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  1. Ice-pack helps me. also make sure he stays properly hydrated and his blood sugar doesnt get too low, which are givens lol.
  2. Yes i have the same experience. When I take medicine to relieve the pain I feel lethargic and drained. When I refuse to take medicine and just fight it, after its over the sense of euphoria washes over me and I feel so alive lol.
  3. Its bad enough to where I can't do anything but scream and squirm around on the floor wishing i was dead lol. I am a big advocate on staying away from medicine. I don't even use advil most of the time. I just ordered oxygen so hopefully that will help.
  4. hey I'm new to this forum and have been dealing with cluster headaches since the age of 14. Im 20 years old now and after 8 months of not having an attack they're back. Whats your experience with nasal sumatriptan? I never take medicine for my attacks because i feel as if they're detrimental, but my mom is persisting that I take the medicine. I don't like the pills because of the rebound headache/lethargy that pursues after. Also, does anyone get a strange sense of euphoria after an attack?
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