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  1. Hi all, Update: Like you said xxx, I did still get a few attacks. All were in one night and thereafter nothing. I managed to get my D3 Bloods done and happy to report that from 18 I managed to push it up to 73. I feel this made a huge difference. I am maintaining this dosage at the moment. I noticed that the usual triggers do not affect me anymore which is great. So I get to eat what ever I been staying away from. Perfumes etc don't even give me a shadow. My tank of oxygen has been lasting me over 1 and half months now. Just keeping it for back up. So far so good. I
  2. Good day all Just an update. It's been well over 3 or 4 weeks into the D3 regimine. From 9 or 10 attacks to 0 per night. I feel great. Just having a full night sleep after so long is heavenly. I must say that this is a breath of new air into my life and I found purpose to live again. Too late for regrets now as this could have saved both my hips and needle through me face and other painful procedures I put myself through out of haste and frustration. However, I see only positive things coming my way and there are basically no words to express my gratitude to tho
  3. Hi Thanks alot. Yes he is. He did video call me once. Awesome guy. Thanks again I will private message. Didn't know he changed his alias. Thanks
  4. Hi Any idea how I can get in touch with Batch directly please? Thanks
  5. Thank you. I will monitor it. I'm sorry that O2 is not effective for you mostly. I didn't know about the breathing rate and HBP would have an effect on O2 levels. Interesting. I will keep monitoring and testing. Today I checked the O2 readings and was all over the place again without shadows or anything. Consistent 99% again when I checked on my wife for same duration. I need to find few more tests along with sticking to the same times I do the tests. subjects in order to try and find a pattern. Will be in touch. Thanks again
  6. Thank you Chfather. This means alot. I speculated before posting. Now I'm glad I did. I wanted to upload the video I took of this happening and the size of the file is to large. I just did the same test this morning as the attack started. I waited for it to increase in intensity. The O2 was at 99%. Then in 9 seconds, it dropped to 87% then 65% then came down to 59%. I managed to keep it together and check my blood pressure quickly. It was at 135/84 at that point. Then ripped the thing of my arm and headed over for O2 as I need to abort mission. Luckily It went off in 7mins. D3 is really
  7. Hi friends. Hope you all are keeping well. I managed to get an oxymeter, mainly for checking both my wife's and my levels during this time of the pandemic. However, It so happened, the day I got it, I also had a few shadows that showed up during the day as I am mainly nocturnal. Also I am ECH in season. So I checked her O2 levels about 3 or 4 times and it was always at 99%. At that point one of my shadows showed up and I tested mine. The results was shocking to me and rather interesting at the same time as I never even got up to 97% and went as low as in the 80s. Thi
  8. Hi All, I, for the first time am currently following though with the D3 approach. It's been almost a week and a half of stagnently starting it as I did not have immediate access to all the vitamins mentioned. However I do now. I have my O2 ready on standby. Whilst I always hate to count my chickens before they hatch, there has been improment. ie. From 9 nocturnal attacks, I'm gone down to 2 per night. I have been stealing much more sleep in the last 3 nights, which feels great. I know It does take roughly 3 weeks to kick in correctly as I am still loading as per th
  9. Hi Chfather, Thank you for the compliment. I hear what you saying. Yet the mask is the non rebreather mask. Yet I found I was still losing O2 while holding in my lungs. Out of habit I tend to hold it in as long as I can. Hence the bag over fills and spills out up to my eyes and through the sides of me face thereby losing some O2. I find it is working for me regarding my method of taking O2. I used thread tape on all the connections to avoid O2 loss and It worked. It important part was having a good gauge pipe from tank to the gun as the pressure is similar to an air compressor. So I guess
  10. Hi All, I made this thing to control the flow of oxygen instantly so I don't let it waste away when I'm breathing out. So everytime I breath in, I press the trigger. It releases oxygen. Then while I hold the oxygen in I can let go of the trigger and tank will stop. So it doesn't keep flowing for nothing. It will save me by 50% if the tank and therefore each tank will last longer. I could have found a smaller press valve or switch, but I found this to be working so effectively and just a slight squeeze of a trigger. Note that the pipe from the tank to the gun must be thicker for
  11. Hi Jonathan Thank you for your reply. I agree with you take on this situation. Familiar with the ever so popular slapbacks. Just found it strange that if it was a slap back, it occurred immediately as soon as the drip was turned off. Instantly is a more better word I guess. Given my experience with slapbacks when using MMS , It took almost 20 mins and more to occur. In addition to this, I was anxious before the treatment and since a had a one hour drive to the clinic in pissing rain, my car broke down just as I got onto the interchange. Luckily I did have a return driver with
  12. Thanks for this. The Dr did mention something about "K-hole" now that you mention it.
  13. Good day Update: I had my first Ketamine Infusion done this morning at 8am. It was a 40min infusion. I really cannot describe it although I will try. It eased in via an IV and I slowly found myself inside my mind somehow. It was like nothing mattered. As if all you needed was imagination even if you couldn't see. I found myself creating whatever I wanted in my endless mind. It felt so good. Everything became so clear. Ultimate serenity. Calm. I never knew that my mind was so capable of anything I desired. Negative part: Even though I suspected my cycle of start
  14. Hi Spiny I hope you are well my friend. Please can you message me your email address. Thanks
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