd for a scheduled update. Dallas Denny
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