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  1. Jseivers, ever since I’ve started oxygen 5 years ago I have noticed the headaches come back more often, yes. Even when staying on for 10 minutes after the pain subsides. I guess the pros outweigh the cons though as it’s a fast aborting “clean” medication imo. I’ll message you the link to the very helpful O2 video as it won’t paste here for some reason.
  2. Just yesterday I started taking 1 x D3 (50 mcg) per day. Is that what’s recommended?!
  3. So people, I’ve got some relief over here. Not completely clear but good/welcomed relief. I’m definitely putting it down to this newly discovered phrase “slap backs”!! They really are a thing and they’re horrible!
  4. They really are, Shaun. After further reading it could very well have been slapbacks that I was suffering from. I couldn’t manage the 5 days in between doses and fell back to the odd injection as the pain and amount of headaches were too much. I’m taking it day by day now but have finally managed some good sleep the last 2 nights. I too am a huge advocate of O2 and announce that at every opportunity. Do you have a link to this O2 video you guys speak of please? I can’t seem to find it.
  5. Thanks so much guys. You are a great bunch of people and very generous with your time.
  6. Spiny, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to respond in such detail. I’ve only had access to oxygen for around 4 or 5 years now and have loved the purity and effectiveness of it as a medication but have noticed the headaches return sooner alright. I’ve often read about staying on for 5-10 mins after but always feared running out of oxygen. I will focus more on this as well as the rest of your info. I can’t help but notice that the oxygen seems to bring the headache on stronger/quicker but does help relieve it quicker too. I often wondered was that common with others. Are energy drinks a good source of caffeine or would you recommend coffee? And what’s the idea with the candy? Thanks so much.
  7. Guys please help. I’m 12 years into Clusters but this period has been so long and so intense and I am all out of energy, methods and will power. I have access to everything that is recommended on here (never had any success with verapamil and prednisone). I just can’t find the right balance to get any relief. Plus I can’t manage the 5 day gap with no sumatriptan as the oxygen isn’t able to fight it alone. My period/season bizarrely jumped to summer for the first time and my current headache schedule is 2 during the night and 1 in the morning (with other less concerning sporadically triggered attacks). I need to get some rest so if anyone has a trick for the attacks that occur in the middle of the night that would be a start please. I’m using taking one whole tank of oxygen most nights and it can’t be good for me. I even have Emgality here that I’ve never tried along with a Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block which may have to be my next move if you guys recommend it. Thanks a lot guys.
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