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  1. IslandStorm

    Insurance coverage for Oxygen

    Appeal the denial by calling the insurance co. and request a doctor to appeal on your behalf. Sending the peer reviewed O2 effectiveness studies ( links found by searching for O2 on this site) for your doctor to refer to when appealing the denial will be helpful. This process of persistence took weeks with successful results and Apria finally delivered O2 to my home to be able to battle my upcoming episode.
  2. IslandStorm

    Vitamin D Regimen for an 8 year old

    My 11 year old ( at about 66 lbs) has been on 5000 IU (Now Softgels) Vitamin D3 for the past 1.5 months for boosting immunity. I put it in yogurt and granola at breakfast.
  3. IslandStorm

    Transfill Valve Recommendations Please?

    Thank you for your help Pebblesthecorgi & Racer1_NC & Batch. Ordered transfiller from http://www.deltaoxygensystems.com/id125.html at Batch's suggestion. Correct fitting pictured for larger tank was not included & is hopefully in transit now.
  4. Searching for a Transfill valve to fill E tanks with welder's O2 to prepare for CH episode. First time O2 use & hoping for reviews of Transfill valve models. Thank you.