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  1. Medicare actually reversed this ruling in just the past couple of weeks and will be covering O2 for clusters now! Remains to be seen as to when the change will actually go into effect.....since I've already paid for my tank and refills are so cheap I'll probably continue to huff my weld ox but this is huge for the clusterhead community! DD
  2. Understand your sentiment @Brad! Finding this place 12 years ago in Oct definitely changed (if not saved) my life!! It's been one helluva ride! Dallas Denny
  3. @Archimedes My hits are 95% nocturnal and I'm a classic 90 min after going to sleep clusterhead.....after the 4th hit I usually say f this and just stay up so sleep deprivation is part of the game ....I've had clusters for 37 years and I avoid daytime naps like the plague when I'm in cycle cuz it's always a trigger!! However, I sometimes get so tired that I'll resign myself to a couple of daytime hits just so I can get 3 hours sleep. Dallas Denny
  4. Actually, just the opposite for me....I was already in a cycle when I got my Pfizer jabs but got 4 glorious days of reprieve after getting the 2nd....but the Beast returned to his wicked ways after the short intermission Dallas Denny
  5. @MaxHead Loved Ashville!! I was stationed at Cherry Point for a year in 65/66 before deployment to Nam....met a chick from Ashville on a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach.....hitched my way to see her several times!! Dallas Denny
  6. @mit12, I've had both jabs of the Pfizer vaccine.....I've been in a cycle since shortly after Christmas.....actually got a 4 day break after my 2nd shot!! DD
  7. @trjonasI know several clusterheads in NC and Virginia but can't think of anyone from SC Dallas Denny
  8. @amardeep, We had a young man from India who attended the clusterbusters conference in Austin, Texas a few years back....although he's a member here, he's not very active. I know I've seen your name in the Facebook group and he is a member there as well. I'll send him a message and ask him to either check in here or reach out to you on Facebook if he can help guide you.. Dallas Denny
  9. Welcome to the community @ERICA! Looks like you've had some good suggestions but I'll reiterate Ch father's advice on Oxygen and the vitamin D3 regimen! Dallas Denny
  10. This study is being conducted by Dr Emmanuelle Schindler who has been a speaker at several clusterbusters conferences and who also is conducting the psilocybin for cluster headaches trials! https://newatlas.com/health-wellbeing/psilocybin-migraine-psychedelic-clinical-trial-promising-results/
  11. @Patheticfern I can't recall any members on the forum from UT, however, I met a fellow at the 2019 clusterbusters conference who lives in SLC so sent a message to him on Facebook messenger for doc recommendations this evening. Dallas Denny
  12. Just read an announcement on the clusterbusters Facebook page for this conference to be held in Milan,Italy in May of 2022!! DD
  13. I'm glad you've found something that helps you @Kenny scott, but I am in total disagreement with your view of the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of clusters!! I know entirely too many clusterheads for who cannabis is a trigger, and I know many more like myself who aren't triggered by its use but who find zero help from it either. Dallas Denny
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