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  1. Hi Rich, I'm interested in some history detail - were you a daily chronic CH'er for 10 years straight? Or if you were episodic, what was your cluster pattern there?
  2. And busting (or continued busting, if enough has already been undertaken to quell attacks), has been known to knock out the shadows for some of the luckier headbangers among us.
  3. Yep, I think for a lot of us it's both.
  4. I see it is available for pre-order: https://www.amazon.com/Psychedelic-Outlaws-Movement-Revolutionizing-Medicine/dp/0306828944
  5. I've been in the Austin area for 7 years now, so you'd think I might know, right??!! But sorry, I haven't used O2 since arriving, so I'm of no help. You may already be aware that many do switch to using welding O2 when medical O2 availability or cost isn't working out for them. I don't want to threadjack here, but as an aside, many forum members have been needing a whole lot less O2 since pursuing the non-pharmaceutical preventives such as are discussed in the blue New Users - Please Read Here First banner link at the top of the page, in case you haven't already been looking into such already.
  6. After decades with CH, along come the longer remissions and longer cycles @ToxicFreemason? This is fairly commonplace from what I've observed, and have personally experienced. Here's hoping your next remission is really long, to make up for this current stubborn cycle!
  7. Howdy, @The Count Glad to see you immediately got the good overview skinny from @CHfather (who is the best of the best). Turns out that one has been in recurrent use in the US too.
  8. I think you're right, it's been 2018 since Tom contributed to discussions. I suppose you could always try direct messaging him via the site here, as that should deliver a notification to his email. I do remember how much success, and pretty much a new lease on life, he'd found with busting following his DBS, and I would hope the same could work for you if you develop a renewed interest in busting and the D3 regimen.
  9. Yep @clusterheadachesurvivor aka Tom is the one other I can remember who had dbs, but he is someone I'm definitely going to remember as we met and hung out a bit at a CB conference.
  10. Agreed with @ThatHurtsMyHead. I don't think of this message board as one of those that bans discussion of any non harmful experimental treatments. For some additional history, suggestions of possible benefit from Vitamin D were also harshly received back in the day, prior to the advent of the D3 regimen (and also dating back to before this message board was launched).
  11. The Fuster Cluckers. I just went all Sherlocky myself in a search here to date the inception of this legendary Clusterbusters and Bomba Shack house band, and it was over 13 years ago (!!) Whew time flings by in such a jiffy when you're having cluster attacks fun. You're an official member of the band now whether you like it or not SHallMusician, and if you bring a demand valve for sharing to the gig, I think that automatically elevates you to the position of music director, assuming DallasDenny is cool with it. Congratulations (??).
  12. Understatement alert! ^^^^ I bet you do get some some days of relief @FunTimes. Feeling confident enough to go public with that prediction right here, and looking forward to having been proven right when we get your valuable report on how it has gone.
  13. Spiny has done so much to break me personally out of cluster hell and get me PF again, I’ll never be able to thank her adequately, and with her 12 continuous volunteer years here, involving over four thousand forum posts of truly expert, helpful, encouraging guidance, I know there are countless legions of others who have benefited from the same. As we all know, bad (as in really bad) things can happen to good people though. Now her adult daughter is suffering from the worst sort of utterly debilitating afflictions. Of course Spiny is devastated by this, seeing her child disabled and screaming in pain every few minutes. Today, true to form, spiny is traveling across the country to be with her daughter, to help her through, and to eventually bring her home (which will need to be modified-for-wheelchair-access) for care. Some real funding will be needed to make this possible, and there’s a GoFundMe that members here are already starting to contribute to in an effort to bring an aspect of ‘good things can also happen to good people' to this heartbreaking situation. For me it is also at least one way of expressing gratitude for all spiny has done: https://www.gofundme.com/f/usn7ba-help-me-bring-my-daughter-home
  14. I press Frankenberry to the roof of my mouth as I eat it every morning for breakfast, but it doesn't appear to do jack for CH, so not recommended.
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