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  1. And the god himself has travelled for America again
  2. Wish I could be there this year, but I'm working, doing what I love driving tour coach around Europe, didn't think I'd be doing this as CH f__ked up my life, but thanks to you guys and girl on clusterbusters.org I got my life back,
  3. I will put my list together, you will just have to wait a bit, it's long!!!!!!!!
  4. I haven't got a problem with your experiences at all , but your post states CURE !!!!!!! , your not cured simple as that !!!!!, and yes I'm know in my 27th month pain free , Have you ever thought that your CH has just switched sides
  5. @Douglas Wardwhat gets me with your posts , is you jump in with i have the cure , then you say you still get attacks, so when people question you , you say its just my experience, so it's NOT a cure!!!!!! It's just your experience!!!!!!!!!. Then you attack the group , if you are cured from CH buddy I would just leave this group , NO need for you to be here ,
  6. I understand that , But the word cure shouldn't be used , it give false hope
  7. All im saying is , if it was as easy as booking a flight to south africa and visiting the miracle doctor Shevel , every CH sufferer would be banging on his door , but we're Not !!!!!!!!!
  8. Mate I'm not saying I don't believe you , I'm just saying from my experience their i s no cure , and yes I have CH have done for 44years , and yes I've had a rope around my neck on 3 occasions , my cycles last 6 months at a time 8 to 15 attacks every day and through the night , , I've banged my head on the floor the wall I've even had my partner knock me out with a frying pan , I also stab myself in the leg with a knife just to try to put the pain somewhere else , so yes I would say I have experienced CH ant it's worst !!!!!!!!!
  9. Sorry not having a go , just don't like people being given false hope
  10. Sorry but B--LS--T , no cute and probably never will be , you are just in a long remission simple as that , you will be back on this site sooner or later , saying shit that didn't work after all !!!!!!!!
  11. I had shadows all the time between hit when in cycle , but have been using ginger to stop that happening and it worked for me , no more shadows
  12. @M-Phillylie through the back of your teeth buddy , if it gets you what you need
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