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  1. Yea I am busting every 4-5 days (schedule is making every 5 days difficult). It's not so much I thought the D3 made them worst I was just wondering if the relief I was getting from the D3 was undone by the slap back from busting, but it is probably an answer that I will never know.
  2. So I have a strange question, we can only make guesses about our own headaches vs one another. So I have started the vitamin D3 regimen mostly, I am missing a couple vitamins. When this cycle started the first headache I had I used some MM, overall the headache was mild and I dont remember if it stopped before the MM kicked in. After that day, for the next two weeks, all my headaches were mild, I was able to drive and focus in class, no one even knew anything was wrong. This past Monday I had a 6/10 I was on the floor, I was very upset I was thinking maybe the vitamin D3 had been keeping them
  3. That makes perfect sense, I have been selfishly inactive over the last 4 years while I have been in remission. Do we have more user information on emgality, it didnt seem that convincing to me.
  4. I just made it 4 years until this cycle, but I have only dosed about twice-four times a year. I got lazy/busy and probably havent dosed since july....
  5. Thanks for the responses, I just get so motivated to keep busting between my cycles because it supposed to postpone the cycles but then over time i get lazy.
  6. Hi all, it has been awhile since I posted... thankfully my cycles originally started at about 1.5 year intervals then before I knew about mushroom busting the intervals changed to 3 years... Well I made it 4 years this time, I had been intermittently using mushrooms in between this time period and I think my cycle has started now because I got lazy.... Tripping gets hard especially in grad school. I have started the vitamin D regimen, this is the first cycle that I have headaches where I can continue to work/focus, but that isn’t happening anymore as of yesterday my last three headaches have b
  7. So i am experiencing my 5th cycle, mine started before I started smoking i was 15 but my mom was a smoker. I haven't always been a regular smoker but this cycle i havent really wanted to smoke, i barely have for 5 weeks, i probably wouldn't have at all if it wasnt a habitual thing also. I just think its strange and maybe its fear of the beast having a psychological effect but the adversion to nicotine is definitely something i can feel and is related to the cycle
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