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  1. I'd go see a headache specialist. Not a lot of doctors understand CH let alone understand how to treat it
  2. My cycle ends with a full week of heavy shadows that nothing will shift .I get no hits just full on heavy shadow day and night . But I know that it's the end so happy days
  3. Yes I take 2 1100mg ginger capsules a day when in cycle just to keep the shadows away
  4. Yes it can be , That's why you should be having an ECG every time you increase the dose , but your doctor should know that !!!!! . It's a blood pressure drug
  5. Well Bosco how is your better half doing know ?
  6. Seems a low dose to have any affect on your CH to me but I'm no doctor ,and as spiny has said once a day doesn't seem right . Your dose should really be spread out over the day
  7. You should be having ECG every time you increase the varp ,just to make sure no heart problems buddy . I could only go up to 320mg a day then I started to get heart block , so came off it and was put on topiramate instead
  8. And I bet he doesn't get worms !!!!
  9. So sorry to hear the man of the house is still not well , but on the other hand it's good that your feeling a bit better so you can look after him . I did say Man Flu is so much worse. Hope he feels better so
  10. I know in the UK it's really hard to get disability payment for CH doesn't make any difference if chronic or episodic .
  11. Just can't bear the sight of food when in cycle . Plus I vomit like no tomorrow when under attack. I lose so much weight when I'm in cycle then take months trying to put it back on again
  12. The man's mind is a clever thing Lol
  13. You girls just don't understand how bad Man Flu really is !!!!!!
  14. Sorry to hear you both not well , but you look after your man Bosco ,Just remember he has man flu it's a lot worse than the flu women can get
  15. I have been called father Christmas on this forum so let give it a try . I can give the reindeer a rest
  16. That's it I'm gonna sit in a boiling hot bath tub stick my head out the window hold the shower head over my head stick 2 ice cubes to the roof of my mouth and tape a bag a frozen pea to the side of my head whilst sucking on my o2
  17. May try a hot soak plus o2 see if it will abort even quicker
  18. A good think to get rid of shadows is to take ginger . 1100mg 2 capsules everyday can by off Amazon
  19. Not tried that yet . Instead of hot soak does a hot shower work ?
  20. Sometime if your lucky you can abort the attack with the energy drink or strong black coffee without having to hit the o2 . I think in the US the best energy drink is the 5hour energy shot . Sorry don't know the brand we don't get it over here in UK
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