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  1. Hey cluster brothers, I am new to the US and not sure where I can buy RC seeds online? Any tips please? Thanks, Alex
  2. Hello everyone, I will be moving to Utah this coming summer from Europe and would like to find out how to get oxygen when needed. Any tips? Also, where do you guys get Rivea Corymbosa seeds in the United States? Thank you in advance, Alex
  3. Hi all, I just wanted to get you thoughts on the consequence of busting (seeds or shrooms) for our liver. Do we know what are the consequences? Any cases so far that have increased concern with this regard? Do any of you experience liver pain (not severe) after a busting dose? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Dear Friends, after almost 4 years, my Beast is back. Of course, I considered myself blessed and lucky with such long remission, though this is just thank to this forum and the information I found here. I was a chronic before and since I started with my RC seeds, just three cycles in 9 years (of roughly one month each). This time it's a bit harder, because it's taking longer to get my prescribed oxygen, so I am fighting back with ice, red-bulls and......hope.. I am although a bit "out of exercise" and there are a few questions I would like to ask, if anyone has the patience to get back. how long it takes, since start busting, to block a cluster? how many seeds do you take on average (I usually take 70/80)? do you drink also the crushed seeds, or just the water filtering what remains of them? has any of you noticed that posture acts like a trigger (if I sit on the sofa, the beast will get me in less than 10 minutes). Or is that just for me? out of context: anyone from UTAH on this board? and from UK? Thank you all and wish everyone a long remission! Alex
  5. Thank you very much for your help
  6. Hello everybody, I am about to take an important choice of probably moving to the US. Could anyone please explain me how the providing of oxygen works? (UTAH, Minnesota and generally). Thanks a lot Alex
  7. I agree! I am sure many pharmaceutical organizations are more than happy with this. Does anyone know if in Amsterdam RC seeds are sold? I could travel there easy and bring some back.
  8. All the legal high ones http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2016-05-25/what-is-the-deal-with-the-legal-highs-ban http://metro.co.uk/2016/05/24/legal-highs-wont-be-legal-for-much-longer-heres-what-you-need-to-know-5902399/
  9. Hello everybody, this morning I wanted to buy seeds from Allsalvia in UK, to store some for the next doses, and I found out that these are no longer available in UK upon a recent ban from the Government. Is anybody aware of this? Have you found any alternatives or solutions to this issue? It's terrible..... Thanks, Alex
  10. Hi Napoli, 80 seeds used to be effective to me. I use to buy them from allsalvia. Thank you mate and all the best to you too
  11. Hi folks, I am out of my cluster again, thanks to RC seeds My intention, this time, is to bust every two months; how many seeds are usually suggested to bust, when you are not in cluster? Same quantity as in the cluster period, or less? Thank you all again and wish remission for everyone! Alex
  12. Thank you CHFather, that's now clearer
  13. Hi, sorry to ask, but I am bit confused after a lot of reading on the board. I know, indeed, that for the best busting, we should completely give up with medications (the one we use to take for CH, such as Verapamil, Topiramate, Sumatriptan etc.). But I still see many posts with suggestions on how to use Verapamil at the best, or similar. It's been five years now that I am not taking anything else but RC seeds. Should I consider also to take additional drugs? I often see that, besides attacks, you speak about Hits. what are they? Finally, I have seen that many of you take very high doses of Melatonin and D3 Vitamin. I have never taken more than how much is indicated in the medicine instructions, even though I have tried to take up to two Melatonin pills (2x2mg) in one day, morning and night-time, but I woke up with tachycardia and could feel like I didn't have enough strength in arms and legs. Is that normal? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure that I understand everything Thank you all in advance,
  14. Thank you MoxieGirl, yes, in the past I have been to a Massage Centre and did a 3 weeks cycle of therapy for my arthritis. I felt really good after and I only now realized that, at the end of the treatment, my cluster stopped. (that was 5 years ago). I also believe I have clusters (two many years with oxygen, RC seeds, Triptanes and other), but I wonder if an arthritis can trigger a CH attack. I will probably try to do another cycle, here in London (last one, it was 5 years ago and I was still leaving in Italy). Any suggestions? I will listen to your advices also with regards to video games (I enjoy playing, but can resist if I can avoid an attack ) Thank you! Alex
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