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  1. As long as the situation allows, I will be there! Looking forward to seeing you again!
  2. I second this.....come prepared!!
  3. There was a gentleman around in the fledgling days of Clusterbusters who believed that the closer to the equator you lived, the better your head would be. If memory serves he moved south though I can't remember where other than he left the US. I've never tested the theory so I offer no opinion.
  4. Greetings... Personally I've never had altitude trigger an attack but I know that some have. Where I live is about 1000 ft....where I snow ski is an hour and 45 minute drive and the elevation is roughly that of Denver so I'm not worried. If flying is a trigger for you Denver could still be ok as cabin pressure is roughly equivalent to 8000 ft. Denver is roughly a 5400 average.
  5. I've never indulged myself but after being around many, many cluster people I've heard a range of comments....it doesn't help and it doesn't hurt being far and away the most common. I've also heard a few swear it helps....and a few swear it's a trigger. Damifino. I do know when I was a tobacco user even the thought of lighting up during an attack would make me worse....but then the first thing I wanted after the pain was gone was a smoke.
  6. I'd contact my supplier and ask it both the connections are controlled by the same valve. I must admit that it looks like that would be the case but one never knows.
  7. I don't think I'd ever call a CHFather reply unhelpful. I think what you've found is spot on. I've just never laid hands on the parts in question and as such I'm cautious about recommending something I've never had experience with.
  8. It looks like your tanks have built in regulators and I am unfamiliar with the PTO set up pictured. I will offer one other idea.....it you can find a "T" fitting (see picture below) and some spare tubing you can run the output from 2 tanks into one mask which will just about double your flow rate. Worth a shot if you are looking for a rate higher than 15lpm on the cheap.
  9. A quick Google search found several demand valves for under $300. DISS fitting regulators can be had for less than $60...and that's new equipment....not ebay which could be even cheaper. I'm not familiar with that fitting. It must be a UK thing.
  10. Stuff happens....No biggie.
  11. Social media "groups" are the fastest and easiest way to start your own fiefdom. Everybody wants to rule the world.
  12. Hate you aren't going to make it this year.
  13. Yes...that's the plan....Friday around noon if memory serves. Hope anyone that is new to O2 or just wants to talk about usage stops by for a chat.
  14. If it's like previous years we'll have mostly "E" tanks with a couple "M" tanks for the main room and demo's. Bring your mask and regulator.