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  1. Thanks @CHfather I am terrible about finding links.
  2. Yes I mean all the co-factors listed in Batches @xxxD3 regimen (D3,fish oil, magnesium, multi vitamin, super k) I think that's the basic co-factors but I always seem to leave one or two out. The detailed regimen can be found using the search bar at the top of the forum page. There are many underlying issues that can cause urticaria but CH and or vitamin intake is not one of them that I am aware of (sorry your dealing with that and roids) both seem very un-fun. Do you ride by chance? Motorcycles even extended horseback riding can cause them as well as straining on the porcelain throne (hemorrhoid's). I have a friend that participates in the Tevis Cup (long endurance ride) and he has to use a cushion on his saddle to help prevent a flair up. Any how Batches' D3 protocol is very highly recommended on her by many (myself included). The regimen takes time to build in your system so be willing to keep at it. Hopefully you have oxygen to hold you over until it can start working for you. Lastly, do consider reading the blue banner at the top of each forum page (New users please read here first). I am assuming that you already have by your "Advanced" status but ya never know. Hope this help!
  3. Are you not taking any vitamin D?? If the answer is no then absolutely you need to be taking D. If yes, how much and are you taking all suggested co-factors?
  4. Thanks Shaun! We sure hope she gets better sooner than later..
  5. I started with an air mattress but Bosco decided to sharpen his nails on it Abby has gotten supper crowdy since being hurt so if we are on it, she wants on it and would try and jump which is a no no after this recent surgery. They say the recovery period is around 8-weeks.. They did detect cushing's disease in her blood work which is most likely the cause of the tendon giving way. We had to do a imprint cast of her leg and send it in for an orthotic boot that she will need to wear for up to a year.. Here is what it looks like:
  6. Hey @spiny, yes the harness is a huge help! You know it! That girl wont budge and sleeps sideways Oh how I wish it was a real bed... We are currently sleeping in the dining room on a bunch of mattress toppers Our house was built in the 80's when it was cool to have a drop down into the living room which is a no-go at the moment for Abby. I feel like I just spent the night camping in a poorly scouted spot atop a bunch of rocks!
  7. Well we made it through! Abby Girl went in yesterday for surgery and we got to pick her up around 10ish today. Some good news is that they did not need to place a screw into the bone to hold the mesh in-place meaning she will not have to go under again in 6 weeks to have it removed. Tough times for sure but Miss Abby Doo is home! I know this may sound like small potatoes to some but Abby is 11 years young and these types of surgeries are complicated at that age. Like @Bejeebersaid "modern surgical advances" have proven to make me a happy momma. Yea I wont sleep well for a few months as we now live in the dining room but we will make due. The point of this surgery was not to extend her life but to make the BEST of the end. I chose at a young age to not have little ones but never could escape being a fur baby momma.
  8. Well I have to say that all of you lift my spirts! I love the light hearted banter and mild jabs at one another. You all make my day each and every time I'm on here. I was speaking to my husband the other night and said to him that if all of social media worked like this site we would be golden. My pup goes in tomorrow morning for surgery and I am sick with worry. It's so nice to know that I have all of you! Of course my shadows chose to kick in big time today when I had to play hostess but .God willing I made it through. You all are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I appreciate you all very very much!
  9. Well at least I know it's not just my phone
  10. LOL @Shaun brearley it's real I swear! Just like all my auto correct typos
  11. Well I suppose it's a small problem to have in the scheme of things
  12. Seriously! It acts ok if not quoting but otherwise a serious irritation!
  13. Just wondering if I am the only one experiencing problems when trying to respond to a thread with my phone? When I try and respond, it lets me type a few words and then highlights the thread I am responding to and if I try and move forward it deletes the continent I am responding to? If I try and get past this issue it creates a huge blank space below my response as if I have hit the space bar a bunch of times? Is this just an isolated issue with my phone? Or is anyone else experiencing this?
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