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  1. Hi! If anyone knows of a neurologist that is interested in Dr. Shevels technique I am happy to connect them to Dr. Shevel, or share my experience with them so they can investigate for themselves. Dr. Shevel is happy to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen. Please let me know, Thanks!
  2. Please do! I am trying to recruit neurologist that are interested in his techniques. He will happily show them for free. I will guide them down there if needed. I am going in about a month to get a tuneup. I will happily document my experience or whatever is needed to generate some interest in this, so we can have multiple forms of treatments for this condition, please let me know. Thank you.
  3. Actually, it’s me and Deborah Zale so far I know of a woman from Australia that has had great success and hundreds of other people from Dr. Shevel that I’ve had success with his techniques. I’m sorry about your friend. I have not heard anybody that I met in my travels that had a negative experience. I’m sure they exist, I am trying to recruit neurologists in particular to explore this. It has worked for me and hundreds of other people if anyone knows neurologist that are interested, I am happy to talk to them. Please let me know thank you.
  4. Please let me say that my purpose here is to try and give some hope to some people without hope. I lived for four years without any hope the only thing that worked for me was going to Dr. Shevel and getting his treatments. That’s my reality I am also looking to recruit neurologists that are interested in his technique. He is happy to share it with anyone that will listen, I am happy to share my experience with with anyone that will listen. I’m not here to confront or be confrontational in anyway, I am here to help. If anyone knows any neurologist that are interested in this, please contact me I will get them in touch with Dr. Shevel . I am going back in a month or so to get a tuneup on my left side. I still have a couple of spots are still causing me problems. I would happily document that trip or show anything about it that would help anyone again if anyone knows a neurologist that is interested, please have them contact me. I apologize if any of this upsets anybody but I’m just trying to help.
  5. Hi, thanks for the thoughtful response. I don’t know what you mean by we have the same hairline and jawline? I assure you we are not related. I am not posting a “fact“ I am talking about my a personal experience in the personal experience of other people. If you don’t believe me that’s fine I’m not selling anything I’m just telling you an experience that I had that helped me dramatically also other people and their personal experiences, no more no less. If anyone wants to know more or knows, a doctor that is interested in Dr. Shevel’s techniques please let me know. I am happy to talk about it or share what He does
  6. That is just her opinion based on her experience, I’m not trying to troll anybody I’m trying to share the experiences of people that have gained some benefit from this. I was specifically asked if the lady in the video Deborah Zale was still doing good. That is an old video and that is a very fair question, the answer is yes from specifically what Dr. Shevel did when she experienced that cure she was then attacked as she stated in her reply her impression was as follows that it seems like this organization is only dedicated to selling magic mushrooms and focusing on that, and anything outside, that narrative will be attacked as it is being now Instead of being at least explored or questions asked without being immediately dismissed immediately dismissed with great prejudice. It makes no sense it’s not a troll effort. It’s an effort to get the truth out there to help people with this as I have been helped and she has been helped. That is it
  7. You must not have chronic cluster headaches, like I do mine never go away I don’t have periods of remission. The only relief I have got so far is with Dr. Shevel‘s help. I’m not a beginner with this I have battled this for years every day I am only trying to share my experiences and the experiences of others in order to help people find some relief. I don’t get all the pushback. Here’s a guy literally with experience and multiple other experiences That point towards an actual cure and all you guys can do is bash him because it doesn’t follow your narrative. Sounds like a cult not people that want to get better. If you want to get better ask me how I will share all my experience with you if it helps you great if it doesn’t that’s fine too , I’m just here to help people
  8. How is her claim entirely false? Did you talk to her? Are you just making that up? What she said is true she’s been pain-free for 10 years. I personally talk to her if you really think it’s false offer me some kind of proof rather than just some shit you made up? I’m offering proof of what I’m saying to be true if you don’t like it that’s fine but it’s still the truth
  9. Why is a 95% improvement in my situation such a bad thing? Have you experienced a 95% improvement in your situation at any time during this? Deborah Zale has been pain-free for 10 years. Why is that a problem? That’s the truth again I don’t understand why the actual truth is so offensive we’re telling you our experiences if you don’t like it, that’s OK but we’re not lying, I’m going to go back in a month or so and get my left side touched up as it didn’t hurt when I was there. I had headaches on my right side for years no headaches on my right side since the treatments again I’m trying to help you find some relief for this. I’m sharing my and other personal experience with a particular doctor, who in my experience has figured this out at least he has some hope no drugs, actual hope again I don’t see the problem with that. Please explain how the truth is offensive to you.
  10. She’s telling the truth why does the truth offend you? That makes no sense. Do you want help with this or not? I have personally had great success with this. She has personally had great success with this. I’m sorry it goes against your narrative, but that’s the truth, maybe you should ask about it more or inquire more before you immediately discount it are you suffering? I’m trying to help that is it
  11. I’m just telling the truth whatever that is, I’ve had success with this and so has she so I have several other people I’m telling you what the founder did to her in her own words. If you can’t handle the truth, then you should probably think about that I live in the truth, whatever that is, the truth is Dr. Shevel is helping people he helped me he helped her and several other people hundreds of them. You guys completely discount him without even asking any questions. as soon as she was cured the founder turned on her why is that not bullshit? Why are you mad at me for Telling that truth? Are you happy in your lie? I don’t understand.
  12. Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply. I would ask everyone to be open-minded again I’m not trying to sell anyone anything I’m just trying to share my personal experience and the experiences of other people I have personally met. I am going to South Africa within the next few weeks hopefully I am happy to document my journey take videos or share whatever I have to share to help someone whatever that is, I’m happy to talk on the phone or do whatever I can to help reduce anyone suffering. That is my only goal.
  13. The first video I posted is a lady named Deborah Zale. Someone asked if her treatments still worked. I said I would check with her as I am in contact with her and here is her reply that I got this morning. WOW! That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you! And YES! I am still cluster attack free! May this year will be 10 years of pain free life Dr. Shevel gave me! I do get very minor -what I call “shadows” when I get a tight feeling in the Trigeminal nerve area on RARE occasions (2-3 times a year) but NEVER escalates to pain and goes away in a few minutes. I was very connected to Cluster Buster Group BEFORE I found & went to Dr. Shevel. I even had a direct relationship/ communication with founder Bob Wold. I terminated my connection with that group. I shared my experience & gave extensive details on the successful treatment I received from Dr. Shevel. Immediately I was attacked RELENTLESSLY by many members of that group including Bob Wold. I was called a “troll”, “fraud”, and accused of “working for & promoting a quack”. The group harassed me for years calling me a “stupid fool” if I really did go to South Africa for help. THAT IS NOT A “support group” as they claim. I have NO RESPECT for that group. ALL Cluster Busters is interested in is funding for & promotion of psilocybin “magic mushrooms” as a treatment which is all the group advocates for as the only hope to help us cluster sufferers. Do share with the group that I AM DOING GREAT! I’d love to slap all of them in the face with the fact I’m cluster free for the relentless harassment & degrading attacks on my character. I also tried psilocybin for a year & it did NOTHING to help me. I found that group to be very sad & disturbing. It is not interested in the successful treatment some people have found. It never gave me any “support” as it claims to be a “sufferer support group”. I am so happy for you! I know the AWESOME feeling of not having life controlled by that excruciating pain. Im dancing & jumping for joy for you! How long has it been since your treatment by Dr. Shevel? Thank you for sharing & I’m so happy my video & sharing my experience helped you!!! Wishing you all the best! this is literally the reply. She texted me this morning.
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