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  1. This sounds like something an O2 guru like @Racer1_NC might have some insight on.
  2. Bejeeber


    Understood. Something I'm interested in, and you might find interesting too, is ketamine infusions, which we don't currently have a lot of collective experience with like we do with busting, but some very early prelim reports about it appear encouraging. In a case like yours I would hope it wouldn't conflict with employment restrictions.
  3. YES IT WOULD!!!! I personally remain adamant about never, ever, referring to a cluster attack as a "headache". The naming of this deep brain disorder is soooo long overdue for a change, and the h word must be strictly prohibited from inclusion in the new name!
  4. Good thinking, since in your case of course it sounds of critical importance that the calcium level be checked. Sometimes a different form of magnesium can be more compatible for a given individual (I know this because I respond better to magnesium citrate than glycinate, but my wife gets leg cramps from citrate).
  5. I did the capsaicin cream inside the nostril way the hell back in the early 1990's, before imitrex was even available in the US. It did abort one attack (which would have been an easier one to abort for me as it was during the initial ramping up phase of an episodic cycle). After that it was only effective at providing me with one spicy hot nostril! I believe it hasn't really caught on because it isn't particularly effective. Many years later I tried the capsaicin spray in the nostril, but didn't get effective results from it either.
  6. A sixer?. Whoa, you gave the beast both middle fingers and threw in some middle toes to boot. Here's hoping he didn't respond with any 6x beast finger pressing right behind the eyeball!
  7. An abortive that works once or twice, then nuthin'? Unfortunately that is a familiar scenario to me. Example: Back in olden times I tried the newly reported-as-effective jamming of hot pepper capsaicin cream up the nose on the affected side and it aborted a hit! That one time. Following that it was just all nose pepper fire, no relief. I'm also the type who has found during the first days of a cycle, all kinds of stuff like lower flow O2, breathing freezing cold air, vigorous exercise can abort an attack, but as the cycle ramps up, forget it.
  8. Oh I had specifically quoted this claim of hers as being entirely false: "ALL Cluster Busters is interested in is funding for & promotion of psilocybin “magic mushrooms” as a treatment which is all the group advocates for as the only hope to help us cluster sufferers." Not taking the bait. I suspect others could also be tiring of the feeding of the troll exercise this appears to have become.
  9. I don't feel that Dallas Denny's frustration is misplaced. The claim in the above quote from Deborah Zale can immediately be identified as entirely false, but @Douglas Ward I don't think you'd necessarily realize that at this point in your membership here, since you appear to have jumped in with immediate single minded intent to spread your message. Seriously consider scaling back your frequency of posts (you've hit the ground running here with a lot of posts right off the bat), and be aware that posting of false claims including the one from Deborah "would love to slap all of us in the face" Zale that Bob Wold relentlessly attacked her (??!!) is offensive.
  10. Here's an especially pertinent quote from Bob Wold on the the topic: " We have had the medical records of a couple actual patients that went through this treatment, with the permission of the patients, reviewed by one of the top headache specialists in the USA. He reported that the procedures used are unnecessary, ineffective and dangerous. This includes both the surgeries often involved (numerous) and the types of medications often used in large doses." "There are many people that report either a trigger to start a cluster cycle or an unexpected end of a cycle following all sorts of surgeries. From giving birth to minor surgeries to major surgery. No one knows why surgery can have this effect but in my experience it appears to probably be related to the different types of anesthesia used. Local or general. This could be a connection to why some people get relief with Ketamine. I would never recommend someone in cycle to schedule open heart surgery as a treatment for cluster headaches, even though you might wake up from surgery out of cycle." To be clear, the treatments offered at this SA clinic do not include open heart surgery, but the number of stitches I've seen on patients is probably close to the same number." "This is just one theory of why some people may report even temporary relief from these treatments but most experts that have looked at these treatments deem them as dangerous." Bob Wold
  11. Wow, nice instinct there @Katie.b. I too now await someone else's report upon trying it (would try it myself, but not experiencing attacks at this time).
  12. Like a lot of us, I found out the hard way about beer being a nuclear level trigger. As far as beer vs other alcoholic beverages are concerned, I've seen a couple CH'ers remark that beer is their guaranteed trigger, while something like vodka is not. I would not assume this get out of jail free card with vodka is universal for us though - clusterheads have definitely been triggered with hard liquor, so I haven't been inclined to risk testing the vodka theory!
  13. Huh? Snippy, SHMIPPY, you've never appeared to have a snippy bone in your body, and I'll take this occasion to nominate you for the "Least likely To Ever Get All Snippy" award to be ceremoniously dished out at the next CB conference.
  14. Yes I am, but since I haven't seen any docs for CH or used O2 since I've relocated here, I'm afraid I must be considered clueless regarding those aspects of the local scene.
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