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  1. Interesting stuff, and I had to love seeing yet another use of CHf's favorite term that just won't die at the end: "the myriad of activity and growth currently underway"
  2. Bejeeber

    Help understanding triggers

    I guess you could say sleep is an extremely common trigger, maybe number one. From my personal experience and what I've seen others mention, I'd say alcohol is way up there too. I still tend to believe that some can age out of CH, especially after having seen an extensive long running survey (Scandinavian I think) years ago, where this was tracked and "confirmed", but how many of those who have aged out and haven't had a cycle for at least a decade are likely to seek out an online message board to discuss it? So far I think it's been zero. Actually I guess you never really know you've 100% aged out for sure until you're dead, right!!?? In the highly anecdotal realm I did meet a retired law enforcement officer CH'er, 60+ years of age, who was planning to bust with psilocybin if another cycle were to ever hit, but it had been 10 years since his last cycle and he felt there was a strong chance he had aged out.
  3. Bejeeber

    Episodic to Chronic - advice

    Ugh. Sorry to hear this about your CH'er Anita. I'm aware of rare instances where a pred burst has knocked a cycle out, but all too often following some days of relief from a burst, the CH comes back with a vengeance, something I've personally experienced and seen many others also report. Hoping you both can escape the war zone ASAP and find some peace.
  4. Bejeeber

    Hoping for help and relief

    Jimmy, I believe Twisted-M makes a valid point, in that those of us who've spent years on end observing, discussing and experimenting with CH treatments have seen certain ones have proven to be most effective and work for an impressive percentage of headbangers, and the magic, AKA "psilocybin busting", T-M speaks of is known to be a powerful preventive, the most effective preventive for plenty of us. I'll personally vouch for it's effectiveness, as could thousands of others at this point I believe. With you right on the verge of a cycle coming to an end (I'm hoping!), I'm not sure whether you could get set up with it before the CH is gone, but I think it's something to keep high on the radar in general, while also keeping in mind the contra-indications regarding family history of schizophrenia, etc. Now RC (Rivea Corymbosa) seeds, a psychoactively milder busting substance, are legal to quickly purchase online and to possess, but not ingest, and some have had success with them.
  5. Bejeeber

    Hoping for help and relief

    Good one Spiny.
  6. Bejeeber

    Hoping for help and relief

    My impression is that major stress, such as divorce, financial disaster, loss of home, job, etc. can trigger a cycle in an already prone CH'er, basically the worst times imaginable to be hit with a cycle can be the most likely. Plenty of headbangers have reported the same about weather changes for sure. As far as individual attacks within a cycle are concerned though, "stay stressed" has actually been a popular refrain, since relaxation in the form of sleep, naps, weekends, etc. is known to be a strong trigger. This would be a much less traumatic level of stress of course. I tend to think "stay engaged" can be a better, still effective way to try to operate.
  7. Bejeeber

    Hoping for help and relief

    Hi Jimmy, I know a chiropractor who is a long time CH'er, and who has been very involved with this site. He doesn't find chiro to be of help with CH, and the same conclusion has been come to by plenty of other headbangers. Bleach fumes can be a trigger for me and others, if the swimming pool was chlorinated, I wonder if that could have played a part? The neck issues are common. You probably won't be surprised to hear someone like me say it's difficult to define a typical length of an attack. Maybe that's because my personal experience has seen them gradually go from 20-ish minutes to more like 3 hours over the decades. It sounds to me like you could still adopt a more effective O2 dispensing strategy than your current approach, and it could make a big difference. If you're going to continue to go with triptans, imitrex injections may be your best ins. co paid bang for the buck - only 2 syringes of it may be covered a month, which sux bad, but the doses can be split so you can get 3 aborts from one syringe, so at least you get 6 aborts total. And the shots are known to be the quickest, most effective method of delivery.
  8. Bejeeber

    Episodic to Chronic - advice

    Hi JimG, Sounds like 17 years in, your CH had a pretty established pattern of behavior. The weird thing is, it turns out it's common to be hit with a pattern shift you never would have expected, even after umpteen years of predictability. One of the most common shifts is the lengthening cycles BTW, so It's probably not worth worrying about chronic for another few months at least. Lotsa headbangers are convinced the usage of triptans can cause cycles to lengthen. I've been episodic for going on 37 years, so I had 12 years or so of CH joy before triptans hit the market in the US, and what I found was my cycles kept lengthening and lengthening before I ever tried a triptan. I had been on some heavy cocktails of other prescriptions though. Here's hoping you'll be 12-ish weeks and done this time, with a sudden cessation, or at least you'll see it tapering off soon, which I figure is a likely scenario. I'll officially place a bet on that right now.
  9. Bejeeber

    Hoping for help and relief

    Hi Jimmy, A lot of us around here would agree your specialist made the right call about topomax being too heavy. Many have come to refer to it as Dope-a-max, Dopey-max, etc., and find it messes with the cognitive processes way too much, plus it isn't that effective. For CH'ers who are typically awakened with an attack an hour or so after falling asleep, I've seen reports of an oral triptan before bed working as a preventative, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised to see the frovatriptan being prescribed in that manner. Maybe you've started researching busting at this point? It has the potential to knock out entire CH cycles, which can be nice. You have to be "de-toxed" from triptans for 5-ish days before trying it though. I had an acupuncturist do a great job of rapidly ridding me of some tendonitis in a wrist before, so I'm a believer, but I'm sorry to tell ya it has scored low when it comes to directly treating CH.
  10. Bejeeber

    Episodic to Chronic - advice

    Hi Anita, CHf just dished out some great, critical Info IMO.
  11. Bejeeber

    Episodic to Chronic - advice

    Interesting perspective Jon, thanks. Agreed with Spiny on how common it is for episodics to fear they're going chronic, often when we're really not. Also, cycles can elongate for some of us episodics as the years with CH go by. Maybe it can ease the mind a little to know that this isn't so unusual, and doesn't necessarily indicate we're on the verge of going chronic.
  12. Bejeeber

    Hoping for help and relief

    Hi Jimmy - I see Dallas Denny and Spiny just double teamed you, which is fantastic luck, as they are veteran CH'ers with tremendous knowledge of the most effective CH therapies. Me, I've been episodic for 37-ish years, with some long remissions at some points, and like DD and Spiny, years of poring over reports from our fellow headbangers, along with lots of CH discussion. I'm in agreement with all the input you've received so far.
  13. Bejeeber

    Update on my story

    Hi Jacob, hate to hear the CH is still relentless for you, but glad to see you continue to get excellent advice here. Many other headbangers have also reported looking back to when they had been recreationally tripping and realizing they'd been CH free during that time period. In your case, it seems it could be a positive indicator that busting could work for you. You'll want to be aware that triptans like Zomig are known busting "blockers" and should be avoided for 3 to 5 (depending on who you're talking to) days before busting.
  14. Bejeeber

    My story, from headaches to heroin. Help Me!

    Hi Junco, I imagine it wouldn't be a bad idea to research a bit on the topic of schizo-affective and psychedelics, as last I checked (which was years back), even those who recognize the potentially therapeutic properties of psychedelics, recommend against them for anyone with a family history of schizophrenia (if that is related to schizo-affective..?). Also, CHfather isn't known for giving people a hard time, just the opposite in fact. He's well known for being non-judgmental, and for volunteering his time to help countless headbangers find their way to some relief, so when interpreting his words, I think that can be a good angle to come at them from.
  15. Bejeeber

    First time on this board

    Yep, know what ya mean, and if you take the encouragement offered so far to keep searching and asking about stuff here, I figure that's one of your best bets for attaining manageability and getting the life back. Lots of CH'ers have. As CH goes, you appear to me to have a particularly severe case, which is saying a lot. I feel for you man, and incidentally would like to know if it's blues music you are a fan of, and if so, which artists?