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  1. I start out at 15ml/s and huff fast and hard for a few minutes than turn down to 8ml/s and take a deep breath and hold it until the bag fills and breath out and take another deep breath until I get relief.
  2. mit12

    Just a question

    As soon as the stress goes away I get hit.
  3. mit12

    Becoming unmanagable

    Zookah, Welcome to the site and sorry you have to be here. You are at the right place, there are some great people on this site that will help you in your journey. Busting, vitamin D3 program and O2 will make a huge difference in your life. Hang in there and good luck.
  4. mit12

    Why can't not being in pain be a good thing?

    PTSD and depression. I remember before I found this site and with the help of a few members on this site that pushed me along and I had success with busting, I used to have a small bag that I had all my rescue medicines, Zomig, PM asprin, energy drink, flexerall, Naproxin, Percodan etc. If I ever forgot my black bag I was panacked there was no way I could make it through the day. As I sit now thanks to Cluster Busters and the great people on this site I am free of depression I no longer have my black bag and best of all I want to live again! Cluster headaches are evil.
  5. mit12

    Energy drinks

    First I need to explain that I never get a cluster headache without first having a Migraine that stays completely through the attack. I can have Migraines by them self but never a cluster by its self. I can not say for sure that energy drinks make a difference with my clusters unless I take a zomig with the energy drink. Now for Migraines I take 3 Advil PM and drink a energy drink and it seems to stop them from getting worse, may be like it is stopping the cluster attack.
  6. mit12

    Scuba Diving

    The more stress I am under the better it is for CH, but when the stress goes away I’m screwed!
  7. mit12

    Describing CH to non-believers

    To think that I had a doctor tell me that I need to hide the pain from my wife because it upsets her?
  8. mit12

    Cluster rules

    Anything that works will stop working in time.
  9. mit12

    strange changes to my clusters

    I have both migraines and clusters. I can have a migraine by it’s self but never have a cluster without a migraine. I can have a migraine for days and then I start getting cluster events during the migraine. My cluster attacks are quite different because the hit typically last for 3 to 5 hours with 30 to 60 minutes between hits. The longer the hit the longer time between the hits. I know when the attack is over when the migraine goes away. It could be a day or week or two than it comes back again.
  10. Sitting on the floor rocking back and forth with one eye closed and a heat pack on my head. Some times I will hit the tile floor with a closed fist. It is not uncommon to have a real sore hand and blisters on my head.
  11. Income for a congressman is 175k to 225k for the speaker. They are all multi millionaires, you can go online and see how much money big pharma, oil and gass, doctors groups and hospitals give them to stay uninvolved. It is a shame.
  12. mit12

    Sumatriptan Help

    If I take triptans for more than 3 days I will get rebound headaches. I have to go cold turkey off the triptans or the headaches will come everyday. I am retired so I only take triptans when I have something I have to do and O2 is not getting it done.
  13. One thing I can not understand is when my life is super stressful and seems out of controll I do not have headaches but as soon as things smooth out I get hit hard. Anyone have the this type of thing?
  14. mit12

    Pounding Head, Broken Heart

    Preyers sent.
  15. mit12

    Zolmitriptan spray - how fast does it work?

    Zomiz nasil spray worked great for me and real fast, but rebounds were insane. When my insurance was strong i used to go through 75 nasel sprays in 3 mounth plus what my doctor used to give me as samples. Now days my insurance will not pay for the spray which is actually a blessing in the long run. Busting, O2 and energy drinks and an occasional Zomig tab for me now.