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  1. Eric Renshaw tells of his 40 year journey with clusters.
  2. Dr. Emmanuelle Schindler discussing her research.
  3. First.....while I can't be certain I doubt you are defeating the exhaust valves. I guess anything is possible though..... Normally, I'm in the hyperventilation camp. That's not to say other techniques are wrong or don't work. In fact, I tell people to experiment to find what works the fastest / best for them. @CHfather mentions the typical method....using this you can vary your cycle speed to find what works best for you. To me...the most important thing to remember is a deep inhale and a complete exhale (abdominal crunch) to remove as much air as possible from your lungs. Do this no matter what your breathing cycle might be. Personally, I can't speak to Batch's method. I've never been able to bring myself to try it during a hit, knowing that I have a routine that works well for me. I do however keep it in the back of my head so if I'm caught out somewhere and only have a low flow available to me, I might stand a chance of aborting a hit. The CB YouTube channel HERE has a few videos of my demos through the years. Making a couple of short breathing technique videos is on my list of things to do this summer.
  4. If I recall correctly, the last one I did had me at 60 for a week and then tapered off.
  5. I feel certain there will be a few mask kits at the UK conference.
  6. Took the stuff in June 2023. No issues to report....
  7. I've never met him, but I feel certain he will be shocked to realize that he is not....
  8. Gosh....I hate to say I have no clue....but I don't. I'm really surprised that your provider doesn't offer 24 hour / 7 day service or at the very least a back up tank or 2 for power outages and emergencies. The only advice I can offer is what I'd offer for any device. Check the obvious (ie power, internal fuses, filters, etc) which I'm sure you've already done. If your insurance or your wallet can pay for tanks, that's what I'd look at going forward. Malfunctions with those are easier to deal with and as a bonus you get 100% O2.
  9. Honestly, I picked up the phone and called the new member just as he asked me to do in his PM. We spoke at length about 25lpm regulators, Cluster Masks, the homebrew demand valve, D3, where to find more information and meeting other people with clusters. I listened to his story. I find that actually speaking to people when they request it, asking questions and providing timely answers has great benefit for someone that's just discovering our community. My "Messaged received and answered." post was to inform those that spend many thankless hours monitoring this board and providing life saving information (such as yourself, CHfather) that indeed someone had taken time to help in a way that wasn't readily apparent.
  10. Messaged received and answered.
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