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  1. Hi @Chloe Chriselle ! Yes, for about 6 months I've been taking daily: 10,000 IU D3 400mg Magnesium 1 pill Life Extension Super K 1 Kirkland Mature Multi 1200mg Fish Oil I started doubling my D3 around the time of my last post. Since my last post on August 17th I have had 3 more mild episodes, but none painful enough to need anything but Oxygen. What I've noticed so far is my cycle just hasn't set in to its usual routine. Usually after the first week of my cycle I settle into nightly attacks that wake me up at 4am-ish already at Kip 5 or higher. For this cycle, so far, the regular routine just hasn't set in , episodes are days apart, and pain levels are far milder than normal. My last headache was 5 days ago, so cycle not complete nut very sporatic. I still havn't had any blood tests done, but looking to make appointment this week to check my D levels, ect. Hope this helps!
  2. Wish I could help here, did you try checking the recommended doctor list that's pinned to the board? I had trouble with my Dr. in NYC, but after a few weeks of back and forth he finally read the research I provided and wrote the Rx for me. What reason did your Dr. give for not refilling?
  3. When I was a smoker, I definetly used them to abort milder attacks when I didnt think imitrex was needed. A quickly smoked cigarette at the onset of an attack was usually enough to abort it for me. I relapsed many times from quiting smoking during my cycles because they gave me relief. Now I use oxygen to abort and it works better than cigarretes with no side effects. Not sure about herbal cigarettes, but I imagine they woulds have a varied effect, depending on the brand/ingredients.
  4. Hi all, an update. It's the 23'rd and only one more mild attack since my last post on the 17th. Shadows have faded, and it feels like (fingers crossed) this cycle is over. If that's the case, It seems like the D3 regimine helped reduce my regular 6 to 10 week cycle (usually with 40-50 headaches) to about 2 weeks with 7 mild headaches not reaching higher than kip 4. I only used oxygen to abort (no usual imitrex) and did not use any other preventitive treatments besides the vitamins. This is by far the mildest cycle I've experienced in over 20 years of episodes. Going to give it another week before I call this cycle definitevely over, but feeling great right now.
  5. Thanks again @xxx ! Will look into these additional supplements
  6. Hi all, Thanks to @xxx 's vitamin regime, I seem to be skating past my first cycle after taking an earlier version of the regime, and I thought I'd share my results so far. After my previous cycle about 6 months ago I started taking 10k/day D3 gel tabs plus the magnesium, Mature Multi, Super K, and fish oil supplements recommended (I see Batch has updated the regimen a bit recently, am currently looking into this) Due to Covid, I have yet to test my D levels, but I am planning to see my Dr for a followup soon. None the less, my usual cycles last 6-10 weeks of daily episodes. But so far I believe I may have clipped my current cycle to just one week of very mild headaches. Here's my log from when the cycle started: August 3rd: Woke with a shadow/Kip 1 at 8am. Oxygen for 5 minutes until PF August 5th- Woke at 2am. Kip 2. Oxygen for 5 min until PF August 7th Woke 8:30am . Kip 3. Oxygen 5 min until PF August 7th (2nd) 9pm. Kip 3/4. Oxygen 5 min then early sleep with shadows persisting August 11th 9:45pm Kip 2. Oxygen 8 min until PF August 12th 9:45pm Kip 3. Oxygen 5 min until PF So far no episodes since the 12th. Finger's crossed this cycle is over, which would be wonderful. Many thanks to @xxx and everyone else on here, I haven't been this hopeful in many years.
  7. @xBoss our sample size of two people, while small, is starting to look promising to proving my hypothesis Anyone else have ear infections?
  8. Hi all, Bryan here, I've posted a few times in the past. I always check in on this board when I'm in a cycle, and it's always helpful and comforting to have this as a resource. Just started a cycle this week, here's to hoping it's not a long one . . . Anyway, I had a thought. Has there been any studies that have hypothesised a link between CH and ear infections? I can remember getting a few very bad ear infections as a child. Got me thinking, perhaps an ear infection is what onset, or allowed the potential for my CH? I know it's mostly agreed upon that there's a link between CH and the hypothalamus. Looks like the hypothalamus is in the region of the ear, perhaps an ear infection could migrate to the hypothalamus, or put some kind of preassure on the region that causes an abnormality in the hypothalamus? Also, might explain why some are left side affected, and others are right side . . . depending on what ear was infected. I know some people alternate sides , ect, , but it seems to somehow fit the theory. I did a bit of digging in the internet and didn't find anything. Anyone come across anything?
  9. Hi fam, I was just listening to a radio program about a virus spread through a certain kind of tick that produces a rare allergic reaction to eating red meat. It confused the hell out of doctors for years until one doctor narrowed it down to an association with this particular tick. See the link below. It got me thinking. Has there been any research on Cluster Headaches as a symptom of some kind of virus or infection that perhaps makes it's way to the brain/hypothalamus? I did some googling and searching on this site, but I don't see many theories of this kind. I see @didgens started a topic anout ear infections (which I suffered from as a child as well!). Curious if any research had been done on CH being on-set as a symptom, or caused by, something else? I always sort of defulted to the thought that I was born with this, but perhaps we all picked this up somewhere along the way? https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/06/25/621080751/red-meat-allergies-caused-by-tick-bites-are-on-the-rise
  10. Bryan

    Legal Cases?

    I'm really glad to see so much discussion and hear some opinions. This is all I can think about lately since I recently had my 4th bust and am now fully convinced of its effectiveness. I think telling our doctors individually is an important step. Also, Ch Father, taking your Ovarian Cancer National Allegiance example a step further. What if there was a petition of some sort amongst us who have experienced success busting. We could take them to our nurologists and other doctors in our areas just to show them some kind of evidence that the treatment works. I'm sure many doctors are aware of it already, and while I don't see many outright recommending, or even alluding to busting as a possible treatment, there is just too much liability involved, it would still be good to establish ourselves and show concrete numbers. I do fear it would be a step for some of us to put a name on a list of that nature, however. . . Listen, the numbers are here. I alone have prevented nearly 200 attacks in the last 2 years. How many have any of you? Add that up, put it on paper, and It will look like something to doctors, lawyers, media What if we had a survey to try to find an estimate of how many headaches have been prevented using the busting method, how much mushrooms have been consumed, what the average cost is. It would be an interesting comparative anylasis to the conventional methods, as well as something to tote along with us to our doctors, or whoever will listen.
  11. Bryan

    Legal Cases?

    Amen to that. All I really care about is that the treatment works. I'm not satisfied with just knowing the treatment works. There are thousands of us that could benefit from this method, but who are reluctant to because of the legal obstacles. Dallas, I think you are onto something with the "psylosibin clinic". Imagine a time when a recently diagnosed clusterhead walks into a neurology office, and is suggested the psylosibin method as an option. That, to me, is the goal. CH Father, as for being subversive, I don't think you should short change your rebel side. I see it lurking there. I think this whole board, the whole idea of cluster busting, is one big subversive act. We are suggesting that people break the law, and giving them the tools to do so, in order to achieve a better quality of life. As much as the spirit of the 60's is probably hurting our image as illicit drug users, we could probably use a bit of that immediacy.
  12. Bryan

    Legal Cases?

    Wow, nice to see some animated and thoughtful responses. It is interesting that Cluster Busting is at its root a subversive movement. There are obviously a lot of barriers, but I think (or hope) we all can agree that legalization is the ultimate goal. I look forward to getting more involved.
  13. I'm curious if anyone has information on any legal cases that may have occurred involving the prosecution of cluster sufferers using/growing mushrooms or lsd? I hate to say it, but perhaps we need a good-old-fashioned legal martyr to rally behind to get some attention. I'd volunteer . . . but I've got two kids to support. Oh, I'm Bryan. New to the board, from NYC. Been busting my cycles for 2 years now using mushrooms thanks to the info on the cluster buster site.
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