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  1. That sure is the truth. I am almost positive my vote didn’t count last election. I voted absentee here in PA because I was away for a few days. For the first time ever when my mom went to vote she did not see my name under hers as the list is alphabetical and we have same last name. She asked and the lady was choking trying to come up with an excuse. My mom had a shit fit in the place but it didn’t make a difference. It’s ridiculous I don’t think people understand that how we vote directly impacts our healthcare. Can you imagine what socialized medicine would mean for us cluster heads
  2. I wear hair bandeaus as a mask when I need to cover my face. That way it just sits around my neck and I can pull it up when necessary and it’s not nearly as irritating as those around the ears (at least for me).
  3. They need more people who think like u in CA……Philly isn’t quite as bad but I fear we are on the way We should figure something to identify as being cluster heads
  4. As far as how to stay happy on days like today (September 11) I realize how fortunate I am. CH may be AWFUL but when we consider what others went through on this fateful day our own ailments seem less important. May God Bless America
  5. I agree with Fun Times that some days just suck. I was having a good day yesterday…..even got home from work at a reasonable hour for a change……decided to do an OnDemand yoga……remember about 5 minutes of it before I just started rolling around my living room punching the carpet and screaming……must have passed out because came to on my yoga mat a while later…you just never know sometimes The Benadryl might really help you BoscoPiko……I think I was triggered by our weather beginning to change already here (opposite of you in CA with your wildfires) in the Northeast corner Keep up your D3 and pray for some relief……
  6. I agree that CH needs more attention……the majority of people (even healthcare workers) don’t know what it is…….after you explain they then assume it’s migraine It’s easier said than done but don’t let it steal your life. There will always be awful days but all we can do is try to move past. Your air quality issues are probably making this worse so hopefully CA can figure the fire thing out……maybe a humidifier will help (I sleep with one and it has made a difference). Hang in there…..your cat and your horses need you!
  7. OMG….so glad you gave them a home! We have considered a “barn buddy” cat for my work but the lady at the shelter said we have to keep it locked up in a cage for two weeks so it learns where it’s home is and I thought that was kind of cruel…..maybe we will re-consider!
  8. How cute…..love the eyes! Funny that we named ourselves after our cats!! I hope things turn around for you but I do completely understand the despair….we all feel it at some time or another And yes @spiny…..Ganuchi lives the life - she is quite regal! I ask her all the time if we can trade places for at least a day but she has no interest in such
  9. Hope you like cats…..this is the real Ganuchi…….my best friend for the past 15 years She always puts a smile on my face so hopefully she can do the same for you Please take care and don’t let the Beast get the best of you
  10. It was awful……we say we have seen each other at our worst……he sees me through CH and I got to sit with him for 12 hours with his face in two and then the three subsequent surgeries to fix him all up The plastic surgeon told me all he could say was that he had never seen anyone so jacked up!
  11. My husband fell at work a few years back and literally split his face in two…..they had to put needles in his nose to do the original sew up before the rhinoplasty to actually rebuild his nose/face. He was SCREAMING from the pain of needles in his nose. It was awful I don’t think I could bring myself to go for it
  12. It was actually a new experimental treatment specifically for CH that I was reading about that showed promise for those willing to endure it….. If you google “Botox for cluster headache” you should find the article from “medical daily”…..tried to put link but it wouldn’t work (probably user error….LOL)
  13. As another chick in her 40’s I considered the Botox too, but my fear of needles outweighs the potential benefit. I did read recently about success with Botox for CH but not traditional Botox. Apparently they stick the needles up your nose to hit nerves in the head……the thought turns my stomach so I would probably have to be knocked out to even consider that……..but for those less squeamish it might be an option
  14. I too get “spikes” which I consider shadows which will jolt me out of my seat. I will generally just close my eyes and take some deep breaths for a few and then continue on with my day. Sometimes it’s a signal of the Beast awakening other times no. I have also experienced the odd side switch too. And I drink black coffee too…..if there’s milk or sugar in it then it isn’t coffee in my book…….LOL
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