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  1. Was gonna put x-ray of daughter's pelvis , but took it down .bit to private sorry
  2. Gonna start calling you Prof Bosco soon @BoscoPikoI'm sure of it !!!!!
  3. Hi buddy yea a good tip for your shadows is GINGER it works a treat .I use 1100ml capsules 2 a day even out of cycle . A lot of folk on here you ginger candy . I hate the taste so capsules work for me
  4. I'd have to pick out an extra face ie spiny
  5. Sure will give Lady Ainslie a BIG hug from you buddy ,like I said buddy not sure about standing up I'll think about it
  6. I can't wait @Dallas Dennyso looking forward to meeting other CH's
  7. My stood up talking in front of people lol !!!!!! I'd crumble . @Bejeeber
  8. I was partaking in a few cans @Bejeebercluster bunny well and truly under his rock as for conference thanks I didn't know anything about it . It's only 2 hour drive away
  9. Another milestone hit . Daughter's 32nd Birthday yesterday . Took the party to the rehab centre
  10. Bloodyhell @BoscoPikowe will be putting letters before or after your name soon ,with all this research your doing , and all this knowledge your gaining and giving out !!!!!
  11. Sorry buddy that's not good to read at all . I've heard of vomiting .I do during a bad attack ,but as for the rest buddy wow I'd get it checked out
  12. @spinydefo flying leap ,Anatoly said catch me if you can !!!!!
  13. God that sounds bad sorry !!!
  14. @spinyI know the bitch will also lay down to get the job done .
  15. Pippi are shih poo does it nearly everytime she come back in from the back garden before she goes to bed . , I will get I video
  16. When I was a lot younger around 5 or 6 we had a giant poodle ,when she was in season she escaped and didn't come home for 3days . Cut a story short , she gave birth to 8 puppy's , she had breed with a sausage dog . True story . They we're hideous!!!!!!
  17. Oh god she is the queen of the house @spinyjust turned 2 years old . She runs the place
  18. You just know that could be so much worse @BoscoPiko
  19. Called the teddy bear dog . For obvious reasons
  20. Shih tzu toy poddle cross , really popular over here and really expensive .
  21. Shipoo @BoscoPikowell mum is, daughter is more poddle as you can see .
  22. Sorry gonna steal your tread @BoscoPikohere's my 2 little monster's I'm a dog person . Mum and daughter believe it or not !!!! Mum is the brown 1 pippa and poppy is the little black 1
  23. I've got a better idea @Bejeeberwe can all go stay @BoscoPiko
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