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  1. You'll never use 160 lpm.....never...not even close. Is it possible to outrun 40 lpm? Possible but unlikely on a regular basis. If it's me....I buy the 160 if costs are the same.... Big difference in the price? Get the 40. As others have said, you can score on eBay if you aren't needing it tomorrow. Watch and wait.
  2. I've encountered several vendors that will sell a demand valve without a script. The BPR is much like the one I have, but one like this will work just as well. I think if you are not so set on a specific brand you can find a vendor willing to sell to you.
  3. As you probably already know, O2 is a great abortive for many. I looked at the old recommended Doctor list for SLC.....one still appears to be practicing there: L. DANA DEWITT, MD Imaging & Neurosciences Center, 729 Arapeen Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 Phone: (801) 585-7575
  4. I am one of those that firmly believe this to be true.
  5. Ok....I'll try to muddy the water a tad more. I wrote the following last year about demand valves... Expanding on the above bold comment ... when I'm getting hit hard I really don't have much extra thought to give to my O2 set up. Yes.....as "thathurtsmyhead" says, you can turn the dial on a regulator to match what you need. Honestly, many times I don't have the sense to do that past cranking it wide open. With a demand valve...if I stop for a few seconds...it stops. If I switch up my breathing technique trying to find what will abort faster this time, I don't have to adjust the flow. It gives me what I want, when I want it. There have been times when the pain is finally draining away I just fall over to lay on the floor exhausted. If I'm on my 40lpm reg, it is still running until it dawns on me to turn the damn thing off. It usually doesn't take long but there is some waste there. Abort times.... In the following scenario I see some O2 conservation as well. This is purely anecdotal evidence as I've never actually measured usage. When I had to rely on a 25lpm reg I experienced lag, constantly waiting for the bag to fill. I still had a decent abort time but it could have been better. Enter the demand valve....with it I could abort quicker. I started noticing that my tanks were lasting a little longer. My thinking is with the faster abort from the higher rate it's not taking as much TOTAL volume as it did with a 25lpm. Now if I'm on the 40lpm.....this is a moot point as I abort in roughly the same time as I would using the demand valve. Now that everyone is thoroughly confused, I'll crawl back in my hole and watch the fun.
  6. CHfather.... I've run in to the "prescription only" crap for something as silly as the brass seals for regulators. More times that not, as long as you have the money, they have the time. So to speak.....
  7. Yes. It's possible for your cycle to change. Mine has changed greatly over the many years I've had CH. How CH responds to medications can and often will change. When I first started out verapamil would work very well. Over the years it's effectiveness decreased .... I second Bejeeber's suggestion on O2 usage. How you use O2 can and often does have a great deal to do with how you respond.
  8. Here is a link to get you started... https://www.boundtree.com/demand-valves/c/210 They aren't cheap.....and the above company is by no means the only place to buy one. Try searching "Demand/Resuscitator Valves" , Might open up some other sellers.
  9. This mask is the best I know of for our uses: Click Here Ideally a 25 LPM regulator will give you the range of flow you need. You can try to get one from your supplier, but if the balk just order one from Amazon.....
  10. I would have thought in the 7 months since that article was written the situation would have improved.....guess not. Last year when I had to get "re-established" with my O2 supplier the hold up was not a shortage....it was red tape and incompetency. Different part of the country so it isn't a valid comparison. It's always something....with everything.
  11. I find the excuse that servicing a cluster patient's O2 needs has been suddenly deemed "unprofitable" due to the virus situation absurd. While the situation has caused many true supply chain issues, I just can't buy this one. I'm thinking sometimes the virus is just a convenient excuse...... I really have a problem with a business acting like they are doing me a favor by taking my money for a product or service. No matter.... The links posted above will have you (hopefully) aborting in record time.
  12. Bill

    can I get a PDF with info on best place to order 25 liter valve?

    Not sure if I am using this p.m. correctly.

    they have one on Amazon for around $30. Just concerned that it may be too cheap and don’t want it to fail.


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