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  1. You will find it more cost effective and less painful to just get multidose vials and draw up yourself. You can get 2-3 doses per vial using a TB or insulin syringe. There is considerable cost savings with the vials if available and for some reason that prescription sometimes skirts quantity limitations insurances impose. You can bet there will be no savings in a reduced dose auto injector.
  2. On this day in 1938 Albert Hoffman synthesized LSD for the first time. His mission was to discover new drugs to treat headaches and cardiovascular disease. His impression was that the molecule was not very interesting so he shelved it. 5 years later he thought it was worth a second look. The worlds eyes have been opening ever since. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Hofmann
  3. There is a lot of misinformation about cardiotoxicity and triptan. Most of it is exaggerated. Adverse cardiac effects are largely single case reports and advise caution when using. Individuals who have had documented cardiac damage largely had pre existing predisposition. Of course there are always exceptions but the very vast majority of folks can use triptan with relatively safety. The rationing of triptan comes from several different directions. First it is primarily a drug for migraine headache. Providers feel if you are needing to inject more than 4-6 a month you should
  4. Hope you have it backed up. These things have a way of heading south and the knowledge here is not replaceable. Kudos to our fine administrators for keeping everything up and civil (unlike my first marriage).
  5. Get it evaluated. Probably not related. If it’s in the upper or lower lid it is likely a chalazion which is benign and treatable.
  6. I think the point of the article is in their model anti-inflammatory properties were noted in a non psychoactive component of certain psychedelic drugs. The mechanism for the that property is still being investigated. Personally I suspicion there is an "entourage effect" to all the interventions many find helpful. Somehow the presence of certain substances has an stronger effect than a single substance alone. If you think about it, n=most of the treatments we find helpful are generally found to help reduce inflammation: D3, antihistamines & Steroids come to mind. Whatever triggers th
  7. I'm curious how one defines "great success". A years worth of Emgality and D3 program but currently in a difficult cycle. I think about what success means to a cluster head. Personally I define it to be completely headache free. So when I get 18 month remission and then have 3-6 months of hell does that mean the busting\D3\CGRP\whatever bought you the remission or was the remission coincidental with the cycle itself? Sometimes when sucking O2 for the third time a night I wonder if all our solution seeking is just mental masturbation and the cycles will come by whatever path th
  8. The Haylard stimulator is designed for determining the amount of skeletal muscle paralysis during general anesthesia and to help determine proper needle placement during certain procedures. Basically it is a diagnostic tool. Any use in therapeutics would be " off label" and the frequencies generated are generally not regarded as therapeutic. I suspicion because it makes muscles twitch one gets the impression it is doing something but there is no data supporting therapeutic efficacy. The device has been around a long time and I'd think if it had recognized benefit there would be some repo
  9. Great post. This is one of those cost benefit things where theres no down side. Keto diet is tough for the carb lover. I hope folks who try this provide feedback.
  10. Clusters suck and are immutable part of our existence. I fully agree with advice given. There is no way in hell you can ever get anyone to appreciate the pain or come close to understanding unless its a fellow clusterhead. Even then our experience is our own. People think we exaggerate, embellish or plain seek attention. Of course thats not true at all. The bigger issue is anyone who has experienced the pain of childbirth, kidney stones, gout, a broken limb or othe painful event usually only has it once twice or a few times. We get way worse over and over and over. The way I deal is by
  11. My error it looked like the question was about the article/website info not about your Vagus stretch. I'd say the answer remains the same. Vagal stimulation has been tried and used in migraine and clusters but overall I would say the results are disappointing. A few folks think it helps, even fewer are convinced. Ultimately all nerves can be connected and to be sure the Vagus is a critical pathway but I suspect if manipulation and treatment of that area was truly helpful we would have more positive data by now.
  12. Seems like a novel idea. Not really sure what the basis would be. One study showed maybe help in migraines. Looks like there is one study recruiting https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00184587 Seems like a reach
  13. Not helpful. The principles of craniosacral therapy are sound and have a role. Such adjustments may mitigate parts of the cycle a bit but like other forms of physical medicine the treatment is fleeting and not sustained. Balancing your diaphragms is good for wellness and overall health but our beast is a bitch. (in a gender neutral sort of way)
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