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  1. I attempted to remove the strikeouts, but they're stuck. Looks like it's something in the pasted email (HTML?). Try copying in the text instead of the entire email. Dunno, but it might help. Cheers, J
  2. All, This is off topic and was brought up by someone on a thread from 2 months ago. For no purpose accept to restart what he successfully has restarted. Let's move on please. The discussion of virus naming isn't productive, nor appropriate on drebie's thread. J
  3. Kluster, Couldn't tell you how many times I've done that. I regularly put my doses off till my beast comes back. Then it's always harder to get it back under control. I'm a huge proponent of preventative dosing. I went the majority of 5 years w/o getting hit as long as I kept to my dosing schedule. When I would get lazy, it always came back. J
  4. Funny just pulled MindMed up. WOW 1.1 Billion valuation for a company that just buys psychedelic research from Switzerland and Denmark. (Sorry in advance, changing subject mid sentence... ) It seems to me like the stock market has completely lost it's mind (no pun intended). Valuations to stock price on everything is out of this world. Tesla has a valuation of 167X it's annual projected earnings. No doubt Tesla will grow, but to say a company is worth now what it's combined net income will be after 167 years is simply crazy... (ok now back to your regularly scheduled program, ha ha.).
  5. I had thought about moving this thread to the closed board (off the public - general board), but figured since it's just public info we're chatting about, what's the harm leaving here. I'll leave this thread in the general as long as no posts about personal use etc. Cheers, J
  6. The website looks well put together till you get to the 125mg of psilo on the label. That screams at me, they don't know what they're doing.. Sorta scary that someone might think it's OK to take 125mg of psilo. Just did a quick search. I guess things in CA have changed since I last read up. Psilo in CA is legal for medical use. While it's illegal to sell, posses etc, wiki says Canadian police don't enforce it. I guess us CH'ers in CA have much better options to get busting supplies than here in the US. Is the CA-US border still closed? I haven't seen a snowbird CA license plat
  7. A-Z, Glad you're asking for help. It can be challenging, I know. I'd highly recommend seeing your doctor. There are several antidepressants that even at low doses can really help your symptoms. I took a generic version of zoloft for close to a year recently. I had some situational challenges going on with a lawsuit against a contractor that had damaged my home. I'm not familiar with most of the drugs listed in your first post. I'd wonder if something you've taken recently, Zomig etc, might have created a serotonin imbalance? Please, do go see your doctor. (I'm in a bit of withdra
  8. A-Z, I've tried cannabis a few times. Every time, I've had an almost panic reaction. I think my body is wired differently than most other peoples. It didn't make me feel good at all, just wayyyyy nervous and all I could think about was never doing it again. It seems odd that the feeling occurred after several weeks for you. I'm no doctor, but to me it would seem like it's not related to the cannabis. Cheers, J
  9. Mastermerls, Sorry, but I got a chuckle reading that you cover your eyes while working on the PC and watching TV. ha ha. I'm sure you meant something else. I worked with some programmers years ago, that I swear they did the same thing while programming. When their code worked, there was no way of figuring out why... ha ha.. I'm glad you're getting some pain free time, but I'd be very skeptical of any type of glasses stopping our CH. From research our condition is related to an inflammation response. Hence the reason O2, Prednisone etc do work. Brain scans have shown the H
  10. Yep. While it's been known to most. I'm sure the medical community (Doctors...) are light years behind in getting the memo. Right along with writing O2 scripts. Cheers, J
  11. Snowflake, Stay strong. I know those are only words, but you're in closer company here than you might realize. PFW, J
  12. WOW. I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime. It's one step closer for those of us with CH being able to get medicines from a doctor that actually help stop our CH.. It looks like there's a lot of bureaucracy wrapped around how they'll manage it, but I'm sure it'll get easier once the magic spreads (ha ha, just made that one up). https://www.kgw.com/article/news/politics/elections/oregon-becomes-1st-state-to-legalize-psilocybin-for-mental-health-therapy/283-4103d1ba-9d9a-4dc0-9970-6f8cc1288323 Love all, J
  13. GBeth, I sympathize with your situation. In some ways it seems similar to having CH. I would ask that you use caution in any decision you make on treatment. I don't know if it's fact or fiction, but when I did my research on self treatment many years ago. I read a good bit about psychedelics triggering deeper psychological issues in people that already had them, or had latent issues. If you do seek self treatment please make sure you have good set and setting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_and_setting Set and Setting is important for not only the experience, but for the aft
  14. Pebbles, Interesting info, and thanks for that other post report. I try to get to them as soon as I can, when I see any reports. Cheers, J
  15. Kat, Any neurologist that would refuse to prescribe O2 is either an idiot, inept, incompetent or (D) all of the above. Fire that one, quick... Great news on your primary doc. I'm sorta brainstorming here, but wonder if we should make a list of doctors not to see for those of us with CH. There seems to be a lot more incompetence in the doctor realm than competence. Just thinking out loud. Cheers, J
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