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  1. I had 1 attack in front of my new Neuro,and all he did was ask me to remove my mask as im trying to abort it with o2,so I could answer his questions.
  2. @BoscoPikoso true I remember going to A&E loads of times and all they wanted to give me was morphine at stupid doses just to shut me up . I'd be back in A&E 5 or 6 hours later with another attack , and again pump me full of morphine , but when I end up in A&E 5 times in 3 days they start throwing around this drug addict theme and that I haven't really got anything wrong with me . Oh and by the way morphine does f--- all for CH pain
  3. Oh yes @jon019ive been accused of being a drug addict on a few visits to the Emergency department in my time . Just so glad I don't have the need for the place anymore .
  4. Wow please don't increase varapamil without your neuro's say so . It's so dangerous every increase you need to get an ECG done as it's a blood pressure medication and can give you heart block . Get on the D3 vitamin regimen it works wonders . Can't really add anything else as @BoscoPiko and @spinyand @CHfather as always have covered everything expertly. Really hope you find what works for you . 1 thing I will tell you is you have found a great community of people here , sufferers and carers who all understand what your going through and we are all here to help .
  5. @BoscoPikowho us 2 . Come on bosc we try are best to be serious I promise
  6. Or it will just burst into flames and if the beast is farting inside Bosco's head (AKA Drew ) that will just make the flames worse . We can't win
  7. @BejeeberI think we should just strap 1 on Bosco just for the hell of it even without her busting
  8. @Bejeebermaintenance bust buddy ?
  9. @BoscoPikothat's it new name from today Bosco (AKA Drew)
  10. The beast farting inside your head . Just a thought
  11. I reckon it's your brain trying to escape Bosco.
  12. I also thought samitriptan was my life line but the trouble is when you are in full cycle and getting hit with up to 8 attacks a Day hitting kipp7 to kipp10 you can't use triptans to abort every attack that's why o2 should be your first line of defence . Plus over use of triptans can prolong your cycle and give you rebound attacks
  13. Don't see the problem with it myself Music. If it bring more awareness to are condition I'm all for it !!!!!!
  14. You really should go back to your doctor and ask for the oxygen .I promise you it will become your best friend !!!!!!!! I love seeing my tanks of o2 in my house it gives me great comfort to know they are their
  15. I'm afraid they run the world Pharmaceutical company's
  16. We really need to be more serious on here . We are all acting like children . !!!!!!lol
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