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  1. No change for me.....out of cycle.....J&J over a month ago.
  2. It's been stated that the conference will be in person this year. Chicago I believe is the location.
  3. J and J over 2 weeks ago. Not in cycle and no changes head wise.
  4. Lstetse.... Harbor Freight regulators of old would come with a proper fitting that could be used with the clustermask. It appears they no longer do so. Above is the reg you have......you need to obtain a fitting like the one in the photo below that will screw onto the port indicated by the arrow in the above photo. FYI, the below regulator is available on Amazon..... HERE The mask hose would the fit like this... I'm afraid I can't advise where to get the specific fitting that you need....with some time I could find it I'm sure but it may be faster to
  5. Are you speaking of a protective plastic cover type object? If it's what I think it is...it should just pop off with a little tug. Post a pic here if you are still uncertain and we'll go from there.
  6. Inexpensive 25lpm O2 regulator: On Amazon
  7. With that regulator the user just sets to flow rate to match their O2 consumption. Set the flow where you aren't waiting for the reservoir bag to fill, but not to the point the bag stays full and tight all the time. It'll take a little fine tuning but once you match your breathing technique you won't have to worry with it much.
  8. I have a demand valve, several 25 lpm regs and a 40 lpm reg. My advice is always this...if you have a proper mask like the ones we all recommend here and you can't "outrun" a 25 lpm reg with your effective breathing technique, a demand valve won't help your abort times. Now....what do I mean by "outrun". If you are constantly having to wait for the bag to fill you are outrunning the flow. If there is very little or no wait then you have enough flow for your technique and more flow won't be of use to you. Now....for the sake of discussion you are outrunning your 25 lpm reg and would benefi
  9. He's either lying or incompetent.
  10. Excellent advice. One many use can be purchased from the link below. Cluster O2 kit from Clusterheadaches.com
  11. Sorry…..Just saw this thread... Look Here You'll find just about anything you could use to transfill.
  12. There are many things I worry about. Starting a car with an O2 tank in the trunk isn't one of them. I carry a smaller D tank in my vehicle. It's in a carrying sling with the regulator attached, tank valve off. I wedge it partially under the drivers seat from the rear so it doesn't move around while driving. It can be ready to use in 30 seconds.
  13. I attribute my PF status to D3. Took time....more than I would have thought but it appears to be working....and has been for a while now. My personal, for what it's worth, recommendation is to have O2 set up and ready all the time.....a safety net. A good mask from clusterheadaches.com and a 25 lpm reg does the trick for many.
  14. Sounds like one of those "I'll only tell ya if you beg, plead and recognize me." type posts. I've seen many through the years. I know that if one of the many people I know with CH were to somehow stumble on to a real cure for this crap we have, they would be shouting it from the treetops. No one that lives with this shit would withhold information that could bring relief to others that suffer. The desire for personal gain causing a closed mind??? Here???? Seriously????? The fact the you even suggest such a thing shows how off target your sales pitch is. This place is a direct result
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