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  1. Hi @Douglas Ward, So happy you are experiencing reprieve from these awful attacks! Please keep in mind that this site has rules with regard to posting content as "fact" without any peer reviewed studies so please be mindfull going forward. I hope you continue to experience pain free days and look forward to any reputable studies you may have to share. Take care!
  2. Unfortunately ever since my very first cycle back in 2020 I have had pretty bad shadows year round. Some days are much worse than others, especially if I forget to take the curcumin and turmeric. I mentioned the new users banner because there are many things you can try to not only deal with shadows but also possibly skip through a cycle. I can elaborate a bit more if you like but it will require your post to be moved to something like theory and implementation..
  3. Hey Readbeard, Yea I get really bad shadows pretty much all the time as well. At times I feel as if I have vertigo Some see them as a precursor to a full blown attack. For myself they are somewhat a part of my daily life. I do get a good deal of relief from taking a daily dose of curcumin mixed with turmeric and others have decent responses to ginger capsules. There are other methods of dealing with your CH that you may want to check out (some of them have helped me with my shadows as well) that can be found by clicking on the blue banner at the top of each forum page (new users please read here first).
  4. Gosh dang it @CHfather nothin like knocking the thunder clean out of the sky!!!
  5. No clue, but it sure does suck for those of us that like to come home after work and have one I wonder if it has something to do with the way it makes the blood pump?
  6. Good to know for next time thanks @Dallas Denny!
  7. Hi Elia, While it is somewhat rare to switch sides it does happen sometimes. I've never had the same pattern that you speak of but I have had occasional random spikes on the "wrong" (non cluster) side. I have also had cycles that start after having pain on the wrong side. The CH attack seems to always go back to my normal side when full blown though.
  8. Sounds like they are treating you as if you have migraine If you have to say that you have 15 a month to get an appointment then I feel like that would be a justified fib!
  9. Hi WU. Sorry for the abbreviated name (your handle is sorta long) anyhow emgality has had very mixed reviews on here and I wouldent beat yourself up over not trying it sooner as the mixed consincious seems to air on ineffective. Anyhow I hope you find relief from it. It is considered a blocker (I'm pretty sure at least) so keep that in mind if you want to venture into busting. Shoot what's not a blocker these days... I use RC and the D3 Antihistamine reg. I still get hit but nothing like In my past . You found a good place for questions and advocacy,!
  10. Thanks Jeeb! I was feeling a bit guilty as I was just not 100% myself yesterday (mild attack that woke me at 2am when I thought this party was over) so I did think I just wasn't myself...( at least not 100%) I appreciate the reassurance!
  11. Hi @LHeidkamp, I feel like my last comment came across a bit snippy and so I just wanted to come on here and apologize for that. After thinking about it for a minute I felt somewhat like a hypocrite because I was sort of a “toe dipper, “measure first” sort of person in the beginning of all this fun. I am sure some of the awesome people on here that helped me jump are shaking their heads (or they should be) because it took quite a bit of coaxing from many for me to start helping myself. I suppose I just get angry thinking about the unnecessary pain that I put myself through and that many endure when overthinking or trying to do things by the book. After re-reading your comment about labs etc. I see you did just jump and start the loading. I will be good to go in and get your labs when you are done just so you know where you’re at. Anyhow I am glad you are on here and seem to be finding your way through all of this! Wishing you pain free days ahead! Phew...conscious clear
  12. In my opinion (only), if you sit around and wait to be seen by a physician that knows less than you do about your situation you will be in pain much longer. I'm not saying that it's not important to get all the mentioned levels checked because it is. At the same time getting out of horrific pain is just as important. Anyone can look at the pool and wonder how cold it is or how deep it is. Some can stick a toe in and test the water, some can get a measuring stick and decide if they can navigate...some just jump too. Not trying to be harsh in the least just exuding my faith in homogeneous science..(citizens science.
  13. Not sure why but I took the insurance question to be with regard to the D3 supplements not the test My bloodwork is covered but I have to ask for the D and calcium to be included in the workup.
  14. I don't think there is a particular recommended time as far as morning vs. evening but to answer your other question regarding with or without food, it is suggested to take with food to help with absorption. You are correct on the magnesium. I highly doubt that your insurance would cover supplements unless you are extremely deficient (in there book) at least...
  15. Hi Darryl, I am also a CA cluster sufferer. Welcome to CB! I've never been to Maryland so I have no clue as to the elements or seasons involved. True native unicorn lander here California is notorious for pollen's, pollutants and blatant discord for it's population. Anyhow, I also went through a late season cycle, October-December. Allergies are a real bugger for us cluster heads and yes I do believe it could be causing you some issues. I am so glad you discovered the D reg as it has really helped me. Please do yourself a favor and look up the "Full Monty" D3 reg (incorporates antihistamines into the protocol) or get in-touch with @xxx the curator of the regimen. You landed in a good place with lots of folks that will aid in pointing you in the proper direction. Lastly do check out the new users ribbon at the top of each forum page. ATB!
  16. Happy New Year Shaun! Here's to keeping the Cluster Bunny under his rock!
  17. Merry Christmas to all of you sufferers and all of our supporters! You all are appreciated beyond words. This site, the folks on here and those behind the scenes that support us are nothing less than a God send. The words, the compassion, the support, the empathy and the gift of companionship will always be a gift that thanks will never be addaquate enough for. Merry Christmas to you all!
  18. Well technically, it's sorta the same thing after all we are talking about "waking em up"
  19. No way.. not taking the bait! I'm a newbie and what you had to say @Bejeeber made me feel better! Can't top that!
  20. @doctornugz Hey hi! I'm gonna start by just saying kudos to you for putting all your going though into words. Gosh do you remind me of myself when I first found this place to live. Seems you have been around but maybe have not interacted much (massively ok). I am so happy that you have gleaned as much as you have from this awesome sauce site! I would not assume that you did anything to fluff the bunny. CH is complicated and hard to keep in your pocket. It morphs to find holes. Never stop the D3 regimen..your body is only better for it. (I'm operating from my phone so please excuse typos and punctuation). You have options but you also need to read on here. I myself had an unpredicted attack today even though I've been clear for a week. Ginger and curcumin may help the shadows. I tried to skim your post but am sure I'm missing some of the important things. You're stronger than you know!
  21. Oh jeez... Seems like they should add some sort of field that allows cluster heads with the obvious symptoms to participate. Paint me flustered on this one.. @jon019you got a meme for that please
  22. Hi @M-Philly, Sorry I'm late to the welcoming party. So glad you found this place! Sorry you needed to. Either way I'm so happy that you've already receive some seriously great feedback! Everyone on here is pretty amazingly great and understands what having CH means. Looking forward to seeing you around and welcome to the cool kids club!
  23. Gaush thanks for the understanding I'm an early bed gal (it's 8:40 here) and I'm in bed. I am excited to check out the YouTube vid a progress in the am! Sleep well.
  24. Looks like I got confused on who started the thread and those responding to it lol. Sorry you're in a new cycle @Ben12345 and looking forward to seeing progress on your tracker @Oli. Guess it's a bit obvious I'm in cycle myself and have full on cluster brain. Sorry for the mix up!
  25. So sorry to hear about the new cycle.. I hope you are utilizing this site to try different methods to get you out of this cycle sooner than later. Looking forward to seeing your updated tracker!
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