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  1. Honestly, I picked up the phone and called the new member just as he asked me to do in his PM. We spoke at length about 25lpm regulators, Cluster Masks, the homebrew demand valve, D3, where to find more information and meeting other people with clusters. I listened to his story. I find that actually speaking to people when they request it, asking questions and providing timely answers has great benefit for someone that's just discovering our community. My "Messaged received and answered." post was to inform those that spend many thankless hours monitoring this board and providing life saving information (such as yourself, CHfather) that indeed someone had taken time to help in a way that wasn't readily apparent.
  2. Messaged received and answered.
  3. I think the second option is the better of the 2.
  4. The Pres speaks to the room....
  5. Phil Battle speaks on his journey with CH.
  6. Bob is the opening speaker. Joe is catching up on his beauty sleep.
  7. If you try that one, let us know how it works and how the quality checks out.
  8. Yes, the components are still available. As for the mouth piece.....I haven't tried to swap anything around, but just looking at it it's doubtful the parts would be compatible. Here is a picture of the finished product.
  9. I'd say that's either an 8lpm (not enough) or a 15lpm (a good starting point). Hopefully the mask you ordered will come quickly. Just using the hose really isn't the best way.
  10. Are you able to tell what flow rate the tank/regulator provides?
  11. Just brainstorming here but I think this might be something to experiment with. Click Here I've not tried these for O2 use so you'd be experimenting. Cheap enough that if they don't work it's no big deal. I would caution that the set up you propose wouldn't be the safest. Personally, I'm not much on keeping lines charged due to the possibility of leakage.
  12. Good info for those traveling to this part of Mexico!
  13. It's getting closer......if you are on the fence, just come on and join us. Chances are you won't regret it.
  14. I've messaged a member of the Busters that has direct experience with some of these issues. Hopefully he will be by to connect...
  15. I haven't followed this story from the beginning so forgive me. When I looked at the first picture, I thought "Abby doo"? Odd pet name for her S/O..... Then I saw the dog...... I'll just leave via the back door.....
  16. It's good thing to try various techniques. What works for one doesn't work for all. I talk to people that have successful aborts in a short amount of time using methods that would just serve to piss me off while getting hit. It works for them and that's all that counts in my book. I would recommend a complete exhale in every breathing cycle as a starting point. Where someone goes from there will vary with the individual....and maybe from hit to hit.
  17. Now that's what I call going in for a major overhaul. Pulling for ya!
  18. Email ainslie@clusterbusters.org She may be able to hook you up.
  19. Well.....until you confirmed it, for all she knew, I was full of beans.
  20. Great photos! (damn, I look old as hell it's self) @BoscoPiko They were intro cards.....name, where you are from etc. No super secret initiation rituals....but that's an idea for future gatherings.
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