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  1. While I don't have any personal experience with the practice Jade333 is discussing. Jade333 has been around a while and contributed positively to the board. I always like to temper my understanding of alternative treatments with the idea some years ago that Psilocybin and LSD could help us. Those treatments were treated very harshly by many in the public years ago (and in many places are still banned to discuss). It's been a long time coming, but Psilocybin, LSD and other treatments have been proven without a doubt to help us. While I don't personally think some experimental treatments are helpful. As long as they aren't harmful, I'm perfectly ok with letting there be open and positive discussion around them. Love all, J
  2. Thought I'd post this on the public forum for all to see (as well as the bot scrapers. https://www.yahoo.com/news/colorado-voters-decriminalize-psychedelic-mushrooms-155152202.html The word on medical use for mushrooms is getting around!!! (Please don't share any personal information in this thread so we can keep it public Love All, J
  3. I love my family... All you guys and gals here. I've been more away than here lately. I just had to say I actually (like really) got a tear in my eye reading the thread. Titan, You have the rock stars of CH on with you! You'll get some pain free time soon. Keep hanging in there. Sleep deprivation really sucks... J
  4. Introduction This forum is a dedicated space for open discussion about New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH). This forum is moderated by NDPHaware, a new organization and website sharing information and organizing advocates around NDPH. NDPHaware.org is starting as a project under Clusterbusters. The primary objective of NDPHaware is to find and promote treatments that will help people to effectively manage their condition. The NDPH community will work collaboratively with the broader headache disease community to support research, education and advocacy initiatives. By working and advocating together, we will be stronger and more effective in reaching our shared goals. There is some anecdotal evidence that psychedelics (Psilocybin, LSD, and others) can help with NDPH. NDPHaware supports further research into psychedelics as potential treatments for NDPH and other pain conditions. The "NDPH Psychedelic Discussion" Board is a log-in required space for open discussions about psychedelics as treatments for NDPH.
  5. Shaun, So sorry to hear. Sending you positive thoughts. J
  6. Hi Everyone, The board will be down for a short period on 25 April 2022 starting at 2pm et. We're hoping some of the odd errors many of us get will be resolved by the software updates. Cheers! Jeff
  7. @Fcharp When in cycle diving is a definite no for me. I've tried it twice and never again. The descent is fine on air or EAN36. As soon as I break the surface I get hit with a k10 and scrambling to get back on the boat and the onboard 100% O2 ASAP. Do you do a deco stop with a high O2 for Nitrogen washout? or 21% all the way down and back up? J
  8. I actually have on my "to do" list 3 projects down from where I'm at now... Is to start manufacturing a purge regulator for SCUBA compressors. I've already designed and tested it, just need to get to the part of queuing it up for manufacturing. A very small button adapter would easily turn it into a demand valve. J
  9. I concur with CHF. A demand valve couldn't use and more or less O2 than a bagged regulator. The demand valve will definitely be faster to huff when first getting on the O2. Now, if a person had their flow turned up a lot higher than they were breathing with a bagged regulator, then there would be waste. (once the bag is full, it will leak out from around the mask). Simple solution is simply turn your regulator down to the rate you're breathing and there would be zero waste. J
  10. I think most of us get what we call shadows from time to time. Depending on the person, they can range from a bad feeling, to tightness in our head, to mild headaches, to regular headaches. What you describe as spikes don't really sound like shadows though, but could be. I only get shadows, and full blown CH attacks. There are some other flavors of CH that have different attack patterns. Maybe try to document when and how they come. That should help with a diagnosis. J
  11. BoscoPiko, Our biological clock is something odd. The docs don't know much about our CH, but one thing they can see on scans during an attack. The Hypothalamus in our brain freaks out during an attack. The Hypothalamus regulates most anything that's on a cycle for our bodies. Wake, sleep but also sex, hunger, temperature some emotions and other things that follow a rhythm. New doc definitely sounds in order. I've learned over the years that we're our own best advocate. It's rare that a doc actually listens J
  12. Ditto what Ganuchi said... (I had to lookup what a Henckels was. ha ha. J
  13. BoscoPiko, Odd as it sounds, we get you. I try to be soft, yet I know my natural state is pretty gruff. I figure if I practice nice long enough that it'll become my natural state. I don't know if it's CH or other things in life (or the combination). I don't recall if you're busting or not? I've found (as most others I think), that busting comes with it other positive affects on our personalities. I haven't really felt happy in a long time. That seems odd to say. Get through this cycle and I promise you'll feel better. Your horse is ready for a long run when you've kicked your CH beast to the corner. Cheers, J
  14. I saw someone post a link a few days ago that Amazon sells them for under $20 now. Definitely a great investment in killing your beast. J
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