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  1. @spinySee I was right when I mistakenly called you skinny a while ago !!!
  2. We have the 2 little s--tbags sleeping with us at night . It's a fight every night for every inch of the bed
  3. See told you @BoscoPiko She looks great and with your tender love and care , I'm sure she will be up and about in no time
  4. Hi @Jackie mielniczekplease get off the topamax b4 your body starts getting used to it . So hard to get off it , and as people have said it will do nothing for your headaches .It will make you lose loads of weight plus you will start getting mood swings, plus you start to forget things , your short term memory gets shot to bits . Plus you start to miss words out of sentences when your speaking to people . Horrible med !!!!! You really need to see a headache specialist, get a proper diagnoses. Then if you have CH the first thing you need to get is O2 simple as that . Good luck keep us posted
  5. She will be fine @BoscoPikoand just think she will have you and your hubby waiting at home to look after her post op . So all good .Got to keep the banter going @BoscoPikoit keeps the world going round Good luck toorrow with everything
  6. Lol I just picked up a new pair of glasses on Saturday. Verifocols f---ing nightmare , move your head slightly and you lose all sight , can't get used to them, optician said all you have to do is point your nose at what you want to look at. God something so simple you would think !!!!!! Well for me no not at all .
  7. Have you lot ever thought , it may be us that's at fault . It may be an AGE thing . Just a thought tech and old age don't go together
  8. Jobo have hit the nail on the head as far as triptans are concerned. They have there place in are God forsaken world , but God so easy to over use because they are right there and can give such great relief in minutes , but over use means prolonged cycle rebound attacks simple as that .Been there done it !!!!!!! Not a good place to be . I jabbed at every sign of an attack a few years ago,I just didn't want to face the pain , I had o2 but didn't really know how to use it . I found this forum a few years ago know ,I've learnt so much . I'm off the triptans just like @BoscoPikoand have learnt how to manage my CH. Again just like bosco I do carry a triptan around with me when I'm out and about if I'm in cycle .Don't want to be thrashing about on the floor bang my head on the ground ,Will end up in a straight jacket (again)
  9. @BoscoPikoSo sorry to here about 1 of your babies being struck down , but don't worry to much bosco I'm sure she will be fine with you and your hubby looking after her . Get some ginger down you for the shadows (You already know that) shame you haven't got some vit L .could take you out of reality for a bit and the cluster bunny would hate it
  10. So true I have a great relationship with my o2 delivery drive (Dave) I can ring him anytime day and night and if he is working he will drop everything he is doing and drop me off new o2 tanks if I'm getting low
  11. @17477558409Sorry but all German and Dutch beers don't use preservative in the brewing process.so don't have Formaldehyde in them Most American premium beers except for Miller do use Formaldehyde as a preservative in their brewing process. Just didn't won't people thinking that all European beers are a no go
  12. Well Xmas hols have been great with the daughter home .just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all the support you guy gave me through all this . Thanks guys your the best @BoscoPikoSorry I'm not calling you a man
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