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  1. Racer1_NC

    Coronavirus PSA

    I know my opinion carries zero weight...not a mod.....not my board....but Batch's posts have at least jump started some thoughts on my part in how to deal with this mess. I've put my household on D3 and Vit C . I figure it can't hurt and it may help. I even saw a news article a couple of days ago featuring a Doctor giving his thoughts on increased D3 intake and resistance to the virus that echoed much of what I've seen here. Understand the info overload on the crisis but I have found some good info here mixed in with some hyperbole. Just my take....and I'm back to the sidelines.
  2. Racer1_NC

    Transfill Valve Recommendations Please?

    Sorry…..Just saw this thread... Look Here You'll find just about anything you could use to transfill.
  3. Racer1_NC

    Great news about my O2!

    There are many things I worry about. Starting a car with an O2 tank in the trunk isn't one of them. I carry a smaller D tank in my vehicle. It's in a carrying sling with the regulator attached, tank valve off. I wedge it partially under the drivers seat from the rear so it doesn't move around while driving. It can be ready to use in 30 seconds.
  4. Racer1_NC

    Demand Valve O2

    I attribute my PF status to D3. Took time....more than I would have thought but it appears to be working....and has been for a while now. My personal, for what it's worth, recommendation is to have O2 set up and ready all the time.....a safety net. A good mask from clusterheadaches.com and a 25 lpm reg does the trick for many.
  5. Racer1_NC

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Sounds like one of those "I'll only tell ya if you beg, plead and recognize me." type posts. I've seen many through the years. I know that if one of the many people I know with CH were to somehow stumble on to a real cure for this crap we have, they would be shouting it from the treetops. No one that lives with this shit would withhold information that could bring relief to others that suffer. The desire for personal gain causing a closed mind??? Here???? Seriously????? The fact the you even suggest such a thing shows how off target your sales pitch is. This place is a direct result of Bob's quest to help others. Because of that, many others here have spent far more than they'd care to admit trying to educate people on options, advocate for our collective and lending a helping hand when needed. To suggest a profit motive here of all places is beyond asinine....at best. I'd better stop here before I earn a posting vacation for my non-PC, obscenity laced tirade kicks in to high gear.
  6. Racer1_NC

    20 liter regulator for large H tanks

    Short answer...yes. Here is but one that is available. You configure the order from the drop downs. CGA-540 I've ordered from them before and they are good pieces. There are adapters available from a different source but they aren't cheap. Unless you just gotta have a certain regulator it's best to just order one like the one above. Oh....one can also source an inexpensive welding reg as well if money is tight. They can be a tad tricky at first but once you dial it in, it's great.
  7. Racer1_NC

    Let's get together

    I passed along this thread....hopefully we'll see info shortly.
  8. Racer1_NC

    Let's get together

    I don't have the info in front of me but we have a CH'r in Charlotte, NC that is putting together a weekend meet and great the weekend of 12-14/15. I'll see him this weekend and have him come here to post up the particulars.
  9. Racer1_NC

    My first O2 tank!!

    Good deal! Those masks he gave you while better than nothing, are not the best for our use. Order the Cluster O2 kit if you haven't already. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/
  10. Racer1_NC

    2019 Conference how is/was it?

    First O2 demo starting in just a few....
  11. Back when I was flying more, I would run in to the occasional TSA agent that would seemingly have no idea what my regulator was and I'd get pulled aside to "discuss" this mysterious item. During a thunderstorm ground stop in Charlotte I was making use of the extra time to smoke a cigarette (long since quit), I struck up a conversation with a member of the TSA and eventually the conversation turned towards my regulator. She told me that the reason I was getting checked so much was that the regulators are hard to ID in my bag when going through the x-ray machine and thus triggering a manual check. Her advice was to place the regulator in the tray beside my laptop or shoes and she could almost guarantee I'd have no issues going forward. She was spot on....never a minutes trouble since then. Of course YMMV. On a related note, if you are packing regulator(s) in checked bags, expected them to open the bag up and take a look. Just the way things are these days. I imagine they'll have a field day with the bag I'm packing with 6-8 different types of O2 equipment for my demo. No biggie......as long as it gets there.
  12. Racer1_NC

    Conference Cultivation Workshops

    Damn it Denny....you mean I have to lug a thumb drive all the way to Dallas??!??! What kinda rookie operation is this?
  13. Racer1_NC

    O2 trick

    I'm not a big fan of having a plastic bag full of accelerant just hanging around the house. Each to his own.
  14. Inquiring minds want to know. Fill us in DD. Not being privy to the Facebook chatter it would be great to know who is coming. And I'm all in for Pizza..... As for pics.....Back in the days of OUCH I used to fill up CH.com with convention pics but have never really done so for CB. I always figured people might value privacy at these gatherings. Plus it's nice not snapping pics all the time. That being said I could be talked in to taking a few and posting them up as long as everyone was good with it.
  15. I'm always open to local restaurants. It's been several years since my last visit to Dallas (connecting flights not included) so I'm not up on the best places. Keep the suggestions coming!