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  1. Actually... us women DO understand men's behaviors... like the dreaded and historied "man flu". And believe me? We have our ways of evening up the score.
  2. Never given intra.nasal botox injection ( - yet- she mutters...) Altho - if nasal irrigation is a venue that helps? Then i could see how why and where that might help slow suicidal pain. And that ain't bad. fyi.
  3. Can you build on what does work? I heard on a blog a couple of older folks advising a newbie? To get out of the house, as soon as you wake up. And apoarently that specifically works for you. Can u go for a longer walk? Buy a brkfst sammy n coffee (or Monster and prolongbthat time of normalcy? I subscribe to the migrain train of thot.. its better to jump on the pain asap when it starts. The faster, the better - ot just slows the whole shootin' match down. I think. And thats group advise w rb or Monster, and Vit D3, too. Isn't it? Could you try to enlarge your good protocols & good times? Olay, Cast Iron, Points well made. Fear - can and often will freeze u up. I'm a girl - we start worrying abt our weight and consequences to eating when young. So i have a life time behind me and i dont let fear rule me, much and yet i am a strong advocate to listen to your body & do what it tells you. Inderstand being backed into a corner over pain & medical issues. When hypothyroid and slowly dying? I was super sensitive to blood sugar problems. So ibegan drinking things like oj, tea, Gatorade, fruit juice? Diluted 60 h2o/40 drink. Its just what I've continued to this day. Hi protein for long time so switching bits @ isn't so hard - for me. Altho.. i do believe I've heard it said when we stop eating. Is when this gets REALLY difficult. Just... be cateful of fear freezing you up.
  4. Might have been from discussion of bob woodward's book abt (poor) pres bush.
  5. I saw an article aboyt navy seals. Admin said they called em in and knew things would happen because navy seals had kinetic personalities. They like to bliw stuff up, get in and do.... I laughed because a loong time ago? Sone ppl thot i was super great. When i asked for an explanation? I got a long story abt how most female rookies wont *DO* anything, very passive.... t.o."d have to say. Did u see that car bust the red light? She'd go...yes.. T.o.'d say do u want to go give him a ticket and shed say okay... hed say, then maybe u cld put ur lights and siren on & go after em? Look both ways before u go... and then she wld go slo. I got told i was different from all the other women. ( i thot - this is just another version of comin on to me). But they'd discussed it and felt i didn't need t.o.s any longer- because i wld just - go and do. And that general guy? He kinda nailed it when he laughingly spoke abt navy seals having a kinetic personality because they liked to just go and do. See? I think it was wash po or nyt last week, maybe up to 2 wks back? Maybe politico or NYT news, or usa today. Love wash po cause they came out w rpt that was pulitzer prize of century - right before the world got rocked w covid. Like usa today cause after i got back from.. sigh... ♡♡Lexington, Kentuck? I was in Cheyenne & saw usa today w headline abt kentuck att gen refusing to honor cases of h sec chasing narcotraficantes from Obama's open mex border w cell ph warrants... to Lex. Read it & it helped fill in sone blank spots along w articles i read abt texas racing scion... and more along that line... altho that was up to nw illinois - my ol stompin grnds i just see stuff, hear stuff, read stuff. And i just go and do. Most ppl never understand me. Sigh.~~ the stories i cld tell u abt N Illinois! And hallucinogens!! LoL LoL So. Kinetic personalities - they like to just Go and Do...!!!! Made petfect sense to me. I cld try to find it...
  6. You betcha!! Not gettin rid of me that easily Sue
  7. Im so sorry BoscoPiko. U keep a close on you and hubby, too. Hit the vit C hard, if u have some. Dunno abt the D. And even when so sick? You stilll managed to be funny
  8. Sounds like expensive but great fun! Good Luck.
  9. . And isn't that *exactly the nut of the problem. . See?... betcha a Monster drink! Kinetic type personality. May be a commonality and what leads so many down, and into, "s".
  10. Many of us, tend to, when in such pain? Become agitated and dont explain well verbally. Patients with migraine, or even ha? Want quiet. As far as fitting into diagnostic criteria? We dont present according to preconceived idea of migraine - and thats their idea of the worst. Heh. I've been told i often answer yes/no questions with a story. When in suicidal pain? Is it such a far leap for joe blow guy to think - that one? Says got a ha? Migraine? - Is c.r.a.z.y. Some of us are kinetic personality types anyways, add in these little humdingers of suicidal ha pain? Its not going to end well. And then we carry 75% of the blame for that as well. Also? Believe strongly its a syndrome. A subset of symptoms, isn't it? We could discuss it being autoimmune for that alone. Ive heard we need to be kinder to our Doctors. They receive one hour in medical school training, ONE HOUR about headaches of all kinds. And i do. Try to be kind, i give MY doctors the benefit of my medical knowledge, which is a true gift. yes, new name for chas. Agree! But... what?
  11. Suicide ha is good... until you are on phone with e.r. nurse trying to explain why their silly e.r. trick didn't help you and as a consequence you are once again in suicidal pain. She demands to know - are you suicidal or are you not suicidal? They don't understand. Or on phone with neurologist's receptionist and that simple word suicide slips out, loose into the conversation? And she freaks out and in return you get an EMERGENCY phone call from neuro's nurse. And she explains thats a trigger word... like you are threatening to shoot up innocent little children at school or something - crazy - like that. Or you are on the phone with a med clinic billing clerk, at lunch time who is filling in, and you're trying to quickly explain the severe pain? She relays the suicide part to your doctor and he (in turn on the game of telephone) calls your sheriff to drive 35 miles out and make an emergency suicide check on you. And so you call admin to complain lack of confidentiality (what is that....?...) and you hear your doctor in the background, laughing, and jeering at you - weeee were .just. ~~wor~ried~~ about you. Right, not. Cruel mean, or uneducated, or uncaring, or med people who believe, if your pain is so severe you talk of suicide = psychological ***CRAZY**. Or, you are in the e.r., not understanding what you have? Or why you are so bad off? And they lock you up on a 72 hour mhh. Thats real common out here. When you get out many stare at the crazy lady (not even crazy cat lady) who keeps getting locked up for being crazy. They stare and the gossip starts and never ends- all about how you are crazy... Until the gossip is so severe? And the community disgust with having a crazy person in among them? They, because they are so filled with hatred, and tend to be a little mentally unhinged themselves? Casually discuss how to murder the crazy lady- and they get arrested for that. Then they pressure the sheriff to force you to move far away? And son of a b if he doesn't arrest you and try to force you into an adjudicatted program for crazy drug using criminals. See - even if the drugs are for the chas, prescribed by an m.d.?? Even if cop had to dream up an arrest and sign it himself? And even if you have repeatedly passed psych evals - over and over? He bows to society and moves to seize crazy lady's home, force you to move - all to make the, ahem, "crazy" people who sat around discussing murdering the crazy lady... to keep them! Happy! And to keep their bloc of votes coming his way mmm. People, generally speaking, are not safe to know the extent of our pain and the details like that. They would have to be extra special people, well paid, well trained, to have access to that information. Sad to say? Like 90% of the medical professionals in this 200 mile circle? Think they are so special they deserve a lotta money? But they fall flat on their faces over the gossip trying to destroy community members with ugly talk. or you call up your nurse, out of your mind, in pain? And someone in charge who is having an affair w a yng lady who works under him (yes - both married with kids) and because his gf on the side? Her parents once sued you and lost - but spread the ugly runor that you sued your landlords for money to live on and everyone should shun you in your new community. And so it goes.. and he arranges for the sheriff to arrest you. Jailed. His wife = typical sadistic jailer.. and judge is buds w the landlords... because they were all part of the judges drug and sex club here? Sigh... locked up. No visitors allowed, no phone calls in, no phone calls out, no lawyer access... until they at their convenience, after Christmas & new years are over, they can drag you over to the court and serve r.o. on you so you can never see your doctor of 25 years or ever even so much as say his name, or the name of the ne colo medical clinic ever - your medical history is now disappeared. You are under a r.o. to not ask for it in any way except thru a very EXPENSIVE lawyer. Once they put them craxy goggles on? Crazy you is all they can ever see. They never take their crazy goggles off. And it is ccontageous. Its called the stigma of a mentalhealth diagnosis- it's just that uneducated mean people wear the crazy goggles because they are the ones with severe psychological issues. And they will fixate upon you - once you say the 'S' word and that crazy label gets slapped on you by them. Because, see.. they've had headaches, bad migraines, even !! And they were never suicidal.... so theres something off, something wrong, something sick - about ... who?. well, it aint abt *them!! They dessrve a lotta money, social standing, marriage, kids, gh n bf on the side, at work.. and drugs and booze, too!! Friends, restaurants, grocery stores, community respect, happiness, even. So they put on the crazy goggles and point the fnger at.... the chas sufferer. they certainly can be suicidal ha pain? But try, when you're in one? To explain to society?well - look at how many end up divorced over this isdue? Spouces, kids, friends, who pathologise the person suffering with suicidal pain? Because they don't get it, they think you are lying, and/or crazy. And it comes back around and they frequently use it to hurt you. Their minds just cant get it. They can't understand such pain.
  12. So much to take in and think about. The pH levels, start day iff with orange juice. Really quite a few diet avenues anymore for high protein. I used water pik to irrigate sinuses. Warm steam in a bathroom, hot min pools are great, saline solution to wash sinuses is best. Im chiming in to agree w @xxx. Vit C = good. D3= good.. Apparently we are back to our natural world to help us its all alot to take in, think about. But, it makes a lot of sense. Word of warning- don't try odd things in your nasal irrigation - i did. Warm saline solution with distilled water, is best. Seems so crazy just to conceptualize that chas can be histamine, inflammatory reaction related. Add in glutamate/ketamine and melatonin/serotonin pathways also implicated? It starts to unravel a huge medical knot. pH, diet, ice vs hot water, sleep,... etc... thanks
  13. Did the botox. For abt 18 months. Gave me satanic cult eyebrows. Hated the look. Minimal relief - but cha? Ya take what ya can get.blast time was hell = no more. Also did B12 shots. I was exact same as u, Jon. now i drink the amazing Monster.. for my B vitamins. Cld i have a part time job promoting their product? LoL
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