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  1. The place I got them from is one of the ones recommend regularly here. I just wasn't sure I should mention they were willing to ship to UK in case that implicated then in some way. They are definitely untreated, viable seeds. Thanks for mentioning, though, @jon019.
  2. Although not directly answering the original question, I thought it would be of use to people that I can confirm I was able to obtain RC Seeds in the UK by ordering from a US based source. I ordered on 2nd July and have just received the delivery today. I do have some concerns with regards to whether the changing conditions that they would have been subjected to during international transit may have affected their potency, but it's still encouraging that I was able to get them. I guess time will tell with regards to their potency. Not sure I should mention the name of the purchase sou
  3. Hi all, A pretty unusual post this! In the last six months, I've had some testing periods with CH. These experiences lead me to write a couple of songs inspired by what I've gone through. I figured it would be cathartic to share the recordings (only rough demo tracks!) with the community here. It got me wondering whether anyone knows of any professional/famous artists who have ever released songs inspired by CH?! Anyway, here are links to the two songs. I hope there's something there you can associate with - if not, that will say a lot about my song writing skills Unti
  4. With regard to whether it's safe/dangerous to overdose, I guess it's not recommended. However, I've read stories of people injecting sumatriptan more than ten times a day without it killing them. That said, I really don't think it's a good idea to consistently overdose.
  5. If you're taking that much sumatriptan, there's a possibility you'd be creating rebounds. But that's not definitive. Also, it seems you're taking tablets - how come you're not on injections or nasal spray? Tablets are generally considered somewhat useless for CH in that they take too long to work. Finally, do you have oxygen as an alternative abortive?
  6. I'm sorry to hear what a tough time you're going through. You didn't mention in your message anything about oxygen - do you use that as an abortive? The general consensus seems to be that oxygen should be the first line abortive, leaving Imitrex as a backup option. I believe there's plenty of evidence that using lots of Imitrex can worsen and lengthen cycles.
  7. Interesting article: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/mar/13/it-blew-my-mind-can-psychedelic-drugs-cure-addiction-depression I guess it could very much work in favour of CHers if psilocybin does become legalised for medical use for mental health disorders. The market for mental health is obviously huge (much bigger than for CH) so anything that brings psylicobin closer to legal prescription is a good thing.
  8. I'm pretty convinced this applies to me. The more I'm working out my brain either with stress or taxing work, the less likely it seems I am to have attacks. In fact I think my cycle started in January partly due to me having wound down over the Xmas break after an intense amount of hard work prior to the holiday period.
  9. Hi everyone. Thanks for checking up on me @spiny, that's really kind. Latest update is that I'm fortunately feeling quite improved on the mental side. I don't feel like I'm living out a 24/7 panic attack! I think I found a reason for why I hit a really low point anxiety wise. I think I mentioned I've started up the ketogenic diet? That was mid last week, and, with the benefit of hindsight, I realise I was being clobbered pretty hard by "keto flu" on Friday and Saturday especially. At the time I'd put the way I felt physically and mentally down to anxiety. However, the fog seemed to
  10. @spinythis did occur to me too. However I was wondering whether it might be the extreme shifting in exposure to sunlight and the outdoors that did it for me. From April to September, I partook in the most extensive period of working out in my life. I'd call myself a road cyclist, and last year the pandemic lockdown restrictions in the UK allowed for me to really up my game. I was out on my bike 5-6 times a week, covering pretty much 6000km outside in that time. I was averaging over 200km a week, 7-10 hours out riding. Then the clocks changed, the weather changed. And I switched to t
  11. Thanks @xxx I think I might speak to my neurologist about this. Seems like it wouldn't be a bad thing to add in quercetin, so will be interesting to see whether I could do that without having to change anything else up.
  12. Thank you all for your kind support and advice. Anxiety is a rocky ride with good days and dreadful days. Yesterday was not a good day for me. Just got to keep fighting. We're all fighting something.
  13. p.s. I'm in the UK and frankly wouldn't know where to begin in getting hold of something like RC seeds. I've looked it up and it's certainly not obvious, and I wouldn't know how to trust any potential source anyway.
  14. Thank you both for your replies, it really does mean a lot to have such a supportive community to offer help and advice. To be honest, I've tried very little in some regard. I haven't really needed to go crazy with meds as my cycles of severe CH attacks have been few and far between. 2009 was first (diagnosed with eCH once cycle was basically over - lasted 4 weeks). 2016 had another cycle, 3 weeks long, with quite a few weeks of lingering pain/discomfort (shadows?). Since then, any sign of a full blown cycle, I've managed to get a nerve block within 2/3 days of suspecting it, and it'
  15. Hi everyone, The regulars around here will no doubt have seen me pop up a few times recently - thanks for being such a supportive community. I've shared in other posts more about the specifics of my diagnosis, symptoms and history in other posts. Truth be told, I've never come to terms with being a CHer and I've suffered pretty crippling anxiety a few times in the past during active cycles. At the moment, I've reached possibly my lowest point ever with regard to my ability to cope psychologically with the beast. It's completely broken me this time. I'm gripped by intense fear p
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