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  1. Also I didn't know there was other ways to try to fight these things. check into the vitamin D thing cuz I have osteoporosis also and vitamin D won't hurt me. Someone else pointed out that the sumatriptan can make the headaches worse and I believe that starting to happen. Having one of these headaches for 15 minutes to half an hour is bad enough never mind if I don't take the sumatriptan the longest I've had one last was an hour. But back then they weren't as intense. I did tell the doctor that I would be willing for them to cut the nerve that causes the headaches. Even if it meant losing facial movement. If I don't find something that will help I'm afraid of what I might do. I don't get much time off from my headaches the most days I've had off in the past 2 years is 4 days. Then they'll go for couple weeks anyways
  2. Too bad my insurance won't pay for it the oxygen I mean. But the lady I talked to at my insurance did say that they would pay for it for another condition. I have COPD so I'm going to see if they'll put it in for that.
  3. here goes. I went to a new neurologist yesterday he increased my Verapamil to 600 mg. Is sumatriptan I take as a nasal spray and it's 20 mg. He gave me an order for oxygen, my insurance won't pay for it I can't afford to get it. And I just found out today that my insurance has cut me back on the sumatriptan from three boxes every 21 days, two boxes every 30 days. I don't get many breaks from the Clusters. My last bout what's 2 weeks straight up to for headaches a day. Then I have 2 days off and started getting them again last night one last night and one late morning which is unusual. I usually get them from late afternoon tonight time. Something has got to work I can't handle these headaches.
  4. I'm also taking Verapamil. I just had the end of a headache not even 5 minutes ago my sumatriptan is the nasal spray
  5. My headaches have become so bad that I've told the doctor that if they knew what nerve was causing it I'd be willing for them to cut that nerve even if it meant losing part of my facial control. I don't know what to do anymore and now I can't get more sumatriptan my doctor is being a jerk I start with a new neurologist on Tuesday we'll see what he says. I cannot handle these headaches anymore 6 years of increasing frequency and intensity. I've practically begged for help. I need to find something that will work
  6. I wish I had known there were sites like this before I didn't realize that it was so rare I've been suffering so badly on my own and I've had a doctor that has become an idiot now she won't give me my sumatriptan the Verapamil doesn't work anymore so basically I feel like she's telling me just suffer until my next appointment. So far the longest I ever had a cluster headache last was an hour. And that was before the sumatriptan I find it very interesting that this condition has been nicknamed the suicide headaches.
  7. I went through 3 1/2 boxes of sumatriptan in two weeks. I called my doctor's office and asked if she could do a pre-authorization with my insurance because I reached my limit and she has decided so make me wait until my appointment in 3 weeks to discuss this. I don't know what I'm going to do. I am literally out of my mind when I get these headaches. I'm new to this website and I completely understand why they are nicknamed suicide headaches. Right now I spend every day wondering when I'm going to get my next headache they've gotten worse over time I cannot function. I've had people call an ambulance despite my request not to because by the time they come the headaches going away.
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