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  1. Oh no Jono. You know I follow Liverpool fc !!!!!!
  2. @BoscoPikoit's ok @spinystole my other thread about my CH , I'm getting used to it Only joking @BoscoPikoMuch love
  3. @spinyvery proud ? She is a lot stronger than me !!!!!!!
  4. Well got a bit of a shock today . Daughter rang from hospital bed to say,she is moving out of hospital tomorrow and moving in to this new rehab centre that has just opened up . Charity run , it's amazing place like a 4star hotel . Could be there up to 3 months , but she is determined to be out within a month . So just 1 more big step and we get are daughter home .
  5. VID-20220916-WA0000.mp4 Didn't think I would see this day again !!!!! 2nd July my world stopped ,but I can really say the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter , she's amazing
  6. Tried to sneak in a little friend to keep daughter company in hospital ,but hospital said NO
  7. Sorted I'm on my way got the better half in tow with me
  8. I'd love to go but flights would cost a fortune and with the cost of living crisis that's going on over here in UK I just would be able to get the money together ,so I thought I'd
  9. @BoscoPikolol yea got to be fair would be good . I'm same I've never met a head banging crazy person b4
  10. @BoscoPikoLet hubby drive whilst you do a busting session . That 31hours drive will become a 15hours drive for you
  11. I wouldn't bother @BoscoPikoI hear they are a bit of a mad bunch
  12. Could be really bad and be internal problems @Bejeeber
  13. Not really a lot to add as you have had the best advice possible, but I will add 1 more thing , if you have a car with air-con , when you feel the onset of an attack get your lips round 1 of the air vents in your car , turn the air-con on and get sucking, your next door neighbours will think your mad , but that's nothing new to us folk with CH . Good luck buddy hope the o2 arrives soon
  14. So glad you made it to to wedding and double glad you didn't get hit by the f---ing beast whilst there . Really sorry it brought back some bad memories,
  15. Feeding tube out today . Intense physio started today ,completely killed her . The pain was so bad and it tired her out so fast bless her , we had a lot of tears and I must admit not just from Terri. The long hard road to recovery has just started today I think . It took 33 days to save her life and finally remove ever tube that was supporting her. My whole family o so much to ever1 that was involved in saving are daughter's life
  16. Just sneaked her a lemonade flavoured icelolly . You should have seen her face
  17. @BoscoPikothat's exactly what she said she doesn't care what food it is she just wants to taste it and do it for herself bless her
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