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  1. Tony Only

    Website Down - But Fix Is In Progress

    I'll attach a picture of a section of the website I was looking for. I think it's pretty much the same as the 13 parts in the forums ? Maybe somebody knows better, I thought maybe the website version was more up to date or it had additional content to it. I had been translating it to finnish very slowly over the years and it's far from done. I'll do my best to advice everyone register here and ask any questions they might have. Playing Well Together is asked about most at the moment (from me). I have heard of aborting attacks with different tryptamines mysef but don't have personal experience and know little about this subject. I think many that do this do not repeat or manage to repeat it (maybe due to "shutting the door") unless they use tiny amounts (as in SPUTs). Just yesterday I read here that "According to other reports (1, 2, 3), inhaled DMT can abort an attack in as little as 3-5 seconds." I think reports like that should make researchers jump right into this one. Thank you again CHfather (and for all that you do!) Here's my attachment: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hiSrF4Oygu3aczlY2NT7lfP5VwlWR1GY/view?usp=sharing
  2. Quite a few people on this forum I would love to see join our movement if you have time and energy. Every CH advocate is a valuable consultant for this no matter where you are located. https://sites.google.com/view/hortonyhdistys/in-english/petition-2020
  3. Tony Only

    Website Down - But Fix Is In Progress

    Thank you CHfather. I am actually looking for "Busting - The Clusterbuster Method" section that used to be here: http://clusterbusters.com/?page_id=26 For some reason it was in my bookmarks by the name of "Psilocybin and LSD in the treatment of cluster headache"
  4. Tony Only

    Website Down - But Fix Is In Progress

    Is "Psilocybin and LSD in the treatment of cluster headache" (the busting section) anywhere available to read ?
  5. Tony Only

    Coronavirus PSA

    Hey all, I will jump completely Off Topic and just say how much I appreciate everyone of you. There has always been a few individuals in cluster communities around the world doing so incredibly much for the others. You are helping people and saving lives every day. You are awesome !
  6. Here in Finland also the emergency personnel need to be thanked. When person X has called an ambulance many times enough just to get oxygen treatment for Horton's, often the emergency personnel are involved in the process when doctor finally makes that oxygen script.
  7. I understand this might seem odd to everyone who is familiar with clusters and treatments. When we started the production this video was supposed to go to hospitals, police, security personnel etc. only to be distributed in their internal information channels. We decided to make it public as we went but it is still targeted to those who are unaware about clusters and different treatments. Majority of finnish patients we have encountered on recent 8 years our social media group has been active here have had difficulties with their attacks in public. People have been locked up, sedated by force, pepper sprayed etc. Oxygen is often not used even when one has diagnosis and/or some kind of paper with them guiding for it's use. We have kept a list of doctors who can write a script for medical oxygen - those doctors are so rare. Fastest way to get an oxygen therapy to your home is to have it used during an attack in an ambulance or in ER station (which is even slower). Distances in Finland are quite short in great part of the country or amount of ambulances on the road is so good; where I live I could get an ambulance in around 5-10-15 minutes. The ambulance presentation in video is to present the severity of the condition too. Unfortunately for some it is impossible to get oxygen at home no matter what - we can't get welding oxygen etc. in here as easily as in US because they are so regulated and permissions are almost impossible to get if you don't have a business in that field. I think many struggle and fight it out and stay invisible. Every ambulance call is logged and the reason as well. Using them is advocating to healtcare professionals. There was an intention to place a disclaimer in the end but the mighty corona got to us and the editing venue is currently shut down.
  8. After 30 years of clusters there's a great difference on cluster side vs. "normal" side. I'm approaching 5 years without a cycle and my secretion is sticky and often bloody on cluster side even on these PF years. It's odd. Often looks like the cluster side is allergic and the other side is not.
  9. Tony Only

    Alcohol intoxication during cluster

    First of all, my advice for everybody is to avoid alcohol completely in life in general and especially in treating clusters, no matter what you can achieve using it treatment wise. Personally, younger drinking too much, to the point of passing out provided me with a "shield" - a time period inside which cluster attacks did not happen. I drank more and more and during years this time period got shorter to the point when alcohol did not build this shield at all anymore. And I had a huge alcohol problem. Back then I used to think it lessened my attacks, I don't anymore - I think I got them back in spades later on. I have chatted with quite a few (usually male) clusterheads over the years who use alcohol for this shielding effect. I believe in the point when this is happening everyone is still quite manageable episodic. I don't want to encourage anyone to try or use it because there are healthier alternatives, for the brain and for life and people around us. But it's an interesting phenomenon which should be looked at that might help us understand clusters better and get us closer to finding the "cure". The other side of the coin; guys who have stopped using alcohol altogether at some point of their lives and have decades to look at cluster-wise usually notice there is some kind of correlation with no alcohol (different mind set) - no clusters (severe cycles).
  10. Tony Only

    Stephen King

    Any King readers in this forum ? I know he has often stated having migraines but just about always I read a headache description in his books these days clusters come to mind. Anyone have similiar thoughts ? Should he not have heard of clusters would not be unheard of.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/hortonassociation/posts/510656216494396
  12. Thanks for your story Vipul ! I will be following this with great interest. My cloud space tonyonly.pp.fi is not working any more (it was discontinued) so they Ayurveda protocol in english can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/hortoninneuralgia/resurssit/englanti/ayurveda
  13. Tony Only

    Busting with this medication

    She is currently having a respiratory infection on top of her asthma so it's probably wise to wait to recover from that. She just sent me rest of the meds and supplements she is on: - Indomethacin - Para tabs (paracetamol) - Dymista nasal spray - Sirdalud - relaxant - Ferrodan (iron) + lactoferrin