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  1. She has blown my mind with her strength and determination @Bejeeber
  2. Well everything went to plan . We worked really hard to get the house safe for daughter to come home . Also had to move her bedroom down stairs . As it stand we could have her home permanently the week b4 Christmas.
  3. @Bejeebercould say that buddy . We are just on cloud 9 at the moment
  4. BIG DAY tomorrow daughter coming home on day release from rehab .
  5. What happened at the doctor's did he give you a diagnosis.? If not you really need 1. So get an appointment wit a headache specialist, because if it was a CH attack it won't be just a 1 off attack
  6. Hi Nick you have already had great advice my friend . I'll double down on it . Go get yourself a headache specialist best people to get proper diagnoses. Doctors and neurologists not really good for CH . Read up on the D3 it's so good and as @CHfathersaid even if you don't have CH it will do you good .
  7. Conference here we come . Can't wait !!!!!!
  8. I had mine back for 2 reactions , know it's gone again !!!!!!
  9. Wow @BoscoPikoI'm not gonna confirm that at all
  10. Nothing wrong with farming and hunting !!!!!!! I'd rather be out in the open than stuck in an office for 12 to 14 hours a day
  11. S--t , i thought I was being clever, but I forgot the bloody Hectares and Acres , but to be fair it is mostly farmers that use those measurements over here
  12. Got to look after us old 1s over here in UK. We we're educated using IMPERIAL , so didn't like change and can't handle METRIC , so we are clever and use both
  13. @spinythis could cause a war !!!! We drive on the right side of the road !!!!! Lol
  14. Lol @Bejeebermiles over here in UK please
  15. Five titanium plates to hold it all together buddy . Piece of art really
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