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  1. Chloe Chriselle

    D3 Experience

    Bryan I'm really happy for you truly! I was just reading through your earlier messages, and your experience sounds exactly like my partners (he's the one who suffers from these). 20 years ongoing, usually cycles last 6-10 weeks, and was meant to land about August-September. They get as bad as they can get: Kip 10+, throwing Imitrex and every drug possible at it to not much effect. He also started the D3 regimen 6 months ago like you so it'll be really interesting to see what happens as he just started having shadows in August. Please do keep us posted.. honestly after 20 years if this works or even lessens the cycle / severity, this would be life changing thank you to Batch! Stay safe and don't give up, cheering your progress on from here!
  2. Chloe Chriselle

    D3 Experience

    Hi Bryan this is really promising to hear! Your usual cycle of 6-10 weeks / daily episodes sounds the same as ours here! Can I ask did you simply stay on the 10 000 IU D3 + all the cofactors a day throughout this whole time (and therefore had these great results for this current cycle of mild headaches). Hoping it stops right there and really happy for you!