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  1. We can't stop this intrusion. We can only learn how to live with un wanted pain. It's all crooked and I have no clue. We are lucky to see the sun. We are cursed with pain and I don't know why but there must be a reason. I douse myself in the thought that this burden is mine because I'll deal. I would never want anyone I love to deal with this and maybe just maybe it's what keeps them un affected.. who knows. I am religious and pray every night for this madness to be only on me . We don't know the cure so onwards we must go.
  2. It's ok. I suppose I feel bad for anyone with this un-welcome resident of the brain. There are a few states that allow assisted euthanasia but I assume it's a sticky mess to have it approved and even though it has crossed my mind in moments of agony I could never do that to my husband, family and friends. As for employment with CCH that's a tough one, now days with the pandemic working from home is pretty popular and many state agencies will not be going back to the in office way of work as it is more cost effective. You sound like a very bright individual and while it may take you a bit longer to achieve your goal due to CCH you will find a niche that works for you.
  3. This post made me a bit sad as truthfully... it's been hard to maintain a job. I'm not a sufficient point of contact but I do try and be real. I really liked your shout out to folks with kids as they are miracles. I chose at a young age not to procreate. I don't know exactly why but babes were just not for me. I chose animals and being true to them has been challenging at times. I'm just happy that I never made another me. Anyhow I'm new to cluster 3 years .. I get brakes.. you do not. So for that my heart hurts. I remember the start of this then getting diagnosed. I spoke to my husband about euthanasia as I did not feel I could be strong enough. Turns out I underestimated myself. I try to whisper that fact to myself everyday. My situation is different as we own the company in which I work. You will find even with the constant torture you are in that you are STRONG!
  4. Thank you Juss. I do try and delegate most things but we own and operate a small business in which we are the leaders. I go stir crazy if I am doing nothing at work, being a part and doing my part. I love the company shoot I met my husband of 17 years there. I went through a longer than normal cycle (for me anyhow) so I was so happy to have a little fun! Thank you for the nice response!
  5. For me I start getting random spikes on the CH side of my head. In the start of a new cycle, the random spikes can last for 2-weeks prior to a full blown CH. Some of the days leading into the cycle I may only get one spike a day then others 4 to 5. The spikes feel exactly the same as a full blown CH to me with the exception that they do not come in succession. This last cycle lasted much longer for me than any other and I am not 100% sure why however, I suspect the smoke from the bad Caldor fire may have contributed as well as the fact that I took the triptans a few times after getting 3 or 4 spikes in a row thinking that it was going to go full blown. I am now a bit intimidated to take any medicine during an attack for fear that they will lengthen the cycle.. Still learning about about this monster that has taken up residence in my brain as its only been about three years that I became so lucky
  6. Yes, I do believe the more you learn about the condition and how it afflicts you individually is huge!
  7. Wow bs! This is ludicrous! I'm in CA which is a joke but seriously... I pay $1. 73 per tank an get 6 at a time.. never thought another state could compare to our liberal stance. Anyhow I do pay 26,000 per year to have that coverage as a small business.. maybe do the welding 02?
  8. Wow this is a good bit to know. Thank you Shaun!
  9. I may just need to add this to my regimen. Not a fan of the taste so I need to order the capsules.
  10. I was reading about ginger because I was curious about the health benefits when I came across this little tidbit. Gingerol has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, according to research. For instance, it may help reduce oxidative stress, which is the result of having an excess amount of free radicals in the body. Maybe that's the reason it helps with shadows. I did try a lemon ginger tea the other day when I felt a bunch of pressure and although I didn't appreciate the taste it did seem to relieve the pressure.
  11. If only we could shit the beast out!!
  12. I've never tried to deliberately change attack time (I like routine). However I have noticed a few outside elements that have changed them. Unlike Jon my attacks can be started with stress, for instance getting into an argument about something you feel strongly about with someone you care about or a random night with foul sleep. When in cycle I get multiple attacks a day starting between 10 to 11 am lasts for one to two hours then back from 3 to 4pm. But if I'm stressed they come at a random. This also happens when not in cycle if induced by the above mentioned..
  13. This is so me! I'm surprised my bloopers haven been called out (yet)!
  14. I forgot to tell you I was only able to upload picks by downloading pixlar it let's you choose the file size and of course you have to choose small but they upload no problemo..
  15. They do indeed have them. Apparently there were a few pairs used on the set (one was actually silver). I sure am glad that I visited in 2007 and had a chance to see and visit all the museums in NY. My favorite was the MASH sign as I have watched that show as a kid (had to make sure the generator had gas) or the solar panels had been in the sun all day . Looked just like it did on the boob tube. Special times. Uff I sound so old!! LOL..
  16. Yes the weather is supper odd of late. Today the wind is crazy... I question if this random spiking has anything to do with the fact that we just returned from our home in Truckee which has a much higher elevation than our home in El Do? Who knows and yes please on Dorothy's' ruby slippers
  17. Well hell.. That was short lived after 2 weeks and 1 day off I started spiking again??? Could this be random?? When does one decide if they have gone chronic?? Its already been 3 months of hell and my spiking usually means they are coming...
  18. BoscoPiko


    It would be worth knowing if anyone has had an extended cycle due to alcohol?
  19. Thank you and yes you are correct it is just superstition but it's a bad habit (hard to re-train the brain). Chihuahuas count too:)
  20. Thank you! I hope it lasts a while
  21. I love Chesapeakes, we had one growing up.
  22. Chunky I know but she is old and has thyroid issues may the Lord give us a few more years with her ..she is my bestie
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