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  1. Pretty funny there, Juss... "what normal people do"...? Most normal people fall off into defense mech's and or abnormal nonproductive and maladaptive coping techniques. LoL. Really. Booze, drugs, illegal immoral unethical sex, etc... etc. It can be a difficult thing to simply go through something rough (like chas) and not pick up an ...mmmm...? bad habit. I believe all of us want to be psychologically healthy. So. Either you face your issues and work on them? Or your issues *will work their way up until you are in a face off w them. Like it or not? You will always be walking towards good mental health via facing your issues. Its just how it goes. I have known one person who constantly & consistently worked on his issues. It didn't appear to be easy.
  2. Boscopiko. I was told to meditate by a world class w.pls. horse trainer. I ended up rly liking it. I do it a fair amount, sometimes it helps me slide into sleep - which prolly coincides w it being a trigger for bejeebers. I don't believe it is exactly what you are looking for.... but i would simply encourage you to go down this path. In quantum physics? The observer effect is when the act of you being an observer and by observing? Things change. They usually reference this as to microscopes, but it applies across the board. So by meditating? You become the observer to your life's events etc.. and this allows for change to happen. Its fairly common to go from warrior to healer in one's life.. ala Dances w Wolves or the Last Samurai or even, the Horse Whisperer, for quick reference. Freud ushered in great change in his day by recognizing the trauma caused by sex abuse of daughters by fathers (for fast answer) and he then handed reins of control off to Jung. Jung was into metaphysical and when Bill famously wrote to Jung to ask for help w how to beat his obsession w alcohol? Jung advised 3 things. Chief among them, the way to beat the worst enemy? Was to harness God. So, meditation at 30 minutes a day. An hour if you are under a lot of stress, I've seen recommended. Being obsessive about a medical issue until I've conquered it as best able to? Is fairly normal for me. So, popping into that mode and thinking about it a lot is not problematic for me. Howevah... the people around me often find more difficulty w it than i do They do say.. quiet the mind, and the heart opens- to God. Thats pretty much the bottom line w meditation.
  3. Thank you, Craig. Thanx Batch... seems to help and I'll take every bit o' help!! Sue
  4. Thank you very much for the video and thanx for the link i wasn't doing it correctly - i was using litein, sigh~~ thinking it was the same as vit A. Looked it up? And whereas its kinda sorta like vit A vit it is not vit A. So i have to make a soecial trip and get specifically vit A like ive been precisely told more than once. That one was on me. Thanx to one and all for being so kind and patient with me. It seems to help... now if i can just do this better? Hopefully my results will be better. You know, Juss? I really have to agree with you about going more into nutraceuticals to fine tune health. Again - Thanks !!
  5. Canceling grouch alert. Agreed gone off topic.
  6. That's my point. Do you think of yourself as a driver? Even though you chose not to drive? And if so? Why not simply exit your dl? Why still keep it? Is it because you don't or won't face it? Or because you basically self-define as an able bodied person who just chooses to not drive (the way things are now)?? I may not own a horse right now? But, i AM a horse person, always have been & always will be. Ditto a runner(1970) and a weight lifter (since 1987). Even tho im not currently running or lifting. Its like self defeatist to say you are no longer... you... - no longer who you define your own self intrinsically to be. Yes. SS love to be bullies, bad actors, don't they...
  7. Love the properly construct it's one of THE hardest things - to actually label yourself, out loud, as disabled. When you were raised to be an athlete in a family of athletes.. and you think of yoourself *still as an athlete. Just one with some disability issues? Its like self condemning to not be on the athletic verbal track. Others may see you as old and broke? But you still think if yourself as someone who played professional sports as a career and disability is a major mental adjustment. One that many cannot admit to. Or won't. If it seems like a jarring dissonance? Maybe at issue is their processing of info AND the way we erroneously present ourselves? I think of myself as a runner. Its been well over a year since i last ran and only then because i about walked into a rattlesnake. And only for about 10 steps before i had to turn around and reapproach rattler to grab dog collars and move all of us at a walk away. Read online a runners magazine the comment what will he do when he gets old and crippled up?? Will he try to run? Its odd how many younger, will dismiss you as an entire human, just because you are a disabled human... you no longer are. Properly construct sentences, indeed as far as driving? C'mon - even hard core alcoholics are able to drive a car... when they cannot walk! The whole disability topic? Needs to be like, reconstructed with more emphasis on flexibility of terminology and definitions. SS has THE toughest definition out there. Different agencies will define it differently. Say for instance- service dogs. They have a specific definition there from DOJ. Whereas we as a nation have come far, and no longer hide our disabled away? (Or have we not?) Boyo. This is a loaded topic. Isn't it? I do understand what you are saying, though.... Disability, now that its out in the open? and i have to think Vietnam played a major role in that, its still stigmatized and pathologized. The system itself is not healthy. Neither are the players.
  8. Here in sod buster land, i was told that organic? Means the field was so over sprayed w pesticides & herbicides? That they couldn't get it to produce well anymore. So.. they label the smaller yeild, "organic" and sell it for a higher price. And, at least, they don't bother with spraying anything because it is a waste of money.
  9. Its just that i have a different perspective on this, because of my dog. She usually n often alerts to my chas 30 to 60 minutes prior to my knowing i have one. So.. in real life? that means our bodies (or at least my body) is undergoing a bio.chemical change prior to my self-knowledge. This leads me to respectfully believe our bodies are undergoing a change that *IF* we could all just have that immediate first readout? We could all do something to head off the crisis of being so sick w chas. Thats my thinking.. and yes - she frequently, kinda like, scans other people's bodies, too, but has never alerted on anyone else. Maybe its the: strong acid <-->weak base change that causes the gi tract issues. Bicarb undergoes change (well, yes - why?) Prior to realising it's ongoing chas. See? If you could get on top of it *before its problematic? It prolly would help ease some of the severity of symptoms. Thinking down the line... the chas change. Theres a triad of asthma, eczema, & allergies. The eczema changes often in that, what works for awhile? Then doesn't work so well. So people rotate thru about 5, 6 different protocols to tx it. We dont think of allergies or asthma as being autoimmune, but eczema does fall under that label. I knew a man who ate "bad" chicken. most likely contaminated w a virus. And a component peice of viral dna combined w chicken dna and for the rest of forever? Eating any chicken caused a rxn as though it was bad, even when it was not. Our immune systems can react to good food if it has identified its dna as previously contaminated. Did that come across right? Food for thought
  10. Hang in there. Getting correct dx is good start. I think there's a lot if anxiety w chas. Takes time to figure all this out, as well as what works individually. So - just hang in there. Sue
  11. I used to have this a loong time ago. Coincidentally? I today read a peice, it wuoted u if mich psychologist who said sleep paralysis upon waking is because the body is still in REM sleep and when in REM sleep your skeletal musckes are indeed? Paralyzed . He also said we dream while in REM. I used to awaken in such severe pain and i couldn't move. I used to keep emerg meds and a pop where i could manage to grab them without moving. I cannot remember taking them, though. I was on a completely different rx protocol then, also. I had completely forgotten about that lovely aspect!! I really do seem to be hugely improving
  12. Was re: magnesium... Maybe? Metronidazole? Not a course, but just a pill to slow the motility down? Maybe?
  13. I just wish we knew more abt ivermectin. Hang around other dog n horse people and they can really have insights into different medicines and different applications. I've heard it bandied about for well over 20 years that ivermectin stimmed the immune system. But its barely been looked at seriously. So consequences? You just don't always know... that's all. I try not to get too eager? Because i can go down that path easily. No medicine is always okay, all meds have good and bad and consequences. I think our exposure to herbals has tinted our perspectives so we think our little world can't be rocked with negatives. One just need remember any medicine can have its drawbacks. Ounce prevention worth pound of cure, & alll that~~☆~~ thats sonething people with chas understand, usually. It was and is, i believe, your choice.
  14. Boscopiko- i had heard ivermectin was helpful, in that it revs up the immune system. And yes, I've used straight real ivermectin to worm dogs n horses since 1989 when we bought rosa (aguilas rosaleo) in michigan then... after looking at a slew of nasty ponies (ala threlwell) for the kids. Got lost, asked directions? Asked if they had any horses for sale? Well.. yes. A couple... i said are they good with kids? I rly was looking for a pony for the kids - but those ponies.. stories there! She said, yes- one is. I said -well, lets go see em (boy was i grumpy) she called rosa? Rose came running up to the fence? I was poleaxed. She was practically bought on the spot. Went back next morning to test drive? And bought her for my kids. Theres nothing as good as a good mare. And she was good - excellent for my kids, a babysitter extreme. So. Theyd just switched from worming w 2 wormers that had to be alternated due to resistance building up? To ivermectin which didn't develope resistance. As a quick aside? My present vet told me rhey used to use robaxin or methacarbamol as a wormed because it paralyzed the worms n theyd drop off and be passed. Ive taken enuff methocarbamol to drop anything..... LoL. But back on task - ivermec, i heard from multiple sources, innfluenced immune systems to swing onto high gear since - like maybe 1997 -98 roughly 22 years... its kinda funny, odd, but one will hear alot of remedies if one hangs out around the dog show or the horse show world. They will develope ways to do things better.. and for many? Dogs, horses are just a means to an end so they get used to experiment upon. If its bad? That/those animal/s just go away sooner.. you know? The whole joining up deal?? Great great stuff.. and kinda dismissed as too woo woo in the english world. But if you get it about joining up? That whole horse whispering deal? Is super great - ground breaking really. I loved learning about joining up. I kinda practised it but didn't really know what i was doing. As teenager i had my horse bo jangles at a barn owned by martha jayne. NW of chicago - great music scene. She'd divorced si jayne and you want to talk about bad guys? And bad felonies? Whoa ya. NW chicago area... right up there. I had a horse who'd been a mustang? So didnt have any ground work n got way too hot in the hunt field. I'd go into corral with him? And martha watched & told people i had a special way with animals.. decades before the horse whisperer came out. So boy do you learn things at a barn. And that was one thing i did learn about was ivermectin. So when my dogs developed that weird disease? Ivermectin was a drug i turned to for help. Did it help? I dont know, but it didn't hurt. I use it monthly to worm and in summer i use it weekly at lower dose to catch heartworms, too. So ive watched the use of ivermectin for covid with intetest. It just seems like almost nobody knows what they're doing though. You know? The study you referenced? Is about *prophylactically* using ivermectin. Its new ground to use it for a disease thats already going on. Absolutely nota bad idea. Just.. curious how it actually works, thats all. Ivetmectin is only drug i know of that swings immune system into high gear, too.
  15. There is a ladder. Human life is at the top, i suppose children are up at the pinnacle. Husbands (this may possibly be etiology of man flu) are a bit further down the line. How many species have u utilised ivermect on?? How many different disease states have u effectively treated w ivermect?? What is the mode of action of the drug, Ivermectin?? How does it work? Do u know?? If so...?? Please do explain your reasoning. Husbands- well u cant just run over to walmart n pick up a new one. We DO have a supply chain problem nowadays I'm just curious to know ur logical train of thought that led you to even think of ivermectin?? I've known about ivermectin and sometimes use it. Known abt it for ~ 31 years. But then, im just running m'ol dog n pony show out here. At least, u - boscopiko?? Have a cat n pony show. So u may possibly have some of the esoteric knowledge of the now infamous, the 1, the only - - ivermectin. Honestly?? I'll trade u what i know for what u kno. Deal?? Sue
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