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  1. Back at ya! I tried to swing back to topic! Looking forward to the next update on your girls amazing recovery and can't wait for the "she's home" post!
  2. He is beautiful @spiny! I would love to see a few more picks of him!
  3. Yep.. Good advice as always. Strange little bugger the cluster bunny is.. Guess he just doesn't care that no one wants thunder eggs in the winter... or summer for that matter
  4. Jeesh.. All this fun to look forward to LOL.. For now I'm just gonna count my blessings and be grateful that I get any breaks at all .
  5. Aww jeeb thank you. I know there is no solid answer to my question and I so appreciate you being so kind. I just revert to my old scared self from time to time and your words were just what I needed. I had a few spikes today and just got scared. I dislike how I allow it to shut me down and I'm working on that. Thank you for the positive influx..
  6. Nicely said Darren. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me..
  7. Thank you @Darren I suppose I'm just trying to keep trying.. if that makes any sense at all..I get tired just like we all do and hope is sacred. I wish this affliction was more like math but it's simply not. Math was never my good subject but at least it has set rules.. uff anyhow thanks for the well wishes.
  8. Just wondering if there is any way to know weather or not a cycle that you somehow bypassed will stay gone for one’s normal clear time? I am trying to figure out the best way to articulate my question and all I can think to do is a quick outline. Normal cycle start: Late July or early August Normal cycle end: Mid- October early November Normal cycle experience: One to two attacks per day lasting from two to four hours with no more than two days attack free This year: One major 4.5/hr. attack July 3rd and two minor nocturnal attacks sometime prior My thoughts & concerns: I have a hard time believing that I have gone into cycle this year but am unsure if it has just been milder because of the “Full Monte Regimen” and occasional dosing? I am really hoping that I have not somehow inadvertently changed my cycle times to winter months (is that even possible)? My root question: Can I somewhat still expect to be clear in my normal clear time if i havent really had a true cycle? I know this post is sort of hard to follow as I couldn’t really think of a better way to communicate my question. If anyone manages to get through reading this, I sure would appreciate some feed back from anyone who has experienced something like this.
  9. @Shaun brearleyI did not mean to drift the topic and just wanted to say that I'm really happy your girl is doing so well! I'm so glad that she is moving out of the hospital setting and into what sounds like a great facility to continue her recovery! Much respect to you and yours!
  10. LOL Jon...I'm special and I know it Na I usually am using windows 10 when on here but do post from my droid sometimes.. Now that you mention it, most my double posts happen when using my phone...
  11. It's no biggie but I do find it odd.. Sure hope he stays safe!
  12. Last I checked, I was allowed to have as many reactions in a day as I pleased... What is the reason behind "running out of reactions" anyhow? Well I'm reacting anyway gosh darn it. Jon I bestow upon your last post a HAHA!
  13. Been waiting to see what image Jon would come up with 2
  14. Flat out amazing! Her smile almost made my eyes sweat!! So happy to see this miracle
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