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  1. I've not been in cycle for a few years now and O2 is my primary abortive when I am. I have not used a triptan in very, very long time, but I still carry one in my pocket everywhere. I will not be caught out and get slapped around again. They have a place in our treatment plan but IMHO they should not be a primary abortive. The more you use them, the more you need to use them. People may deny that, but they are only fooling themselves.
  2. On a mask with no bag the waste comes in when you exhale. With no bag to fill the O2 vents to the room while you exhale.
  3. I had a D tank in a nylon carry bag that I took to work every day while in cycle for years. I shared an office with 2 others who knew what the deal was, and they were on board. One day I got a visit from the "safety department" and was told in no uncertain terms I could NOT bring "that tank" into the building anymore. I tried every angle and the best I could do was "go to the medical department and use theirs". Never mind that they were a literal 10 minute walk from my office. A director 2 levels up heard about the whole affair and took up my cause. The answer was still no and that pissed her off to huge degree. Long story short.....she told me to go to my car ANYTIME I needed O2 (only a couple minutes away) and if anyone said anything negative about me doing that, I should refer them to her. I never heard a word after that. Some people think O2 tanks are just short of tactical nukes. It's hard to get around that sometimes.
  4. Carried an e tank to Pikes peak.....no issues to report.
  5. Pictures don't convey the experience adequately. I'm sure there are more photos on Facebook. I encourage everyone to make the trip next year.....Orlando, FL I believe is the location.
  6. It's a cheap person's way of beating the system. I find refilling smaller D tanks works well. I will have this rig and a couple more in Chicago for people to look over. I may do a refill demo....really haven't decided yet. If there is enough of an interest, we may tackle it in away from my regular demo.
  7. Using high gear might shorten drive times.......
  8. Ok....we've got something to work with. Check your PM's in about five minutes.
  9. Mitch....when you get a chance can you post up or PM me pics of the valve area? Built ins aren't something all that common here in my area.
  10. Here's is one... If you are using a welding regulator, more than likely you have an unlimited flow rate available to you, so you'd not benefit from a demand valve's increased flow. Here is a post I made a while back explaining things: I hope this helps a little.
  11. Good find! Some use a similar set up pieced together from various places. I've went ahead with an order for this item and will check it out. Perhaps do a demo at convention if possible....
  12. Yeah...that was probably me. Dang videos. <looks down...shuffles feet> Rather than being a tad redundant, I will invite you to visit my profile here and read back through my posts on the subject. After you do, shoot me a PM here with any questions. I can also send a PDF with some helpful links your way if desired. Here to help....sorry I didn't see this earlier. I'm neck deep in a old car project and it's hogging my time.
  13. Well.....It may be time to start talking about something that some find a lower cost option to a typical demand valve. I can't take credit for the initial find. I was asked by someone to evaluate an Amazon buy to see if it could be adapted to our uses. Before I go on.....the following should be considered solely as information and not a recommendation for use by me or anyone else for that matter. In other words, if you try this and it doesn't work as intended, it's not my fault because I'm not telling you that you should do any of this. First....on Amazon we have this item. If you look closely, the provided hose is for scuba gear.....that's because that's what this device is sold as. BUT....if you happen to be surfing the web and end up here you will find a hose geared more towards our uses. If you find that one too short this one might be more your style. Now if you have a regulator such as this commonly found unit, your redneck, off label, completely unauthorized and not recommended by anyone demand valve setup is complete. Swap out the original hose for one geared towards our use and you're ready to roll. As with any O2 equipment, ALWAYS check for leaks and discontinue use until the leak is fixed. Never use pipe tape on O2 fittings. Never. Just don't do it. As with any set up....always turn the tank off when not in use. I've used it briefly and a fine fellow in the northeast have been testing one I sent him for a few months with no complaints.
  14. You'll never use 160 lpm.....never...not even close. Is it possible to outrun 40 lpm? Possible but unlikely on a regular basis. If it's me....I buy the 160 if costs are the same.... Big difference in the price? Get the 40. As others have said, you can score on eBay if you aren't needing it tomorrow. Watch and wait.
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