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  1. Sharing dosing experience with magic mushrooms. I found that taking 1/10 of a gram every 5 days seems to work and have been CH free for 8 months (have some of the twinges, and tension but not a CH episode). MM's have varying levels of potency so each batch has to be tested through trial and error (which is sort of fun!). Also, individuals react differently too. Have found that I am very sensitive to MM's. My regimen is to take the amount that does not cause any of the psychedelic effects, aka micro dose. Success could also be due to getting vitamin D levels to normal as well, which was accomplished about 8 months ago as well.
  2. Wanted to share that I did a ketamine breathing treatment during my last CH episode and it worked initially (for 2 days) and then got a slap back reaction that resulted in the worst pain in my 54 years of life. The CH pain landed me in the ER. So wanted to share for those considering ketamine. Question on triggers (having given up on many things that I believe trigger me such as massage, chiropractor...) - I believe that wearing these face coverings during Covid lockdowns is a trigger. We have recently began to have to wear them again in my city and the beast is stirring on the side of my head now after about two weeks. Not full blown and hopefully the busting protocol keeps them away. Anyone else have input on face coverings as a trigger?
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