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  1. Hi Friends, I didn't think I would be back here after going almost 2 years without an attack but in the last few weeks, I got hit. It must be either stress or the hot weather or a combination of both. I'd be curious to hear what other people think causes their attacks. I have a very renowned headache specialist doctor and I asked him if he ever head of anyone "beating CH for good" and this was his response: Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who has “beat” cluster headache. I know a lot of patients in whom it went away and never came back and in whom it got milder over time. To answer one of your prior questions. Fortunately, we have some pretty good medications to control the attacks and reduce frequency. If this is old news to many of you I apologize. When he told me this it gave me some hope and I hope it gives you some too. As I tell my wife, I would give every penny I have, every possession I own, to have this dreadful condition disappear forever. Wishing you all zero pain and deep restful night's sleep forever. Praying for us all, Jimmy M.
  2. HI everyone, nothing much to say except that I hope everyone is feeling substantially less or zero pain. I pray every day for myself to CH free and for all of you. What's works for me is chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO. And Verapamil! I certainly don't want to push religion on anyone but I wanted to tell you all what works for me. We can and will defeat this. To your health and happiness always, Jimmy Martinez-
  3. I've been able to get tremendous help and support from the people on this forum. Thank you. Please know that for the rest of my life, I'll be praying earnestly for everyone to be healthy and pain free. And for there to be a cure. Season's Greeting to all, Jimmy-
  4. Thank you for spearheading this! what can we do to help you get this off the ground?
  5. Thank you Batch and spiny for your replies. You guys have been so strong and have endured so much pain. I'm guessing you guys don't "bust" at all. I promise every day for the rest of my life to chant and pray for you guys to be pain free and for there to be a cure. There has to be a rhyme or reason to this. There has to be a cause to this effect. I wonder what constitutes a barometric pressure drop? higher elevations, rain coming, windy weather.. Tonight I took so CBD oil (no THC) and I'm praying for a good night's sleep. Take good care and we will beat this together! Jimmy-
  6. HI Akiva, I hope you were able to get the verapamil and that it has worked perfectly for you and that you are not in any pain. you will beat this! Take good care, Jimmy-
  7. HI Batch, I hope you are 100% pain free and your family is very well. I am taking the calcium, boron, Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, and D3 (6 pills at 10,000 IU each pill). I'm also taking fish oil, magnesium, and a multi-vitamin. I ran out of the Vitamin K2. I've asked my doctor about the serum levels but haven't heard back. Hopefully the regime I'm on now is the correct one. I'll try the Bio Tech stuff once me current VD3 supply runs out. Thanks for all you do sir, Jimmy-
  8. thank you Spiny! so take the CBD oil 2 hours apart from my Verapamil doses (which are every 3 hours). Hope to talk to you or meet you in person one day. Same with CH father and Batch. You guys are all great people who are so helpful.
  9. HI friend, I'm so so sorry that you are battling this right now. It sounds like you are a pro at battling it. Thanks for the reminder about driving tons of water. Also, for the vitamin D3 regimen, is it crucial to take the FULL regimen or is the vitamin D3 the most important part? I'm taking the calcium, boron, vitamin B, A, Omega 3 fish oil, and a multi vitamin as well as C and B12. I'm taking 7 Vitamin D3 tablets at day which I believe are 10,000 IU. I'm praying for you: nam myth range kyo is what i chant and I am chanting for you. If you can't give me your name, I will chant for CHsurvivor22. take care, jimmy
  10. Thank you Spiny! My attacks come 90% at the middle of the night so if I take a caffeine blast, I won't get any sleep at all but at least I can hopefully abort the attack which is more important. I'm taking Verapamil now and it's working beautifully. I'm not getting any attacks but I feel the Verapamil sort of tightens my chest and isn't helping my heart. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can stop taking it, but I don't want it to cause the attacks to come back. I'm taking the full D# regimen except the Vitamin K2 which I will get. I had shadows for about 2 weeks, nothing bad. The last week I have a full on banger where I needed a maxalt to knock it back into hell. Since then I've been taking varapmil about 5 or 6 days now and no headaches. But I don't know how long I should keep taking it. If I had to guess, I think the change in weather is what causing my attacks. Recently it rained here about 2 weeks ago followed by the windy santa anna winds that are dry and kick up a lot of stuff. If I saw a weather change coming, I could take some sort of allergy medication or preventative medication so a cycle doesn't start. I'm just grateful that Verapamil works but it feel like it's rough stuff on my body. I hope and pray that soon there can be a cure for this because it's such a bizarre condition and rare. Why me I ask myself! But I know I have it good compared to some people who experience more frequent attacks. I'd love to know if anyone out there has beaten this and have been CH FREE for beyond 5 years....and how they did it! When I'm in a cycle I fell like the world stops and every ounce of energy I have is 100% committed to beating it and finding some sort of magical pill or cure. I feel like a cure is coming! I really do. I read somewhere that sleep patterns and exposure to sunlight also could be a major trigger. Take care Spiny and I'm thinking about you and everyone else on this board every day. Whether I'm in a cycle or not. Your pain and struggle is my pain and I'm praying every day literally for you guys to be pain free forever. I feel like besides my family being healthy and safe, the only thing that I really care about is not having a CH. They are bad to the bone!
  11. Hi Akiva, I am one of the lucky ones that seem to respond well to Verapamil. I take it 3 times and day. I'm on it now but I only use it when I feel a cycle coming on or am in a cycle. I hope it works for you. I'm praying for you to be 100% pain free for the rest of your life...CH free primarily! Call your doctor and give it a shot. I have a feeling there will be a cure in the coming years. Warm Regards, Jimmy-
  12. Hi friends, I bought a CBD oil called "Charlotte's web". I don't believe it has any THC and it does not have any psychoactive effects. Do you know if it's okay to take this and also take Verapamil? Thanks for your help! Jimmy
  13. Hi friends in faith (faith that we can beat this horrible ailment), I'm in the Hollywood area and was wondering if anyone who has experience with beating CH attacks could help me? I might consider taking something that is considered "alternative". It appears I might be starting a cycle now (sad face) and hopefully I can beat it back into hell where it belongs. Thanks! Jimmy
  14. Thank you friends for your help! Last night I got a full blown attack after about 2 weeks of little "shadows". I had to find some old Verapamil and some old Ritatriptan to take as the pain was heavy and constant throughout the night after trying 2 rounds of advil. This is a horrible horrible ailment. Batch: thank you for your advice! I've been taking on average 4 to 5 Vitamin D3 pills (10K MG each) every day for over a year now. I also take fish oil, vitamin A, B, C, Magnesium, Calcium, and B-12, and a multivitamin. I'll bump up my VD3 intake to 6 or 7 a day. Siegfried: Thank you for the information. Oxygen works only as a temporary relief for a few minutes. It doesn't seem to kill the pain long term. I'm so glad it works for you. I will probably have to get some as I am sadly expecting a cycle here. J: thanks for there tip on the Melatonin. I'll give that a try by not taking it. I seem to be getting these attacks every 18-20 months since I was 37 and now I'm 46 next month. It rained here last week. other than that I can't figure out what the cause is. I'm a little stressed but nothing more than usual. I'm eating healthy. Drinking decaf coffee. getting good rest. Very sad and frustrating but I will beat this!
  15. Thank you J and Jon for your help! I called my doctor who is supposedly THE headache doctor in LA and he said to take Melatonin (9MG) for a few weeks. You are right, my neck and shoulders are stiff. I have been sober for 15 years so busting would be a huge disappointment for me in so many ways. I'm gonna pray and take the Melatonin and hopefully I can avert an attack. wishing you guys several lifetimes of happiness and health, Jimmy-
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