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  1. GBeth, I sympathize with your situation. In some ways it seems similar to having CH. I would ask that you use caution in any decision you make on treatment. I don't know if it's fact or fiction, but when I did my research on self treatment many years ago. I read a good bit about psychedelics triggering deeper psychological issues in people that already had them, or had latent issues. If you do seek self treatment please make sure you have good set and setting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_and_setting Set and Setting is important for not only the experience, but for the after experience as well. A good sitter should not drink or take anything during a dose, and should also have a very good understanding of Set and Setting, what they should do and some things they should not do while being a sitter. A peaceful listener in my opinion is the best sitter. I'm certainly no doctor, nor have any experience with the type of challenge you're experiencing, but wish you luck, and sending you positive thoughts for your recovery. Love all, J
  2. ThatHurtsMyHead

    One more step on a path to legal availability of psychedelics

    Pebbles, Interesting info, and thanks for that other post report. I try to get to them as soon as I can, when I see any reports. Cheers, J
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    Oxygen question for people in FL!

    Kat, Any neurologist that would refuse to prescribe O2 is either an idiot, inept, incompetent or (D) all of the above. Fire that one, quick... Great news on your primary doc. I'm sorta brainstorming here, but wonder if we should make a list of doctors not to see for those of us with CH. There seems to be a lot more incompetence in the doctor realm than competence. Just thinking out loud. Cheers, J
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    They’re back after 5 years

    meme, Sorry they're back, but glad to hear you already have a path to get pain free again. Do you have O2? Cheers on your dose today! PFW, J
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    south florida

    Hi jimmy's, Glad to hear your CH is mild. I don't think wellbutrin helps our CH, but I think quite a few of us take it for one thing or another. Tampa / St Pete here, Cheers, J
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    the joy of CH

    Welcome its okay, As many have said, glad you found us, sorry you have to be here. Those other CH'ers and supporters here are great people. Oh have you tried aspirin and laying down yet? (ok, kidding.. ) There are several Aussies that check in here, try a search and see who you can tag (if you need help reaching out, drop me a note). O2 is definitely the best abortive out there. No side effects and it's very cheap (and mostly easy) to obtain. Cheers, J
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    Support Group

    Hosie, Feel free to introduce yourself. There are lots of great people here. Try grazing through the posts, it's easy to get to know other CH'ers that check in here. Cheers, J
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    Sad but Necessary Action Today

    All, It's with a heavy heart I have to do something today that I've only had to do once before. Ban someone from the board. This action was not taken lightly. I'll leave details out, but nearly every personality conflict on the board for the last year or so all involve one poster. I've asked politely. The mods have asked politely. This poster has received warnings and yet continues to post inflammatory remarks. There seems to only be one action left so that members here can focus on helping one another, that's the reason we're here and the reason the board is here. To help, not hurt. We all have enough hurt in our lives with CH already. Love to all, J
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    LSD clinical trial

    WOW, great Info... The word has gotten out and picking up momentum!! We can be pain free. Just gotta deal with bureaucracy first... J
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    My first share - My experience

    BustOrNothing, Welcome to the family. Your intro was awesome (well as awesome as anything about CH can be anyway). Yea, I don't think anyone gets us accept another CH'er. Well there are a few here and there. CHFather supports his daughter with CH and has been around here helping others for quite a few years. He's a wealth of information on CH (and a really great person as well). Feel free to poke around and ask any questions on busting. The folder Theory and Implementation has lots of info on busting. As well as the ClusterBuster Files folder. Cheers! J
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    recommended doctor list

    Updated link: https://clusterbusters.org/resource/cluster-resources/ Cheers, J
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    Doctor list

    Here you go. https://clusterbusters.org/resource/cluster-resources/ I'll update the location in the other sticky thread. Thanks for bringing to our attention. Cheers, J
  13. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Doctor list

    Hmm, Our Dr list seems to be lost. Most doctors are lost when it comes to CH, and now they're really lost. I'll try to find it and repost. A mandatory upgrade a few months ago caused a lot of our links to get moved. J
  14. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Oxygen from Primary Care?

    FT makes a good point. When I had insurance years ago, I paid a copay of $15 per E tank. When I lost my insurance the Oxygen company charged me $8.10 per exchange... Had I known not having insurance was cheaper, I wouldn't have fooled with insurance to start with. J
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    50 yr old Newbie

    Dr J, (hey, do you play basketball?) I ++ what others have said above. 100 percent high flow Oxygen is a life saver. You have to get on it before the attack ramps up. If you feel one coming, go ahead and hit the O2. The earlier you get on it, the better it works. Also, my go to are energy drinks. For us CH'ers, for some reason I think everyone I've spoken with can drink them anytime at night and still fall asleep. When I get a night attack, I hit the O2, and carry the tank to the fridge and get an energy drink. Slam half of it. Back to the O2 and sit down (Rocking for some reason seems to psychologically help). Hit the attack quickly with those two and I rarely ever have an attack last longer than 10 minutes. If I don't get on the O2 early, it doesn't do any good. I can huff for an hour and nothing but pain. Like CHF said above, checkout the list of common triggers. I've found I can reduce my attacks to less than half if I stay away from any trigger foods. My biggest are chocolate, alcohol, fermented cheese (the fake cheese whiz stuff is fine). Cheers, J
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    dehabel, I think the most knowledgeable person around with the D3 regimen is Batch. I'll drop him a note and see if he can check in here to answer your questions. He's a wealth of knowledge on vitamins. Cheers, J
  17. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Emgality - so mad, am I wrong, will it work differently

    dehabel, Sadly, your doctor is clearly in the dark on dosage. At the CB conference last year there was a really good presentation on Emgality. It was stated and backed up by multiple people in the crowd (that were in the Emgality trial). The standard migraine dose does nothing for those of us with CH. If I recall correctly, I think it also only helps with episodic. That Chronics it doesn't work at all. (I'm sure someone will chime in here and correct me if that's backwards). Sometimes doctors are clueless and sadly some have an ego that prevents them from getting the education to help their patients. IMHO, I'd fire him and get another doc (if you can). I concur with your decision on dopomax also. (as the CH community commonly call it). I know it does help some people, but at what cost? I couldn't work if I didn't have my wits every moment of the day. Keep us posted, J
  18. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Sad but Necessary Action Today

    fillzeros, You're correct. It's not something I ever look forward to. Thankfully it's a very rare necessity to ban someone. I know everyone of us with CH have days our fuse is short. I try to temper any action with the understanding that I don't know what that person is going through right now. They might just be having a moment. So I try to assume the person will come around if approached from a different angle. The vast majority of the time those of us here on the board can have an argument, but all the while we know the person at the other end is a friend. At the end of the day I want to see that person at a conference and give them a hug, even if we disagree on something. When attacks go from the subject matter to personal, it interferes with the ability to reconcile. Cheers All, J
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    BOF, The leader board is simply statistics on who's posting. It's not a race. I didn't think anyone even looked at it. I don't know why you would get bent out of shape about some insignificant statistics. Helping people here is the primary goal. Not trying to be first, or best, or etc. There are lots of things I care about with this board and the CH community. How the software vendor calculates the leader board isn't one of them. It really doesn't matter when there's someone out there with a CH-10 hit that needs some words of encouragement. J
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    BOF, Ok, this is sorta getting out of hand. If you're referring to the Batch thread on Covid19? You should remember that was HIS thread, and you started poking at him because you didn't like what he had to say. If you didn't like what he had said on his thread, you shouldn't have kept at him... It's easy to ignore a thread you don't like. Seriously... You've pulled this with several others on the board and while you do try to be helpful you repeatedly call out people for bullying when in every instance you're the first one posting inflammatory remarks on someone elses thread. You need to just stop. EVERYONE is allowed to speak freely here, not just BOF. J
  21. ThatHurtsMyHead


    BOF, Sorry, but I'm a bit baffled here. I don't see any bully posts, nor have I seen any alerts to such? (I just flipped through the alert history as well). All anyone has to do to get a mod to check in is report a post. All the mods really do a great job responding. J
  22. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Anyone need a Zoom Chat?

    This is such a great idea. I hope people that need it are making use of the ability to connect with our CH family. Those with CH really need connection and support. Cheers All! J
  23. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Website Down - But Fix Is In Progress

    All, Just wanted to post a quick note that the main clusterbusters.org website is currently down. I'm told there's an incompatibility due to an upgrade our Host just performed. They're in the process of making the required updates to our website and it should be up soon. Anyone with a direct link to the form isn't affected. Anyone that uses the clusterbusters.org website to get here, won't be able to get to the main site. I'll post additional info here as available. Cheers, J
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    Website Down - But Fix Is In Progress

    Attach success!!! : ) J