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  1. The man's mind is a clever thing Lol
  2. You girls just don't understand how bad Man Flu really is !!!!!!
  3. Sorry to hear you both not well , but you look after your man Bosco ,Just remember he has man flu it's a lot worse than the flu women can get
  4. I have been called father Christmas on this forum so let give it a try . I can give the reindeer a rest
  5. That's it I'm gonna sit in a boiling hot bath tub stick my head out the window hold the shower head over my head stick 2 ice cubes to the roof of my mouth and tape a bag a frozen pea to the side of my head whilst sucking on my o2
  6. May try a hot soak plus o2 see if it will abort even quicker
  7. A good think to get rid of shadows is to take ginger . 1100mg 2 capsules everyday can by off Amazon
  8. Not tried that yet . Instead of hot soak does a hot shower work ?
  9. Sometime if your lucky you can abort the attack with the energy drink or strong black coffee without having to hit the o2 . I think in the US the best energy drink is the 5hour energy shot . Sorry don't know the brand we don't get it over here in UK
  10. I've never taken my portable o2 on a flight , but when I do fly I always take a samitriptan injection with me in my hand luggage, plus a hand full in my suitcase
  11. Sorry can't help with cost or insurance side of things as I'm in UK and get it free on BHS over here thank God, as for what to do with it . You hit it straight away as soon as you feel attack coming on . You need a non rebreathable mask you need air flow to be minimum 15L/PM exhale all the air in your lungs then inhale as fast as you can some people hyper-ventilate to abort an attack some people dont, you will learn as you go along . Once you have managed to abort the attack stay on the o2 for an extra 10 to 15 mins to prevent the attack from returning . A good thing to do is have some energy drinks close by so when you feel an attack starting shoot the energy drink down as you heading to your o2 it helps . Don't ask my why but it does
  12. I've always said I think it has something to do with head trauma,but I'm no doctor or neurologist so what do I know , and I guess some Cluster heads haven't had head trauma
  13. Charles so your not on the o2 know then ?
  14. Well sue know you come to mention it . Only joking .mine curve down the sides
  15. Got to be fair a lot of CCH say they prefer to know when they are gonna get the attacks instead of the unproductive side of ECH but I can't imagine getting hit every day . I do look forward to my CH free time
  16. I gurn loads just before an attack the missus notices and always will say that she knows a good 15 mins b4 I get hit. I can't really afford to lose the weight as I'm stick thin as it is . I've never been above 154 pound . After my most recent cycle I dropped to 112 pounds.
  17. Strange I lose so much weight when in cycle as I don't feel like eating plus I vomit really bad if I get hit with Kipp 9 or 10s , but I am really thirsty after an attack
  18. Me to Jono same dates for 39 years until this years extra cycle that started end of July
  19. Hi Charles sorry to hear about your cycle starting up buddy , I'm afraid it's the same story for all of us who are episodic my friend . As Xboss has said get a journal started it will give you a bit more of an understanding of it . Some of us who are episodic can name the date that are cycles will start same can't it's just the nature of the beast I'm afraid. I'm normally every 2 years but this year I jumped back in to cycle after only 4 month remission , so as I said the beast will do as it wants . Have you been prescribed o2 by your neurologist? Have you been prescribed a preventative such as varapamil ? Can you give us a bit more information buddy . Their are so many great people on this forum that can help you out my friend we are all here to help . The first thing I would advise is getting on to the D3 ragime it's a multi vitamin ragime put together by a great guy on here goes by the name of batch aka xxx . People on here have managed to become pain free for years just by following his D3 ragime. If you don't get pain free it will reduce the frequency and pain levels so it really is worth getting on straight away . If you go to search bar at the top of the page and type in D3 it will give you a run down of vitamins needed and loading instructions . I'm sure 1 of the experts on here ie Bej , spiny, CHF of xxx himself will read this and add some more advice plus put the D3 instructions on here for you as I'm a but useless when it comes to that sort of thing
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