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  1. Racer1_NC

    Episodic to chronic

    I second CHFather's O2 statements. To the first question...yes.....someone can go from episodic to chronic....and back again. I know first hand because it happened to me. Now...I want you to take the following as just another piece of information from someone's experience, not as full on truth. Keeping that in mind I'd like to address Verapamil. Verapamil if often one of the first drugs a doctor will prescribe for CH. I know it sure helped me.....at first. I was on it for several years. At first when the cycle ended I could taper off and be drug free until the next cycle. After a time that changed.....the cycle would appear to be gone but if I tried to taper off, the CH would return. Enter the "controlled chronic" stage...and then the "not so controlled chronic" stage. After having quite enough of my head hurting I decided to make changes....tapered off verapamil during a low cycle while trying every known alternative...repeatedly. It took a while....a good while....but my head is now clear enough to just use D3 to stay PF. I know the CH is there.....just below the surface. Those "funny feelings" come every once in a while causing me to up the D3 for a while. I'm not cured. CH changes, adapts and never really is far away. I know that tomorrow I could wake up running for the O2 tank, but for now....head wise life is good. I'm not a doctor. Just someone with CH that believes continued Verapamil use turned me chronic for a while. As stated before...this was my experience. Everyone else in the world could be different.
  2. I can't speak for everyone else but I will be holding at least 2 "Using O2, What Works for Me" sessions. I generally cover equipment and methods that seem to work best for the majority of us. Plenty of time for Q&A and sharing experiences.
  3. Shucks....I was hoping to drive to the top on Sunday. Throw a O2 tank the back and head up. Glad you will be attending, always good to meet another ch'r.
  4. There is a list of speakers / presenters here: https://clusterbusters.org/event/13th-annual-clusterbusters-patient-conference/ . It has been updated recently.
  5. Racer1_NC

    Help with M tank regulators

    Many have found a low cost (under $30.00) CGA540 can be had on Amazon. Here It take a little bit of time to get the flow right because this regulator will provide much more O2 than needed for our use. Once you find the sweet spot, it's set and forget.
  6. Racer1_NC

    Cbd oil

    CBD has helped with a family member's fibro and migraines…..to the point that she's been able to scale back mainstream medications and have a better quality of life too. Cut out 4 rounds of Botox injections a year saving about $1600.00. YMMV
  7. Racer1_NC


    Gabapentin...I took it once cycle.....I called it my "Zero F**** Given" pill. Did dookie for clusters but I was in the best mood....didn't give a damn about anything. Don't worry, be happy come to life. Kinda freaked me out.
  8. Racer1_NC

    Aimovig (erenumab)

    I think it's worth a shot.....heck....dang near anything with some verifiable data behind it is worth a trying.
  9. As long as the situation allows, I will be there! Looking forward to seeing you again!
  10. I second this.....come prepared!!
  11. Racer1_NC

    The best place on earth to be?

    There was a gentleman around in the fledgling days of Clusterbusters who believed that the closer to the equator you lived, the better your head would be. If memory serves he moved south though I can't remember where other than he left the US. I've never tested the theory so I offer no opinion.
  12. Greetings... Personally I've never had altitude trigger an attack but I know that some have. Where I live is about 1000 ft....where I snow ski is an hour and 45 minute drive and the elevation is roughly that of Denver so I'm not worried. If flying is a trigger for you Denver could still be ok as cabin pressure is roughly equivalent to 8000 ft. Denver is roughly a 5400 average.
  13. Racer1_NC

    Is weed that bad for CH?

    I've never indulged myself but after being around many, many cluster people I've heard a range of comments....it doesn't help and it doesn't hurt being far and away the most common. I've also heard a few swear it helps....and a few swear it's a trigger. Damifino. I do know when I was a tobacco user even the thought of lighting up during an attack would make me worse....but then the first thing I wanted after the pain was gone was a smoke.
  14. Racer1_NC

    demand valves

    I'd contact my supplier and ask it both the connections are controlled by the same valve. I must admit that it looks like that would be the case but one never knows.