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  1. I had 1 attack in front of my new Neuro,and all he did was ask me to remove my mask as im trying to abort it with o2,so I could answer his questions.
  2. @BoscoPikoso true I remember going to A&E loads of times and all they wanted to give me was morphine at stupid doses just to shut me up . I'd be back in A&E 5 or 6 hours later with another attack , and again pump me full of morphine , but when I end up in A&E 5 times in 3 days they start throwing around this drug addict theme and that I haven't really got anything wrong with me . Oh and by the way morphine does f--- all for CH pain
  3. Oh yes @jon019ive been accused of being a drug addict on a few visits to the Emergency department in my time . Just so glad I don't have the need for the place anymore .
  4. Wow please don't increase varapamil without your neuro's say so . It's so dangerous every increase you need to get an ECG done as it's a blood pressure medication and can give you heart block . Get on the D3 vitamin regimen it works wonders . Can't really add anything else as @BoscoPiko and @spinyand @CHfather as always have covered everything expertly. Really hope you find what works for you . 1 thing I will tell you is you have found a great community of people here , sufferers and carers who all understand what your going through and we are all here to help .
  5. @BoscoPikowho us 2 . Come on bosc we try are best to be serious I promise
  6. Or it will just burst into flames and if the beast is farting inside Bosco's head (AKA Drew ) that will just make the flames worse . We can't win
  7. @BejeeberI think we should just strap 1 on Bosco just for the hell of it even without her busting
  8. @Bejeebermaintenance bust buddy ?
  9. @BoscoPikothat's it new name from today Bosco (AKA Drew)
  10. The beast farting inside your head . Just a thought
  11. I reckon it's your brain trying to escape Bosco.
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