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  1. Thanks, it seems as if the demand locally for even the generic is so low that it is just not viable for them to sell it in SA. I have been put in contact with a non-profit company that sources medicine on behalf of clients not commercially available. Will give them a go. I will forward them the suggestion given. Appreciate the advice.
  2. Hi Everyone, I get a cluster cycle once a year which lasts for about 4-8 weeks! I count myself lucky not to be chronic. Over the past 20 odd years, I have managed to get through these cycles with O2 as well as the odd Imigran Injection. These were especially helpful if I had to travel overseas. Now for the past two years, I have not been able to get any Imigran Injections in South-Africa. First I was told that the manufacturing was moved to a new plant which required new import permits into SA. The last communication I received from GSK (Glaxo Smith Klein) was the following: "Unfortuna
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