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  1. Thanks to everyone who have replied ! And thanks @trjonas - I have known Boswellia serrata to be used for CH but this is the first time I heard it's this much beneficial compared to indomethacin for treating hemicrania continua. I sent a link to this discussion to the patient in question and also shared this on Facebook, I think many may benefit of this !
  2. We have created a Facebook post you can share today if you use social media: https://www.facebook.com/hortonassociation/posts/788401562053192 Other material for CHAD 2021 is in our website: https://sites.google.com/view/hortonyhdistys/in-english/chad-in-english Pain free wishes everyone
  3. Check the links in the description Cluster headaches are one of the most excruciating conditions known to medicine. They destroy lives and drive many patients to suicide in order to escape the pain. But psilocybin and related substances can provide dramatic relief for many patients. Help them get their lives back. Support legalising access to psilocybin and related substances for the treatment of cluster headaches. More information here: https://www.preventsuffering.org/clus... Read our November 2020 policy paper "Legalising Access to Psilocybin to End the Agony of Cluster Headaches
  4. You don't need even a single dose of triptan when you have oxygen + other abortatives and a good preventative. But if recently diagnosed it might seem hard to get there and new clusterheads usually are the ones who fall on suma path (and many are unable to get out). I personally think it's magnificient that they are limited nowadays, remembering those days they were not and having overused them myself to the extreme. Lots of friends from that era are either dead or live with a damaged heart. They can lengthen cycles, increase frequency and intensity of attacks. Many still keep on using them wh
  5. It's a bit of a twisted logic - Vitamin D is added to our food in Finland since we are Vitamin D deficient as a nation (no sun during winters) but then again if you supplement it's dangerous and we are already getting "too much" from food that has added Vitamin D. This heated discussion has lasted for decades. Few key doctors who dare to disagree are out of doctor's union. Research will change the world.
  6. Thanks Siegfried and spiny
  7. I have very limited understanding for the scientific side but I thought this might explain why busting (that we do) is beneficial for many for such long periods of time. And then needs to be done again when inflammation reaches the certain point again and again unless something is changed permanently in diet etc. I'm not certain what you're asking though
  8. I have been asking for prices this week to have these measured in my town. Cheapest price in my city is around $270 for Vitamin D, calcium and PTH together. Unfortunately I can't afford that. We have a public healthcare system and it is just about impossible to have Vitamin D measured there. Maybe once to make sure there is no deficiency but if you say you are using supplements the instruction is to stop using supplements. If I have had other health issues and high Vitamin D level, I have always been instructed to stop taking vitamin supplements before receiving any kind of care. Should I
  9. I was chronic, started busting in 2012 and managed to end my chronic state and attacks completely at first. CH returned in few very weak cycles. I have not had a real cycle since 2015 and manage to keep myself pain free with Anti-inflammatory regimen and preventative or abortative busting. But IF things get out of hand, this is exactly what I get - continuous pain. I thought at first that after 30 years I have managed to develop a migraine in addition to CH and neurologist also thought so. Now I know we were both wrong, it was CH moving on to another side of my head. I think it (or he/she) is
  10. 2 weeks ago I had my first real ping pong, an attack changing sides every day. It was super strange and it took me Day 3 to comprehend this is really Horton's (cluster). It felt like an effort for a cycle to start but managed to bust it back into remission. I thought I would ask if this has happened to you, has anyone had any ideas what could be causing it - apart from adjusting your hypothalamus with psychedelics I'm having quite a lot of health issues right now (gut & breathing) and feel like these might have something to do with it. PF wishes everyone
  11. And we just happen to have an Anti-inflammatory regimen for Horton's already https://massivesci.com/notes/psychedelic-drugs-serotonin-psilocybin-dmt/
  12. Although it's sad for you not to be able to meet in person, you can't imagine how great virtual conference is for someone 7000 km away who has been following all the bits and pieces possible from previous conferences ! Thank you for setting this up !
  13. I think Jonathan's speech is available to watch for everyone via link on OPIS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/preventsuffering/posts/3298997980180432 This is the cluster headache project we are also carrying on in Finland.
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