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  1. Her dog friends come by to visit her at her deluxe mobile accommodations! It'll be great day when she decides she's ready to exit the vehicle and do some park roamin'. She's a beauty, nice gray muzzle and all.
  2. A lil' boot can't hold Abby back! Congrats on somehow making it through to the real bed promised land! I'm familiar with the bed-ramp-for-dog routine, and it's nice when you can occasionally decommission the contraption, "raise the drawbridge" style, at times when no dawgs are welcome. That sure can peeve them off though.
  3. Please. Tell us Abby has recovered from all the tendon drama and has gotten back to a normal level of hogging the bed all night.
  4. @Shaun brearley I think there might be a shot there with you and Bob W - freeking priceless!!! I'm much liking the hat Bob adopted in the last photo too.
  5. Now that yer foot's OK @BoscoPiko , hoping you're keeping those shadows under enough control? These are the closest to a "terribly nervous" emoji I'm finding amongst the lot:
  6. I know I'm I'm not alone in my utmost gratitiude to/admiration for this Bob Wold guy!!! ^^^^^ Glad to see you've taken the opportunity to be there in person @Shaun brearley - thanks for the pics, and please keep posting any ya snap.
  7. Exciting to see clusterheads starting to file in, and the ultimate combo of snazzy T shirts plus candelabras. I'm still guarding (and occasionally wearing!) my 2012 Clusterbusters conference T Shirt. Recognizing a couple of American types in attendance so far.
  8. And that's where they helpfully suggest some Tylenol for the clusters, because they just heard the word 'headache'. Well that's been my experience when not having attempted to educate them on what CH is, but @Racer1_NC I bet you've made better efforts to clue them in.
  9. That's a good question - since this doctor is unlikely to know much of anything about CH or be able to conceptualize pain on a CH scale, I figure your best bet for communicating effectively with such a doc could be to try to go with a 'normal' scale of 1 to 10, not CH 1 to 10.
  10. I think the kicker here is that you're pulling her leg about her foot. Or maybe I should just hot foot it on out of here with the sad pun attempts - as if CH'ers aren't in enough pain already.
  11. More bearable sounds a bit encouraging, but oof, hate to hear of you finding yourself on the defense. Hoping the cluster bunny will find the upcoming RC bust so offense-ive, it decides to just hop on outa there. And while we're dreaming up fatty foods to eat in the morning that are good for you, based on our own preferences, I'm gonna say: Avocado.
  12. For some CH'ers (which has to really suck!), but not all.
  13. Plus it is the most incredibly desirable around the clock taste treat, whether first thing in the morning, right before bed, or even waking up in the middle of the night to have a bunch (I have no ties to the Peanut Growers Marketing Council of America, just a superfan). When eating certain types of peanut butter (like natural) straight off the spoon though, be advised to have a glass of water handy so as not to choke on the stuff, and be prepared for the leaving of peanuty lip marks all over the rim of said glass.
  14. Ooh that's another good, snappy quotable - it contains all the qualities of hyped self deprecation that I too enjoy indulging in on occasion.
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