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  1. This forum is such a blessing and curse, as most of you know. A blessing to know there are other's who have been where I am, who can understand, give advice etc... and a curse because it breaks my heart to hear about other's suffering. Anyway, with that said, I'm trying to figure out a way to lessen the cost of my imitrex (sumatriptan) and wondering if anyone has ever taken apart the nasal spray and hacked it to be injectable. Please excuse my ignorance on this. I just got the cartridge injection form (here in Manitoba they can't get the vials) and will divide it up for smaller doses with the needles/syringes I procured. This will save cost for sure, but the nasal sprays are even cheaper and if the liquid therein could be used for injecting I would save even more. Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows anything about this or has tried it? Thanks so much.
  2. Yes! Been scouring this board looking for something on this topic. I most assuredly have these after a heavy attack (kip 8 or 9).
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