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  1. Wow @BoscoPikoI'm not gonna confirm that at all
  2. Nothing wrong with farming and hunting !!!!!!! I'd rather be out in the open than stuck in an office for 12 to 14 hours a day
  3. S--t , i thought I was being clever, but I forgot the bloody Hectares and Acres , but to be fair it is mostly farmers that use those measurements over here
  4. Got to look after us old 1s over here in UK. We we're educated using IMPERIAL , so didn't like change and can't handle METRIC , so we are clever and use both
  5. @spinythis could cause a war !!!! We drive on the right side of the road !!!!! Lol
  6. Five titanium plates to hold it all together buddy . Piece of art really
  7. Was gonna put x-ray of daughter's pelvis , but took it down .bit to private sorry
  8. Gonna start calling you Prof Bosco soon @BoscoPikoI'm sure of it !!!!!
  9. Hi buddy yea a good tip for your shadows is GINGER it works a treat .I use 1100ml capsules 2 a day even out of cycle . A lot of folk on here you ginger candy . I hate the taste so capsules work for me
  10. I'd have to pick out an extra face ie spiny
  11. Sure will give Lady Ainslie a BIG hug from you buddy ,like I said buddy not sure about standing up I'll think about it
  12. I can't wait @Dallas Dennyso looking forward to meeting other CH's
  13. My stood up talking in front of people lol !!!!!! I'd crumble . @Bejeeber
  14. I was partaking in a few cans @Bejeebercluster bunny well and truly under his rock as for conference thanks I didn't know anything about it . It's only 2 hour drive away
  15. Another milestone hit . Daughter's 32nd Birthday yesterday . Took the party to the rehab centre
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