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  1. Gosh MagicAces, your post wrenched my heart for you. CH can be so different for everyone and is known to change over time in various ways. Your description of the attacks does indeed sound like CH to me and the fact that you have tried the indomethicine rules out the CH lookalike (HC). My CH started out very predictable, 3 month's starting in August but the predictability has gotten up and walked out on me this last year to the point of getting terrible one day attacks with over a month in between the next, then at times a weeks worth of daily attacks that at times have lasted from 6 to even 8 hours each. The stabbing in your eye is a pretty common CH symptom, my attacks are similar with the exception of the fact that my stabs are in my rt temple. I do get really bad pressure in my rt eye but the stabs come in the temple. I have also had some good and some bad experience with 02, sometimes depending on the breathing technique I use, I am able to abort but the last time I used it, I felt like it escalated the attack to the every 30 to 40 second stabs but truthfully it was most likely an odd coincidence but I am still left with fear of trying again. I did not see mention of you trying the D3 reg? If you haven't, it really is worth a try. I'm sorry your going through this and hope it passes soon!
  2. Well there's no denying that you went through some terrible experiences and my heart hurts for you for that. While you can't change your past, you can create your future. With everything you've endured, I would imagine that you are incredibly strong (you are a cluster head afterall)! Keep your chin up and continue putting one foot in front of the other. Our past plays a huge role in who we are today. If you were stripped of your past you wouldent be YOU (not saying that you should have went through what you did) just that your stronger then most will ever understand because of it. Keep being STRONG... You got this!
  3. Well.. I've never heard of death by D3 overdose but it would be a good idea to go get some labs done just to make sure your calcium levels are ok. I'm sorry your heart hurts and I know reliving the dreadful situation/reality is not exactly enticing or very palatable but it might really help to unload some of your inner turmoil/pain. Sending prayers your way.
  4. Hi Dany, I have read on here of others that have used capsaicin (nasal spray) with an occasional positive report. I've never used it myself, but was able to find something similar on iherb.com. You really should procure o2 as soon as possible as it is reported to be one of the best/cleanest ways to abort and attack. Many are able to abort is as little as 7 to 10 minutes. You will want to make sure that your setup includes a proper non-rebreather mask and regulator that allows for a minimum of 15LPM's. Glad to see that you started on the D3 reg. It sounds like you have been reading on here for a while so hopefully you are including all cofactors with the D3.
  5. So sorry to hear of your loss. It seems to be common that folks do get hit directly after falling asleep when in a cycle. Not sure about getting hit due to being startled awake. 4LPM is very very low so if it's helping you to abort there is a possibility I suppose that an oxygenator may work for you. As for the D3 I am assuming you are taking one 50,000 IU per week? If that's the case you should be just fine. The stress of losing a loved one could be elevating your cortisol levels which might be playing into your recent attacks. I hope this passes for you sooner than later!
  6. LOL Instantly had this flash in my mind
  7. Hi CapeReef, It's sort of the opposite for most. Many of us use caffeine prior to jumping on o2 to help abort an attack. I think it might be a coincidence but you never know.. it could odly be a trigger for you. I hope you stay pain free!
  8. Hi @Douglas Ward, So happy you are experiencing reprieve from these awful attacks! Please keep in mind that this site has rules with regard to posting content as "fact" without any peer reviewed studies so please be mindfull going forward. I hope you continue to experience pain free days and look forward to any reputable studies you may have to share. Take care!
  9. Unfortunately ever since my very first cycle back in 2020 I have had pretty bad shadows year round. Some days are much worse than others, especially if I forget to take the curcumin and turmeric. I mentioned the new users banner because there are many things you can try to not only deal with shadows but also possibly skip through a cycle. I can elaborate a bit more if you like but it will require your post to be moved to something like theory and implementation..
  10. Hey Readbeard, Yea I get really bad shadows pretty much all the time as well. At times I feel as if I have vertigo Some see them as a precursor to a full blown attack. For myself they are somewhat a part of my daily life. I do get a good deal of relief from taking a daily dose of curcumin mixed with turmeric and others have decent responses to ginger capsules. There are other methods of dealing with your CH that you may want to check out (some of them have helped me with my shadows as well) that can be found by clicking on the blue banner at the top of each forum page (new users please read here first).
  11. Gosh dang it @CHfather nothin like knocking the thunder clean out of the sky!!!
  12. No clue, but it sure does suck for those of us that like to come home after work and have one I wonder if it has something to do with the way it makes the blood pump?
  13. Good to know for next time thanks @Dallas Denny!
  14. Hi Elia, While it is somewhat rare to switch sides it does happen sometimes. I've never had the same pattern that you speak of but I have had occasional random spikes on the "wrong" (non cluster) side. I have also had cycles that start after having pain on the wrong side. The CH attack seems to always go back to my normal side when full blown though.
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