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  1. It has been so cathartic to mess around in there. I love it! On a more to the topic note I did read that heat has a negative effect on vitamins in general but there were a few called out specifically like COQ10 and B12..
  2. This one is a new conundrum for me as I did not know that ED meds could be a trigger but now I do so thanks for that tid bit. It seems that even natural supplements do the same as far as expanding the blood vessels to allow a higher flow of blood to the um member. I have read about sex in itself being a trigger for some men so if your guy is looking for something to push through even if being hit well .. heck good on him! I guess if you don't think he needs it then maybe try convincing him of that or give some of the natural supplements a try? When I did a quick search it returned something called "him" and quite a few others that I'm sure you already read about. Not much help here but didn't want to leave you hanging..
  3. Not informative as far as the effects of heat on D but I wanted to share because I'm excited. All that's left to be done on the greenhouse is electric for the fan and grow lights (lights not necessary at this time of year). For now im using a rinky dink fan plugged into the house electric. Anyhow here she is
  4. For some reason when I read this post of yours @Shaun brearley I can't help but picturing a young kid with fingers crossed behind his back..
  5. Oh come on now you 2! People are gonna start thinking us to be very non-serious
  6. OMG that was freaking hilarious! You never know though... beast toot imaging could prove scientifically helpful in the realm of beast digestion dislikes
  7. @Shaun brearleyI'd go for it but can't be held responsible for what sort of imaging shows up
  8. No worries at all. I'm glad that you have found a quality of life through due diligence. It wasn't even your post that put a burr in my bonnet. I'm just a good old fashioned A-hole. No big deal that you are not using O2, we all have to be our own best advocate as no one else will. Cups up to your continued success!
  9. You couldn't blame it Shaun! This housing needs all new wiring and what not, as the short circuits are bound to start a fire...Gosh wishing to be Kerrie is awful, But...
  10. Gosh dang it if that's not a fair description of the feeling lol!!
  11. So this is certain to garner a chuckle or 2, but I've been experiencing something a bit odd of late... The best I can describe it is an air pocket, bubble, buldge, a quick pressure that feels like a an air pocket is filling up then is gone as quickly as it came... It's an odd feeling and somewhat scary. It only ever happens on my CH side (rt temple) and seems to occur more often when I have had a good stretch between bangers.. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  12. Thanks Jeeb! It was designed to match our home and decking. We were so lucky to have come across an amazing carpenter that truly is a master at his craft. I picked a picture off line of what I liked, gave it to him and this is what he came back with. Saved us a little over 6k as the kit to build this one was around 13.. I'm gonna have to grow alot of veggies to make up to my hubby
  13. View from the entrance..excited to get things producing!
  14. Almost done. Just need to finish the roof, interior work benches, water and electric. Also as a side note, I have found the app "pixlar" to be the only one that can reduce an image size enough to get them to upload here...
  15. What type of display did you have in mind? I can think of all sorts of images that could aid in awareness of this affliction and it's not like you could just pluck a cluster head up during cycle and hope they have an attack to demonstrate??
  16. Obnoxious is all I can say about some things on this thread... don't get me wrong, I believe everyone is entitled to their way of handling CH, at the same time I don't think all of us prefer the ride it out, whatcha got method.. Then again I sit when I piss... so who knows... O2 is a proven citizen's science and medical science treatment so for those that prefer to not recognize it thats an individual loss. I may not have been able to abort many attacks with it but abortion of a few here and there gains me quality of life which I am so greatfull for. I don't understand alot of the medical lingo on here as of yet and am not sure if I even want to.. my take is this site is about help when you need it most, a place to educate one's self and find a way to live with what cards have been dealt us... sorry as this was certainly a rant...
  17. I hope she dosen't either but if fate is not kind, atleast she has you as a guide. It's a terrible thing to have to worry about @xBoss so for that I sympathize and send prayers. I've never met anyone in person that had CH let alone anyone that knew what it was so i would imagine it would be comforting to have someone in the know..
  18. I reduced the image size to 0.25mp but I still get the error on this particular image.. The one of the plants that I posted earlier was the same size so idk..
  19. Wow that sounds awesome Spiny! I wish I could do corn but it is more of an outdoor garden thing (space wise). That's so cool that you plant all the veggies your family eats shoot with prices the way they are it's almost necessary but aside from that part I just enjoy tinkering around with the plants. I'll try and post the pick again when I get to work.
  20. I tried to post a pick of the 7ft retaining wall we are putting in and back filling to create level space for the greenhouse but the site doesn't like the pick I have of it
  21. Here is what I have ready for the greenhouse so far. Cucumbers, celery, jalapeno peppers, ancho peppers, serrano peppers, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, zucchini, tomatillos, strawberry's, tomatoes, egg plant, onions and cucamelon. I'm sure I'm leaving out some things. I cant attach the greenhouse location in this one because of file size. Will have to post separately.
  22. I will try and post some picks on here later if I can manage to downsize them enough
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