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  1. MaxHead

    Has anyone tried emgality?

    I tried Emgality for about 5 months. Unfortunately, this was about the time I was shifting from episodic to chronic. Emgality does not help CCH and that was the case for me.
  2. MaxHead

    Good Neuro in Dayton OH Area

    I'm not sure where she ended up, but Dr. Starla Wise was my neurologist at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. She just relocated two weeks ago to Ohio and she was considering offers from the University of Cincinnati and Wright State. She was fantastic with cluster headache treatment options. Very open to non-traditional therapies but also very smart in advising you regarding risk/reward. She is a bulldog for you if she knows you are trying everything you can to get better. She went to war with BCBS of NC and got me approved for Emgality for Cluster (sadly I was chronic by the time they approved it and it ultimately didn't help me). She also went before the board at WFBH and got approval for me to try self-administered in-home SPG nerve blocks (first patient ever approved for that at WFBH) which was no small feat. My wife and I are still incredibly sad she left but WFBH has another neurologist with Cluster specialty (actually helped trained Dr. Wise) and they have other staff that also work with Cluster. But we will always be grateful to Dr. Wise for all she did for me! I recommend her without hesitation because I know how difficult finding someone who understands Cluster Headache can be. She is fantastic. Good luck whoever you find.
  3. MaxHead

    Emgality for episodic

    I began Emgality (300mg) in September with great hope. Unfortunately, it has not seemed to help in my case. However, in retrospect, I probably have been chronic CH during this time. I have discontinued use
  4. MaxHead

    Diet and Clusters

    I'm happy to hear that has worked for you so far and I hope it continues. I have gone a similar clean eating nutrition route. Also, in September 2018 I even went all-in on intermittent fasting (no eating for 12-16 hours, then I eat a normal amount of calories in remaining hours). I lost 32 pounds in 14 months. We even experimented by reintroducing some foods back into my diet short term to see if they would trigger CH. Anything to isolate the beast. Bottom line... My weight went down, my blood panel numbers (including micronutrients) improved dramatically across the board, and my energy went up. Unfortunately, I also went from episodic to chronic CH during that time. I feel better but can do less because of my debilitating CH condition. I had a seven-day stretch in early November when I had only four attacks. I thought for sure I was headed back into remission. That was followed by seven days with 35 attacks. There were no changes in nutrition, sleep or anything except some youthful optimism at the beginning of the second week. At least for me, CH is definitively not nutrition-related.