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  1. Whoa - wouldn't that be incredible if someone was actually able to get BOL-148 fully approved, manufactured and available for prescription? For that matter over the counter availability would be fine with me . To see this non-hallucinogenic version of LSD, reputedly much more effective for CH, finally become available could be such a game changer, and such a longer than lonnnnnng time coming after it it's promise has been known for so many years, with the maddening (and then some) history of false starts.
  2. I was kind of going off, and going off topic a bit in the DMT - First time finding an effective abortive topic, so I'm moving my tangent touting psychedlics as anti-inflammatories over here. If I understand correctly, the anti-inflammatory effect of psychedelics are thought to be mediated through the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor. Article - Psychedelics as Anti-Inflammatory Agents Article - "Research has shown that psychedelics, such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), have profound anti-inflammatory properties" Article - Scientists identify a powerful anti-inflammatory comp
  3. Hi A-Z, I remember reading way back that benzo withdrawals can cause severe suicidal depression, not sure if the source was scientifically legit or what though. Plus it sounds like you're pretty much over the benzo withdrawal side effects by now. Modern day cannabis, bred to be super strong, gives me anxiety and some paranoia, so I don't imbibe. Not sure if it's just a change in my biochemistry or what, but the old, much milder, 70's style cheap "commercial" weed in California never triggered any of that for me. Quite the opposite, in fact, it was relaxing and mellowing. The followi
  4. My only experience with running and CH involved bursting into an all out sprint (or rapid running in place) in an occasionally successful attempt to abort an impending attack. It really only worked a couple times for me when I was in the less intense initial part of a cycle though, it's level of effectiveness for me was similar to breathing freezing cold air.
  5. Kat I'd suggest it doesn't almost seem like you need a headache specialist type neuro as opposed to the garden variety type, more like you definitely do, based on your experience and that of zillions of other CHers.
  6. Vader, I hope in your research you've at least become encouraged that there are treatments for CH, such as are outlined in CHfather's overview link, and also touched on by FunTimes above. Some of us really do find significant relief, and while there can be a bit of luck involved regarding who is going to respond to what, my money is on you finding your way there too.
  7. +1 for what an excellent and moving video that is.
  8. Interesting stuff, and I had to love seeing yet another use of CHf's favorite term that just won't die at the end: "the myriad of activity and growth currently underway"
  9. I guess you could say sleep is an extremely common trigger, maybe number one. From my personal experience and what I've seen others mention, I'd say alcohol is way up there too. I still tend to believe that some can age out of CH, especially after having seen an extensive long running survey (Scandinavian I think) years ago, where this was tracked and "confirmed", but how many of those who have aged out and haven't had a cycle for at least a decade are likely to seek out an online message board to discuss it? So far I think it's been zero. Actually I guess you never really know you'v
  10. Ugh. Sorry to hear this about your CH'er Anita. I'm aware of rare instances where a pred burst has knocked a cycle out, but all too often following some days of relief from a burst, the CH comes back with a vengeance, something I've personally experienced and seen many others also report. Hoping you both can escape the war zone ASAP and find some peace.
  11. Jimmy, I believe Twisted-M makes a valid point, in that those of us who've spent years on end observing, discussing and experimenting with CH treatments have seen certain ones have proven to be most effective and work for an impressive percentage of headbangers, and the magic, AKA "psilocybin busting", T-M speaks of is known to be a powerful preventive, the most effective preventive for plenty of us. I'll personally vouch for it's effectiveness, as could thousands of others at this point I believe. With you right on the verge of a cycle coming to an end (I'm hoping!), I'm not sure wh
  12. My impression is that major stress, such as divorce, financial disaster, loss of home, job, etc. can trigger a cycle in an already prone CH'er, basically the worst times imaginable to be hit with a cycle can be the most likely. Plenty of headbangers have reported the same about weather changes for sure. As far as individual attacks within a cycle are concerned though, "stay stressed" has actually been a popular refrain, since relaxation in the form of sleep, naps, weekends, etc. is known to be a strong trigger. This would be a much less traumatic level of stress of course. I tend to
  13. Hi Jimmy, I know a chiropractor who is a long time CH'er, and who has been very involved with this site. He doesn't find chiro to be of help with CH, and the same conclusion has been come to by plenty of other headbangers. Bleach fumes can be a trigger for me and others, if the swimming pool was chlorinated, I wonder if that could have played a part? The neck issues are common. You probably won't be surprised to hear someone like me say it's difficult to define a typical length of an attack. Maybe that's because my personal experience has seen them gradually go from 20-ish
  14. Hi JimG, Sounds like 17 years in, your CH had a pretty established pattern of behavior. The weird thing is, it turns out it's common to be hit with a pattern shift you never would have expected, even after umpteen years of predictability. One of the most common shifts is the lengthening cycles BTW, so It's probably not worth worrying about chronic for another few months at least. Lotsa headbangers are convinced the usage of triptans can cause cycles to lengthen. I've been episodic for going on 37 years, so I had 12 years or so of CH joy before triptans hit the market in the US,
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