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  1. BoF loved you. I apprecaite your posts.

  2. interesting report from a pretty strong group. Personally I believe you have to do"the work" either counselling of self reflection to gain success. The psychedelics are just a tool. The article exceeds size limits so Ill try and link it https://elifesciences.org/articles/62878
  3. You have a lot of parallel processes going on at the same time. You will often get some bad slapbacks with mm. That seems a common theme when used during cycle. Your description would suggest the D3 is actually tempering them. Baseline life stress may actually lessen attacks if your adrenaline levels are elevated. It’s different for everyone. the advice to be on a disciplined dose regimen is good.
  4. Struggling with your humanity and existence with the burden of cluster headaches challenges even the most stable of souls. Add the element of a panic attack, which can feel like the arrival of death itself, and life's burden can be overwhelming. Every human is defined by their underlying physiology, spirituality, history and aspirations, Its what makes us unique and why treatment is rarely a one size fits all problem. Certainly on a basic level cause and effect can be directly related but because we inherit slightly different metabolisms, slightly different anatomy, vastly different toxin/
  5. Not so easy to do. Not sure anyone's video would replace the National Geo Dan segment. Any clusterhead can relate to that. There was the documentary guy several years ago looking to film an attack but I'm not sure they ever got legs. Selfie stick in one hand O2 mask the other
  6. good to point out, thank you. That explains why my corporate filter kept blocking the links. My comments were directed at mindmed which is a legit operation looking to commercialize and research the benefits of psychedelics. My thoughts about buying psilocybin containing products stand. Appreciate you noticing the "n", old eyes Its interesting that mindmend.com is a domain for sale while mindmend.co goes through to the offer. Emphasizes the need for care before clicking or concluding.
  7. I would be very careful and skeptical about getting psilocybin from a "legal source" Its not legal anywhere but a few places its decriminalized. Heck getting a "kit" with mycelium isn't even legal. If this turns out to be legit its an amazing breakthrough. Just remember not to get caught in US because the penalties are not forgiving When you go direct to their web page it doesn't say anything about sale of stuff only investor info and trials proposed/underway
  8. Mindmend is poking the bear with provocative statements. The skeptical cynical me says they are throwing out info to create investor support. Not bad in and of itself. I do not care for the proprietary approach several of these concerns are taking. I know they have investments to protect but they are patenting molecules and ideas that have been around a long time. Right now they are throwing a lot of stuff in the air to see what sticks and generate interest. MAPS has been at this much longer and seems to be a more inclusive route. Any of this type of research is a long way fro
  9. As I understand 4 grams of dried mushrooms is equal to 20-25 mg active ingredient. This being the case the max dose in the Yale study would be about the same as 2 grams dried fungus. If i recall the study design included input from several folks with descent experience and influence with cluster busters. The safety studies with psilocybin done at UW Madison used an escalating weight adjusted model of doses from 23-30 mg/70 kg body weight. Basically at the top end they received the equivalent of 5 plus grams dried which is often considered a "heroic dose". I do not believe an
  10. Mindmend is a budding for profit enterprise which is trying to study and document the positive effects we all assume are possible from psychedelic use. I'm not sure if they a publicly traded yet but that is the ultimate intention. They have been fairly aggressive in obtaining patents. I believe they are actively seeking non hallucinogenic versions of classic psychedelics. I wasn't aware they had a product for sale. they seem well intended but some of the things they have done makes me suspicious. Time will tell.
  11. This is a very well designed study by a researcher with great integrity. The amount of work done to bring it to enrollment is beyond comprehension. I am amazed recruitment has been so slow. One would think with the paucity of effective preventative treatments for cluster headaches, the reach of organizations like clusterbusters and desperate souls the study would fill up fast. Unfortunately I suspicion travel, time away from home and exclusion criteria (not much) play a role. I have often wondered if you could have a real placebo for a classic psychedelic if you were using perceptu
  12. Great reply's to a provocative article. Its reports like these taken out of context that provide inane arguments from reimbursement decision makers and scare off those who would potentially benefit from Oxygen to treat a cluster attack. I have attached the original article which is "Hyperoxic Brain Effects Are Normalized by Addition of CO2". The OP placed a link from a PR arm of UCLA (self promotion) to bring our attention and concern. The PR department took great liberties with the content going so far as to state the info in being incorporated tin Europe to modify resuscitati
  13. The numerators in search of denominators is a common expression in the research world. It reflects the bias or observations of individuals who treat a specific diagnosis with a some intervention and see improvement and credit the intervention. Then later its determined the problem resolved for other reasons unrelated to the intervention. It is why power calculations are required in research before starting. If a study does not have enough participants to detect a difference then you are wasting time doing the study..A power calculation helps you set the denominator so a real change can
  14. I gave it try a couple of years ago. I was well into a challenging cycle and gave it a 3 month trial. My cycle stopped for 18 months and when it reared its ugly head this past August I tried it again without any relief. After the Amovig I tried Emgality for three moths without any relief. In retrospect I belief the first Amovig trial corresponded witht eh end of my cluster cycle and it gave the illusion of success. I never had side effects from Amovig but emgality made me feel pretty crappy (flu like) for a day or two after injection. When you read the studies For this class
  15. it is my opinion. I believe most of the evidence in Vit D and covid applies to folks with conventionally low values and is still be sorted out.. the Cluster data is problematic because it largely represents "numerators in search of denominators" Hopefully the controlled studies underway will help.
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