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  1. Ooh pro tip there for the pic uploads - thanks.
  2. You did it @BoscoPiko! So good to hear of this latest long battle with the beast finally won. I too am tempted to indulge in "jinx" beliefs, but really they are pure superstition and have no basis in reality right? Well I might even stop knocking on wood. Also congrats on getting pics to upload - that's something I've been unable to pull off lately. Your big chunky bear of a girl Abby is my idea of a REAL dog! Now excuse me while I go pet our....um...chihuahua.
  3. WHOA - that was my typical sort of mistake - I made the overly long leap of a stretch and interpreted "MJ juice" as "marijuana juice" - as in a THC/CBD tincture or some such. Thanks for setting me straight, and never mind now about the MJ juice!!!
  4. I have a family member who has become quite the insomniac - any particular version of the MJ juice you'd recommend?
  5. Intriguing concept! I haven't personally attempted such a switcheroo, so I got nuthin', but am now popping the popcorn for the viewing of any responses.
  6. Yep, this seems to have been a real game changer in itself for a lot of CH'ers.
  7. LOL that's the best one of the day. On the not-so-funny subject, when I'm talking about CH induced anxiety BTW, I tend to characterize one aspect of it at least as the 'ol PTSD-like terror / extreme dread of upcoming attacks.
  8. Glad to hear he's on the D3, sorry to hear of the anxiety and the attacks.. If he ever decides to go the busting route, a welcome side effect of that can be lasting anxiety reduction for some of us. I'm still betting he's most likely to be episodic (which would mean no need to be hiding out forever), plus my hope is he can achieve some prevention of cycles altogether, very much lessening the requirement to be managing attacks and stuff.
  9. I've tried stuff like converting a post to plain text in an external editor, scanning it for unicode characters, pasting it back in, splitting the message up, etc. but still with no love. Once it came down to the use of the word 'just' causing the error in posts of mine, but that was a moving target that no longer triggers an error. The only explanation left other than xBoss's is it's the beast f***ing with us.
  10. What they said. But now here I go blabbing my mouth off even though I'm not chronic, and you have probably long been very well aware of the Jesus Shot, but yeah last I heard it was (anecdotally) showing better results for chronics than episodics. I even tried searching the forums for Freud Jesus Shot, to confirm my assumption it's nothing new to you, but came up empty, so this is me saying the dumb thing.
  11. So sorry about the forum bug that is causing the error messages and preventing some posts from posting.....I've been encountering it too, and it is frustrating enough when out of cycle, but when experiencing chronic Kip 10's it has to be beyond infuriating. FWIW a tech person has been looking into it.
  12. Sorry to hear of the bad side effects, but glad to hear of this bit and hope you can get back to it ASAP! I've had the same impression as Spiny, seeing mixed results reported from CH'ers regarding the shot, with no wide consensus as to whether it is nice or evil for CH.
  13. Hi @A-Z, I only have an exceptionally anecdotal contribution regarding memory. I don't know how much it may be related to CH, but I considered my memory to be 'bad' until getting on Phosphatidyl Serine (which is touted for memory) years ago. I've been on and off it a few times since, and whenever I go off I notice the memory slipping again. Feeling very fortunate that the memory is significantly improved, though certainly not so miraculously much that it could be described as stellar - I know I've displayed some glaring lapses right here on this forum. I think there was just maybe a sideways kind of response to your question about mood. Some of us don't know if depression is related to CH, because busting has had the welcome side effect of lifting our moods, and with continued maintenance busting, this mood lifting can potentially go on for years! Count me as one. There have been a lot of CH'ers here struggling with depression though. I don't know if it is a higher percentage than John Q Public, or maybe a correlation has been made that I once knew of but have FORGOTTEN! OOF! I personally like the meditation action (or inacation? ). Just recently there has been more discussion here about the Wimhof breathing method, and I notice he says it goes really well with meditation. I tried it a bit last last night, and intend to try it some more. The really dumb thing is I can't pursue meditation when in a full on cycle though - it's a hellacious trigger for me, just like naps, night time sleep, and most anything else relaxing!
  14. Personally I would assume he's episodic and for now anyway, forget the fears of possibly being chronic. You of course have so much else to think about, and the 9 week duration of his CH so far doesn't indicate chronic. I have used imitrex a lot in the past, in a pinch, when I couldn't get an abort with O2. There's not a tremendous amount of love for it around here for it, or any other drug really, for good reason (potential side effects, etc.). I much prefer to blow an entire cycle away via busting and have done just that repeatedly, but if a cycle spins out of control on me I'm not willing to just take a CH hit when I have imitrex on hand and it is the only thing that is going to abort it. It is probably unheard of for someone to have used the tremendously impactful, game changing Extending your imitrex tip for injections with their very first dose ever, but hey your husband could, if he ever needs to go there with the trex. I think most would advise that if he's going to be on Verapamil, better to get on it sooner than than later, but I'll leave that to those with more verapamil experience than i.
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