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  1. Sorry as I said my music taste is wide !!!!!
  2. Don't know if you guy's have heard of him , but he is so good
  3. I'm useless with technology lol Bosco what a lovely photo. . That brings back some really happy memories. When I first joined Army in 1985 I join the junior Leaders instead of 12 weeks training it's 12 months training , the idea of the 12 months training is you fast track through the ranks lol that didn't happen with me I only made it to l/col, that's another story ., but anyway whilst in the junior Leaders we had the opportunity to ride .I'd never sat on a horse in my life but thought I'd give it a go .wow I loved it rode every weekend for the whole 12 months whilst I was training . Haven't ride for about 9 years know but it is my intention to get my daughter riding it's a great hobbies
  4. Sorry didn't mean to do that lol was trying to do something else
  5. Wasn't knocking country music by the way buddy some of it is pretty good !!!!
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