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  1. Hi @victorp, really sorry you had to find us here, but it's the best place to learn about this sh_t disease!!!!, sorry to hear it took so long to get your diagnosis but that is usual, you should be able to buy a regulator to up your O2 to 15L/PM, as for your shadows have you tried Ginger. A lot of us use it, you can get it in lots of different forms, Candy, tea, tablet, it seems to work for a lot of use
  2. And the god himself has travelled for America again
  3. Wish I could be there this year, but I'm working, doing what I love driving tour coach around Europe, didn't think I'd be doing this as CH f__ked up my life, but thanks to you guys and girl on clusterbusters.org I got my life back,
  4. I will put my list together, you will just have to wait a bit, it's long!!!!!!!!
  5. I haven't got a problem with your experiences at all , but your post states CURE !!!!!!! , your not cured simple as that !!!!!, and yes I'm know in my 27th month pain free , Have you ever thought that your CH has just switched sides
  6. @Douglas Wardwhat gets me with your posts , is you jump in with i have the cure , then you say you still get attacks, so when people question you , you say its just my experience, so it's NOT a cure!!!!!! It's just your experience!!!!!!!!!. Then you attack the group , if you are cured from CH buddy I would just leave this group , NO need for you to be here ,
  7. I understand that , But the word cure shouldn't be used , it give false hope
  8. All im saying is , if it was as easy as booking a flight to south africa and visiting the miracle doctor Shevel , every CH sufferer would be banging on his door , but we're Not !!!!!!!!!
  9. Mate I'm not saying I don't believe you , I'm just saying from my experience their i s no cure , and yes I have CH have done for 44years , and yes I've had a rope around my neck on 3 occasions , my cycles last 6 months at a time 8 to 15 attacks every day and through the night , , I've banged my head on the floor the wall I've even had my partner knock me out with a frying pan , I also stab myself in the leg with a knife just to try to put the pain somewhere else , so yes I would say I have experienced CH ant it's worst !!!!!!!!!
  10. Sorry not having a go , just don't like people being given false hope
  11. Sorry but B--LS--T , no cute and probably never will be , you are just in a long remission simple as that , you will be back on this site sooner or later , saying shit that didn't work after all !!!!!!!!
  12. I had shadows all the time between hit when in cycle , but have been using ginger to stop that happening and it worked for me , no more shadows
  13. @M-Phillylie through the back of your teeth buddy , if it gets you what you need
  14. Happy New year to all us head bangers , hope we all have a great new year and lots of PFD'S
  15. Merry Christmas @BoscoPikohope you have a pain free great day
  16. Everything @CHfatherhas said I double down on , If your struggling to get samatriptain private message me , I may be able to help , but you really need to be careful with them as over use will prolong cycle
  17. Hi glad you found us , but sorry you had to , let us all know what your neuro has prescribed you and ask questions we don't have all the answers but we can help great bunch of nutters on here with answers and support
  18. I've got to by fair, my old neuro prescribe my o2 , be he understood CH, and wanted to learn more , but bless him , he has retired . Take the information @CHfatherhas posted , to your neuro
  19. What Medication has your doctor given you just out of interest? @Baby Moth
  20. Well doctor @BoscoPikoand doctor @Bejeeber , have covered most things on here that you can get started with , but ask questions and you will get answers , plus if you need to rant !!!!!!, come on here and rant , we all do it
  21. Wow @Bejeeberthought you was being nasty to are beloved @jon019 lol , but @CHfatherhas clarified Bum in the US means something totally different than it means in UK
  22. Hi @gegibsonjrsorry to hear about your impending back surgery, I hope all goes well . My only suggestion would be triptan injection if you have them . It's not going to block your busting as I'm guessing your not going to bust whilst in hospital and I'd start using Ginger capsules everyday. They work so well for the shadows
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