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  1. Yea I am busting every 4-5 days (schedule is making every 5 days difficult). It's not so much I thought the D3 made them worst I was just wondering if the relief I was getting from the D3 was undone by the slap back from busting, but it is probably an answer that I will never know.
  2. So I have a strange question, we can only make guesses about our own headaches vs one another. So I have started the vitamin D3 regimen mostly, I am missing a couple vitamins. When this cycle started the first headache I had I used some MM, overall the headache was mild and I dont remember if it stopped before the MM kicked in. After that day, for the next two weeks, all my headaches were mild, I was able to drive and focus in class, no one even knew anything was wrong. This past Monday I had a 6/10 I was on the floor, I was very upset I was thinking maybe the vitamin D3 had been keeping them so mild, although I know its not a silver bullet. That night I dosed again on MM, expecting to have 24 hours relief I had two headaches both 5+/10, this felt more like a slap back, I say this because I never encountered a slap back until last cycle and the pain/frequency had never been as bad as it was last cycle. I was also under an unusually high amount of stress for myself and a person in general (house burned down, senior year of college, two robberies at my house, gf and mom in bad car accident, all at the same time) so I think this might have also contributed to it. My question is, do you guys think the vitamin regimen wouldnt have any affect in reducing the slap backs? I do have to also mention that I am over 24 hrs headache free, I was recently about to have one but I went for a brisk walk and had a bang energy drink, I dont know if this stopped it but it stopped.
  3. That makes perfect sense, I have been selfishly inactive over the last 4 years while I have been in remission. Do we have more user information on emgality, it didnt seem that convincing to me.
  4. I just made it 4 years until this cycle, but I have only dosed about twice-four times a year. I got lazy/busy and probably havent dosed since july....
  5. Thanks for the responses, I just get so motivated to keep busting between my cycles because it supposed to postpone the cycles but then over time i get lazy.
  6. Hi all, it has been awhile since I posted... thankfully my cycles originally started at about 1.5 year intervals then before I knew about mushroom busting the intervals changed to 3 years... Well I made it 4 years this time, I had been intermittently using mushrooms in between this time period and I think my cycle has started now because I got lazy.... Tripping gets hard especially in grad school. I have started the vitamin D regimen, this is the first cycle that I have headaches where I can continue to work/focus, but that isn’t happening anymore as of yesterday my last three headaches have been worst, but still not "terrible". I'm sure everyone here understands that, you say a CH is a 3 out of 10 you are really talking about the cluster headache scale and not the average pain scale lol. My question though, has anyone seemingly ever stopped their cycles permanently? Permanent might be hard to answer unless dead people are replying to this thread, but basically I am trying to determine if it is possible, honestly its the ptsd that is hard to deal with, the complete fear after I have a headache and the following tears. Also random question, do others feel like they can feel their last headache of their cycle? There’s a distinct feeling I get I cant describe that I remember for all my previous final headaches of a cycle, and I was just wondering if anyone felt that. The other headaches just blend together, but for some reason the last one for each of my cycles I can distinctly remember.
  7. So i am experiencing my 5th cycle, mine started before I started smoking i was 15 but my mom was a smoker. I haven't always been a regular smoker but this cycle i havent really wanted to smoke, i barely have for 5 weeks, i probably wouldn't have at all if it wasnt a habitual thing also. I just think its strange and maybe its fear of the beast having a psychological effect but the adversion to nicotine is definitely something i can feel and is related to the cycle
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