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  1. Here's a list of the articles published in the past month, written by us or featuring our work. Clusterbusters in Practical Neurology Clusterbusters in TrialSite News Clusterbusters in Times Union Bob Wold on KWGN Colorado Clusterbusters Discussed in Citizen Science Emmanuelle Schindler in Science
  2. For most people, mushrooms are not a cure. They are a treatment. We don't know as much about them for migraine as we do for cluster. There has not been a strain that has been identified to be better than others. Find one where you understand dosing and try following the busting protocol to see if it works. You can always adjust.
  3. The truth is that we do not know what triggers migraine. We have guesses but the research isn't there to back up any of it. If put in an environment where you don't know what the weather is, you don't know what food you are eating, and you don't have any external stimuli, migraine is still unpredictable. Eat healthy, get exercise, stay hydrated. This is the best advice anyone can give someone who is living with migraine.
  4. Applications for Headache on the Hill are open. If you haven't done this event before, it is empowering to share your story and your needs with your elected representatives. This event is for U.S. residents. Apply today: https://secure.everyaction.com/RW0G0XpWxkyku204SvBfyQ2 Registration for our 1st Annual U.K./E.U. Patient Conference is open. We will be meeting in Glasgow U.K. for education, support, and fun. We hope you will join us. https://cbglasgow2023.planningpod.com/ For more details, check out the sub-forum on events and advocacy, or just click on the links.
  5. Your voice matters. Our elected representatives in Washington DC need to hear from you. Apply to join the 2023 cohort of Headache on the Hill advocates to make your voice heard in support of equitable policies for those impacted by headache diseases. Apply by November 30th at https://secure.everyaction.com/RW0G0XpWxkyku204SvBfyQ2
  6. Registration for the first annual Clusterbusters U.K./European Patient Conference is open! Join us in Glasgow for what promises to be a memorable inaugural event. Register today. https://cbglasgow2023.planningpod.com/
  7. 2022 was an amazing year of growth, and we are grateful for your support! Clusterbusters continues to advance research on cluster headache. We're expanding our advocacy to be more effective in supporting those with CH. We're planning 2023 in-person conferences in both the UK & US, as well as continuing with other smaller events such as camping, the virtual 5K, and our online support groups. Please consider Clusterbusters on #Giving Tuesday, November 29th.
  8. First, to answer Angelbrz, this conference is in-person only. We may record some sessions and put them on YouTube for viewing later, but for now, it's just in-person. As for hotel rooms, the group rate applies if you stay all or part of the conference time. It also applies to the three days pre and post event in case you want to stay additional time. So feel free to book for as little or as many nights as you want, just do so in the next two days as the 24th is the last day to access the group rate.
  9. This is the last week to book your hotel room at the group rate ($139-king, $159-2 queen). After August 24 you will not be able to take advantage of this great deal. You can find the link to obtain this rate on our conference webpage: https://17thclusterbustersconf.planningpod.com/
  10. As you likely know, registration is open for our 17th Annual Patient Conference, which will be in person in Rosemont, IL. The agenda has been posted. This agenda is subject to change, but I thought you all might want to see what we have in store for you. Hope to see you there!
  11. We are so excited to return to an in-person event this year. Please join us September 15-18, 2022 in Rosemont, IL for a great conference. See our event site for details! https://17thclusterbustersconf.planningpod.com/
  12. Angela Stanton is neither a medical doctor nor offers safe medical advice. We do not recommend you follow her protocol or join her cult.
  13. Really looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!
  14. This event is definitely still planned. However, if things go sideways and events have to be cancelled again, I'm guessing that airlines will change their policies like they did last year.
  15. Hi everyone, https://cbconference2021.planningpod.com/ This is the site and registration for our 2021 conference in Chicago/Rosemont, IL, Sept. 23-26, 2021. I know several people have asked about a virtual option and I'm going to say I will try to do this. It's a heavy lift with an in-person event at the same time, and I don't currently have the manpower. If you would like to volunteer to help with technology (REALLY need people who are tech literate here) it will help to make this happen. As we are in close contact during our conference, the in-person conference is intended for those who have been vaccinated for Covid-19. We are looking forward to seeing real, live human beings again and hugging you all in September. -Eileen
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