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  1. Ah, searching the forum now and seeing how individuals such as our reality checking uber expert @CHfather have been keeping an eye on the nitrous and how one CH'ers abortive may be another's trigger with it.
  2. Hi Vipul, would you be able to post the ingredients and their strengths (like 2x, 3x etc.) for the homeopathic meds you were given?
  3. Wow, @spiny, clearly you've been through the epi ringer too, and have some seriously convincing evidence after those various procedures that points right at the epi being the culprit. I actually had the beloved colonoscopy without any sort of sedation or nothin', in order to avoid provoking any CH. Painful? Yes, but of course a relative walk in the park compared to Mr. You-Know-Beasty-Who.
  4. Thank you for the cautionary tales @xBoss- that is some seriously messed up dentistry provoked hell. And @Ricardo, WOW, somehow I had missed or forgotten along the way the thing about laughing gas being an abortive???!!! I recall being given nitrous oxide as a grade school kid while getting some baby teeth molars removed, and man I was partying! I think it ended up being a serious inspiration for seeking out the party smokes when I could get access a couple years later.
  5. So it sounds as if there's the chance with some of these dentist visit induced horrors that the dentist actually poked a trigeminal branch or something, but epi is generally the most likely suspect for pointing fingers of blame at. And I think it may just now be dawning on me what "keister a Zomig" implies.
  6. Yikes you guys, udderly nightmarish on both accounts. @xBoss, when you got kicked out of remission, would this have been at a point in the cycle where alcohol consumption was still safe enough, but (confirming worst fears ) the epi packed that much more of a trigger punch?
  7. Thank you for that highly pertinent report from the trenches Mr. jon! If I could knock out an epinephrine induced one off hit with a triptan while not triggering a cycle, I'd consider that a big win. It sounds like in your scenario that when you came to, the attack may have been well underway though, with no chance to catch it near onset.....
  8. Like, if you're in a remission place where your ordinarily major trigger alcohol doesn't set you off, would epinephrine potentially be that much more still of a trigger than alcohol?
  9. As I search 'epinephrine' here and on f-book I see practically all of the most respected CH advisors warning of what a major trigger it can be, and I'd really be a fool not to take those warnings very seriously! With some impending sinus surgery (just an outpatient deal, something I think of as being no big deal), the only real concern I have is the epinephrine factor. I'm inspired to ask if many other episodic CH'ers in remission have had the lidocaine/epinephrine stuff injected without being set off CH-wise? Apparently epinephrine is favored for its ability to discourage too much b
  10. Sorry you are having such a rough go with the CH Eli, but glad that some of the best, most qualified advisors possible have been weighing in here so far. From this it sounds like if you were to keep up with the alternative therapy (busting?) every couple months, you could go into some genuinely long term remission, as many before you have? Although personally of the male gender, I have long suspected that the refusal of so many doctors to diagnose females with CH has been based on a self perpetuating medical myth that it is so much more prevalent in males. If you are continui
  11. As a fairly textbook episodic CH'er I can say that once an attack has gotten a real foothold I've never been able to knock one back with O2 It's more of a catch it at onset or forget about it deal, so I feel like I understand where you're coming from @trjonas with not being able to tell if O2 would be of any use, since your onset was months ago!
  12. Hi ifb, glad to see you got the super expert advice from CHf! sucking ice cubes (especially when placed on the CH side of the roof of the mouth) has worked for me as a helper for aborting attacks when I'm not in in a high raging phase of a cycle, but it's been an adjunct when also breathing freezing cold air at the very first sign of an attack. In warm weather this can be done by going out to the car (if you have one), blasting the A/C, sticking your shnozzola up the the vent, and doing some serious nose breathing. Then around the time a gloriously delightful in comparison ice cream type
  13. Happy and successful busting to you xBoss. May the bust abide indeed - good one jon.
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