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  1. This is something to hope for Jon. The other side of your post that seems scary is the erratic part. I like knowing when I'm going to hell for a stent (don't know exactly why) maybe it's because I'm a bit OCD in that way or maybe it's because I can mentally prepare? I've heard so much about aging out and I'm unsure if I can trust that (not that you are inferring as much. I don't want to give myself false hope as I am somewhat new to CH and received a diagnosis fairly quick with comparison to most (I was a tyrant thinking I would surely die from the hits). I am 42 and started having CH at 38 so as much as I would love to believe that maybe in my 50es I might go into remission I don't want to set myself up if that makes any sense? Anyhow I have been blessed by finding this site and all the amazing people on her so I take that as a win!
  2. Sorry Spiny! Thank you for responding in such depth though!!
  3. Wow! That's amazing... Do you recall if you were doing anything diffrent during that break? Even if you don’t that's just out right amazing but on the other hand I assume you were devastated by the return.. I suppose if I take anything away from this it would be that miracle breaks for suffering folks can happen and to be very skeptical about being cured and or about the shite show being over. Thanks for sharing this tid bit about yourself.
  4. Awsome response! Agree 100%
  5. One last thing peer reviewd means just that. A peer in the same field has reviewed it and given it a stamp of their approval so peer review means little not a ton to me.. science is trial and error, what did this do? What was the outcome, how could this have been better, did it have the same effect on all or on just some? Adverse reactions had? How many and what was the difference between those affected and those not. Science is to question. I love the effort you put forth to support this community!
  6. Bohm, I don't disagree with you. Move it forward and do what you do. Every effort to help even one is worth it!
  7. I suppose if it helps even one cluster head it's worth a shot. It is worth questioning why this was only tried on one individual and why when it worked for him was it not tried in a study on multiple CH sufferers? The writeup is also a bit old so I can't help but questioning why it never went any further? Trust me I want to believe that there is something that works but this one is hard to digest with hope...
  8. I don't think it helps CH. I have an actual screen cover that filters out nearly all blue light on my computer (which I am on 7 to 8 hrs. a day) and it's never helped... I think it's a migraine thing as many with migraine are sensitive to light...
  9. I would think polarized glasses would sort of work like blue light reduction which you can put on most cell phones and can purchase for computer screens.. I have heard this helps for migraine don't know about CH...
  10. Brain Pain:The illumination,In advance,You reject,I'm rendered naked, and splayed,Unarmed to your un-welcome intrusion,Arsenal of prophylactics,Beaten and humbled, by your stopover.The thunder is here,No hiding now,It's gone right,Right to the righteous region of the brain.Knees suddenly relevant,I rock, back and forth,Making even a mechanical horsey look dull,Prayers fly from my lips,My mind, my soul.They seem to go unanswered forever,At certain seconds, that I am positive are years...I concede my faith...I am repentant when the thunder subsides.Left only to wonder if the reprieve,Was your handy work?I suppose I'll never know,Unless my faith,I allow to grow! I know this won't hit home with all as all are not religious but I re-read this from time to time to help me remember how far I've come in dealing. Best to you all!
  11. Never seen anything like this but I'd be willing to try most if I thought it would give me 6 years in the clear!
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