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  1. Ok that was flippin funny.. I've been spiking all day and depressed because I thought I was done, (out of cycle) and that just made me laugh HARD..
  2. BoscoPiko

    june 24

    I don't think it's odd anymore. I couldn't see from your profile where you are located but I am in (don't dis me) CA. I have had ash reining on my truck for months from the Caldor fire and have been stuck in cycle for 2 and a half months with one week off only in between attacks. I am newly diagnosed with CH and have only been surviving them for a bit over 2 + years now but this is the longest I've ever been stuck in a cycle (I usually get around 4 months off) longest duration off was almost 6 months. I've got 4 air purifiers running day and night and again today I'm spiking out.. Exactly one week off and the smoke blew into the valley today. I can say though that the D3 has made them manageable enough that I've been able to not use any abortive medicine. To start a cycle on the exact same day of the month is somewhat interesting however...
  3. Odd.... I seriously had this song in my mind seconds after my post!
  4. Love the term "anger sponge". I seriously need a stash of those!! I must admit that I have often thought of CH as some sort of cruel punishment for something I did wrong.. So I suppose the thought of possession is not far from that...Maybe our minds just want so badly to believe that somehow, someway it's something other than a neurological un-curable issue. I find that I prefer the worm in the nose theory I read on here while poking around...Who knows, maybe one day a cure will be just a shot away...
  5. I sure act like I'm possessed during an attack sometimes LOL..Curse words randomly flying out of my mouth, odd leg jerks etc. However, I'm fully aware of what's going on so I would have to say no. Wish I was then it would be simple, we could all go get an exorcism and call it good;)
  6. So a quick search on the term you used for your type of attack is more of a symptom of a type of terrible migraine (wouldent wish it on anyone)! Partial paralization on one side of the body or the other accompanied by pins and lovely needles.. ouch!!!! Again I'm not of much help but holy hell don't want you to think you are alone that's for sure! You can message me any time you like. I'm pretty good about checking in on here of late. (I kinda like it here).
  7. Ice cube on the roof of the mouth while breathing freezing air. Added to the the tool box!
  8. Hi Gemma, I have cluster as well and yes, it's no bueno. I have never had one in the way you described. I suppose it could be quite possible to feel as if you can't move (maybe pain sensory over load)? I've only been dealing with cluster for a few years so I do not know as much about medicine as others on here but I have received some really good advise from asking.. I do know all about the lonely feeling that can accompany a cycle. As long as you have found this site (and you have) you are not alone. You can do searches in the forums and just poke around, lots of great info on here! Try and keep your chin up!
  9. I'm supper sorry you are going through this.. Spiny just gave you the Bible. Can you give us some background? We all tell eachother what meds. Etc. But if you are the private type I get that as well.
  10. One day down. (Off the toprimax). feel like I should be on a program for whatever abusers.. no nothing new to report. I'm happy swam in the pool and and got the 500.mg. quercertin today.. never know if I spell that correctly.. anyhow I'm trying..you folks are the best..!
  11. I understand the frustration and do not blame you for it one bit! Neat that you have the knowledge to go out into the forest to find some of what you may need for yourself. The cost of supplements is outrageous!
  12. Hey Spiny Yes! Mr. Bosco is indeed an Abby. He says thank you for the compliment You are so correct (again) I already know that the Topamax is not helping so I just need to stop it already. Just caught on to why you were spelling it that way LOL. Thank you for once again being awesome! (Sorry about your kitty passing)! 20 Wow!
  13. Yes indeed, I have received so much helpful advice and information on here. I feel bad for any cluster head that has not found this site...Thank you all for putting up with me
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