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  1. I've got to by fair, my old neuro prescribe my o2 , be he understood CH, and wanted to learn more , but bless him , he has retired . Take the information @CHfatherhas posted , to your neuro
  2. What Medication has your doctor given you just out of interest? @Baby Moth
  3. Well doctor @BoscoPikoand doctor @Bejeeber , have covered most things on here that you can get started with , but ask questions and you will get answers , plus if you need to rant !!!!!!, come on here and rant , we all do it
  4. Wow @Bejeeberthought you was being nasty to are beloved @jon019 lol , but @CHfatherhas clarified Bum in the US means something totally different than it means in UK
  5. Hi @gegibsonjrsorry to hear about your impending back surgery, I hope all goes well . My only suggestion would be triptan injection if you have them . It's not going to block your busting as I'm guessing your not going to bust whilst in hospital and I'd start using Ginger capsules everyday. They work so well for the shadows
  6. O2 , Plus Busting is your partners best options I would say .
  7. Went there in 2016 . You can buy bucket loads of varapamil from any street chemist, So cheap !!!!!!!
  8. I gather your the 1 on the right @Bejeeberas it's better looking
  9. Just completed survey, so if @Bejeebercan strut his thing so can I!!!!!!!
  10. BLESS HER !!!!! , she looks great . Got to be fair Dad looks like he's having fun @BoscoPiko
  11. Congratulations on being pain free for 1 whole year . @BoscoPiko
  12. Bosco-cluster bunny free day , JULY 3RD it's official
  13. See told you, should have letters after her name !!!!!@BoscoPikoMD contributing to medical science again!!!!!!
  14. Hi @Axel_BTMJ headaches are not anything to do with CH buddy . It's when the muscle in your jaw tenses up and the pain can spread up in to your head causing a headache . A doctor would prescribe pain killers and maybe a mouth guard to stop you grinding your teeth
  15. So good to hear your back on your feet so fast buddy . Keep it up , you will be doing the 100 metres sprint in no time at all
  16. Hope your back on your feet soon buddy
  17. Last night on UK news I saw Crispin blunt Conservative MP for reigate advocating the legalisation of psychedelic substances to treat depression and PTSD . This man has been fighting for a few years know for this , and he is getting somewhere . I intend to e-mail him today to see if he would like to discuss cluster headaches and psychedelics . I feel the more ammo he has to fight the cause to legalise psychedelic therapy, the bigger the chance it could actually happen in the UK .
  18. @BoscoPikothe main thing is did it get rid of any wrinkles you may have had ?
  19. Back home know. Just want to say a BIG thankyou to are vice president .Ainslie Course for a great weekend in Glasgow
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