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  1. Racer1_NC

    2019 Conference how is/was it?

    First O2 demo starting in just a few....
  2. Back when I was flying more, I would run in to the occasional TSA agent that would seemingly have no idea what my regulator was and I'd get pulled aside to "discuss" this mysterious item. During a thunderstorm ground stop in Charlotte I was making use of the extra time to smoke a cigarette (long since quit), I struck up a conversation with a member of the TSA and eventually the conversation turned towards my regulator. She told me that the reason I was getting checked so much was that the regulators are hard to ID in my bag when going through the x-ray machine and thus triggering a manual check. Her advice was to place the regulator in the tray beside my laptop or shoes and she could almost guarantee I'd have no issues going forward. She was spot on....never a minutes trouble since then. Of course YMMV. On a related note, if you are packing regulator(s) in checked bags, expected them to open the bag up and take a look. Just the way things are these days. I imagine they'll have a field day with the bag I'm packing with 6-8 different types of O2 equipment for my demo. No biggie......as long as it gets there.
  3. Racer1_NC

    Conference Cultivation Workshops

    Damn it Denny....you mean I have to lug a thumb drive all the way to Dallas??!??! What kinda rookie operation is this?
  4. Racer1_NC

    O2 trick

    I'm not a big fan of having a plastic bag full of accelerant just hanging around the house. Each to his own.
  5. Inquiring minds want to know. Fill us in DD. Not being privy to the Facebook chatter it would be great to know who is coming. And I'm all in for Pizza..... As for pics.....Back in the days of OUCH I used to fill up CH.com with convention pics but have never really done so for CB. I always figured people might value privacy at these gatherings. Plus it's nice not snapping pics all the time. That being said I could be talked in to taking a few and posting them up as long as everyone was good with it.
  6. I'm always open to local restaurants. It's been several years since my last visit to Dallas (connecting flights not included) so I'm not up on the best places. Keep the suggestions coming!
  7. I'll be there. Flying in that Tuesday.....
  8. Racer1_NC

    Best cheap demand valve?

    That's not a bad price from what I've seen lately. As to the quality of one over another.....I can't really speak to that with any authority.
  9. Racer1_NC

    Oxygen Mask question

    Demand valves on med regulators need a DISS fitting. DISS fittings can be found on either type regulator but they are not standard on either type. I've seen welding regs that can support the demand valves as well.
  10. History is always in the hands of those who write about it.
  11. Racer1_NC

    Thank God for this forum and a few questions!

    Personally I'd switch doctors if one laughed at me.... Internet based cluster headache communities helped save my life. I have no time for self important gasbags who believe they know it all.
  12. Racer1_NC

    Lilly's Emgality

    Some of you may know about Lilly's new drug Emgality. It appears that it's now FDA approved and ready to go for migraine. The interesting thing is during an interview this morning on CNBC, Christi Shaw, Lilly Bio-Medicines president spoke not only of the new drug's effectiveness with migraine but of Lilly's desire for FDA approval for cluster headache. Have a listen.....the CH reference starts at approximately 1:55. CNBC Video More about Emgality
  13. It was good to see everyone. I no long take pics at the gatherings as I used to. I'm sure there are those that do and I hope some of them get posted up here.
  14. Racer1_NC

    CH & Aneurysm

    If they can coil it, a pipeline could be a 3rd option. No doc here but we were faced with the choices when my wife was diagnosed a few years ago.
  15. They like people to register in advance, but I think walk ups are fine.
  16. They will have a couple larger tanks that will accept welding regs. You do not need a script to buy a medical tank regulator. Even though you use welding O2 it pays to keep a medical reg around. They can be had for under 30 bucks online. I hope you'll attend one of my informal O2 sessions where such things are covered in as much detail as possible. Please check your PM's here.
  17. Racer1_NC

    CH & Aneurysm

    Depending on the location of the aneurysm a pipeline stint could be used. A small cut in the groin area beats brain surgery. Ask your doctor's opinion.
  18. Racer1_NC

    Does verapamil work as a preventative for you?

    My thoughts on Verapamil from a different thread...
  19. Racer1_NC

    oxygen supplier issues

    I THINK it was Lincare but I'm not 100% certain. From what I've gathered from others...and my own experience, your local office (of what ever supplier you can name) makes all the difference when negotiating rates. I had a supplier that was good as gold for years but when the management changed I was treated like a liar and a thief. Long story short, they had failed to charge out several tanks and accused me of stealing them. How I was supposedly able to steal these tanks from outside a locked cage was never addressed. Apparently anything but blaming employee incompetence was an acceptable answer. Needless to say I'm no longer with this vendor.
  20. Racer1_NC

    oxygen supplier issues

    I have known several people that paid out of pocket for tanks. One in particular had a deal for $10 E tanks anywhere in the country. It can be done.
  21. Racer1_NC

    Neuro recommended Clusterbusters

    Mum3115, check your messages.
  22. I believe you will find the rough outline in this thread: Here.
  23. Racer1_NC

    Neuro recommended Clusterbusters

    Very cool indeed!
  24. Racer1_NC

    Episodic to chronic

    I second CHFather's O2 statements. To the first question...yes.....someone can go from episodic to chronic....and back again. I know first hand because it happened to me. Now...I want you to take the following as just another piece of information from someone's experience, not as full on truth. Keeping that in mind I'd like to address Verapamil. Verapamil if often one of the first drugs a doctor will prescribe for CH. I know it sure helped me.....at first. I was on it for several years. At first when the cycle ended I could taper off and be drug free until the next cycle. After a time that changed.....the cycle would appear to be gone but if I tried to taper off, the CH would return. Enter the "controlled chronic" stage...and then the "not so controlled chronic" stage. After having quite enough of my head hurting I decided to make changes....tapered off verapamil during a low cycle while trying every known alternative...repeatedly. It took a while....a good while....but my head is now clear enough to just use D3 to stay PF. I know the CH is there.....just below the surface. Those "funny feelings" come every once in a while causing me to up the D3 for a while. I'm not cured. CH changes, adapts and never really is far away. I know that tomorrow I could wake up running for the O2 tank, but for now....head wise life is good. I'm not a doctor. Just someone with CH that believes continued Verapamil use turned me chronic for a while. As stated before...this was my experience. Everyone else in the world could be different.
  25. I can't speak for everyone else but I will be holding at least 2 "Using O2, What Works for Me" sessions. I generally cover equipment and methods that seem to work best for the majority of us. Plenty of time for Q&A and sharing experiences.