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  1. Just wondering, if I am outdoors extensively because of lifestyle, surfing gardening dog walking etc, and getting a lot of vitamin D, do I still need 10,000 iu daily supplement ? TIA AB
  2. Thanks Bejeeber.. Yippee so will test the vodka… with much trepidation i had a wine the other day, expecting the worst, but no attack :))
  3. Hey Rod, can i share this disturbing skull thing outside the forum? AB
  4. I like ‘Nuclear level triggers’ / like a rocket to K10
  5. Yes agreed Xboss. , a lot of the time I rely on that predictability with beer to bring it on.. face the music.. but always to have my go to’s nearby/codeine/suma nasal spray/paracetamol/ etc oxygen doesn’t work for me unfortunately. ‘between the Devil and the deep blue Sea’
  6. In relation to grinding of teeth and jaw, and managing my breathing exercises and pacing when deep in attack, kip 8-10 I exercise extreme discipline with keeping my mouth open to avoid grinding and crushing of my teeth and jaw. Here’s the funny side, I literally have to spell this out… closed mouth GRRRRRRR is the grinding or crushing sound i make and is less vocal than cursing or screaming sometimes…. So closed mouth = Grrr crushing agony….. sure it’s also an angry sound but can be utilised more quietly, trying to be discreet and mindful of other people in the home….. open mouth AAAAARGH is better to control the pain, and no grinding or crushing of teeth and jaw, and also better breathing pathways than the crushing grinding Grrrrr approach Faithfully AB
  7. Beer. From clear to 10/10 in 20 minutes. The wheat beer or cloudy beer is even worse. I think I mentioned this in a post a few years back. Sometimes you fight the shadows all day with the odd clear patch. But you know as soon as you downing that beer to be ready! The waiting game is then over. Knowing that between 5 to 20 minutes you’re gonna be deep in it.. face the music imo it’s better than meditating for hours and being woken up at one in the morning and fucking up the whole rest pattern. I have that beer just to get it over with but it kicks hard 1010. vasoconstrictors ??!! somehow, the bear also pushes the attack to the full time limit, 3 to 4 hours But wine doesn’t do it like beer does , for me anyway …
  8. Why does beer kick back so hard?
  9. In a passing conversation/ or not sure where I heard the acronym TMG treatment for CH, is this the right acronym what is this treatment , is it affective/or is there any literature I can read about trials? Best AB
  10. Oh no! I have wondered about this at times of CH stress. My CH are right sided only 9 years in. I read this and dread the switching of sides. I like to think of my left side as a ‘ Cluster Virgin ‘ Please… no primary side switching. Let the left side stay torture free / bWell
  11. Ouuuch! Never seen a picture that represents what my cluster headaches feel like, but I came upon randomly this image.. kind of sums up much of the pain and heartache felt during an attack’ Aaaaaargh !!
  12. Greetings Shaun, no I have never heard of Topiramate. Just had a little look online, and will mention this to my doctor. After the verapamil and a couple of other pharmaceutical blockers that didn't work, I have become a CH pharmaceutical sceptic, and really have started to lean towards proven alternative methods for a real bust. I will probably go for LSA/ RC seeds or similar treatment in the near future. Have enough for 2 more MM busts and then I will be desperately seeking new alternatives........
  13. 'There is light at the end of the tunnel....................
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