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  1. Trigeminal Demon Slayers/ Hypothalamus Hell Hole/ What about the scene from 'A Man Called Horse, with Richard Harris: When he is hung by hooks pierced through pectoral muscles as a ritual ceremony, but with CH attack the hooks are burning hot, then pushed from the back pf your head, through your eye, and are then turned like fishing hooks and pushed back out through your forehead, then held there for a few hours while the demon attaches the hooks to an electric current and zaps and pulls on the hooks, Welcome KIP 10, and then repeated every day, and night and day and night Repeat! Repeat Repeat! Repeat !!!!!!! GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr During the attacks I find if I do not lie down I am better, less blood to the head, with fewer jerks in my head and body convulsions. Also DO NOT touch or massage the skin or massage the bones (especially the Ocular , ) muuuuch better to just pace slowly and breath deeply Stay safe
  2. GOOD DAY My cluster headaches started about at age 45 approximately. At the same time approx I had surgery to remove a deep impacted wisdom tooth, right side top jaw. My CH are right side The surgery had me sign a consent form'. Essentially acknowledging risks involved with the surgery. Is there any literature on damage to the trigeminal nerve (opthalmic/mandibular/maxillary) from different facial surgery, either tooth nasal eye area that can cause CH ? Many Thanks AB
  3. Good day. Newbie from Australia 52 years old, suffering with CH going on 7 years. I have been referring to this site for over 3 years now and finally decided to join. I read time and time again that whatever works for you is great, find your happy place because CH are what they are, and we are all different PSILOCYBIN VS MDMA NOT SURE HOW MUCH INFORMATION I CAN DISCLOSE ABOUT MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ON THIS FORUM REGARDING PSILOCYBIN AND MDMA? Tried everything my neurologist prescribed over 5 year period. Nothing worked. Until micro dosing mushrooms, and later MDMA. It wasn't easy to source either of the treatments. I migrated towards mushrooms firstly because of using Imigran sumatriptan nasal nasal spray to abort the CH, and then listening to a Harvard lecture on mushroom trials for CH. - Shroom vs MDMA The psilocybin micro dosing 0.05gr. worked mildly but took too long , 7-10 days , and I was still left with persistent ongoing heavy shadows after the period of micro dosing. No CH but terrible shadows that kick in at midday and last all day until codeine or ibuprofen or paracetamol or weed. Oxygen didn't work on the shadows. Started to get worried about the amount of paracetamol I was taking and effect on the kidneys and liver, also ibuprofen and effects on the stomach lining, and codeine because no good on heavy equipment or driving. Weed ok but not for work and a bit dopy after weeks on it. Then I upped the mushroom dose to full trip dose, essentially to send my hypothalamus into the next orbit ( understanding circadian rhythms and all that stuff). CH gone but only for a few weeks. DONT LIKE THE HEAVY HALLUCINATIONS EITHER So for me normal micro dosing of mushrooms which is relatively safe took away the CH, but left me with very nasty shadows that persisted for months. Then after further research and varying literature, I DECIDED TO TRY MDMA . in controlled environment. Full dose. approx 0.2 of a gram maybe a little more depending on prior use / experience (If concerned have someone with you). STAY HYDRATED - No hallucinations. Good because then I am in total control. Only something called shudder-vision and some heavy sweats for approx 3 hours YOU CAN FEEL THE HYPOTHALAMUS SHIFTING/ALTERING DURING THE TREATMENT/ TRIP WITHIN 48 HOURS THE HEAD IS CLEAR from one dose. Literally by the hour i could feel my head clearing CLUSTER AND SHADOW FREE FOR OVER 6 MONTHS. WOW !! Just gone through the Australian Summer Solstice 21/12/2020. Circadian rhythm being altered by the seasons, and I feel my shadow returning. Right side of head, I feel my eye being pulled from its socket more and more each day. The jaw pain /mandibular nerve and neck pain is returning with the eye /ocular nerve being dramatically effected as part of the onset of my next CH cycle/period. When I feel the shadow returning I know the CH is not far away. I know which treatment I will be going for. Again, each to their own FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE STAY SAFE AND WELL AB
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